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Among the CoinJoy sources, there already are large and well-known ones, but we are happy to publish articles from individuals who have the expertise. If you are an author and you write unique reviews, analyze the cryptocurrency market, take original interviews with extraordinary personalities, or do anything else crypto-related — you are welcome to submit your articles.

We strive to maintain a high level of article quality, therefore we ask you to familiarize yourself with our requirements. After that, you can leave a request for a guest post through this form.

We expect the following from you:

  • A link to a Google Docs document works best for us.
  • We only accept articles that have never been published before.
  • No plagiarism is tolerated.
  • The text should be no longer than 5000 characters without spaces. Want to write a long read of 10,000 characters? Let's discuss it!
  • The title is up to 60 characters including spaces.
  • A short introduction (a couple of sentences on what the article is about).
  • The text itself should include subheadings.
  • A small description (up to 160 characters, includes the main keywords of the article).
  • The text must contain hyperlinks to the sources used. We will mark all the guest post links with rel=ugc, and all the sponsored ones with rel=sponsored.

❗️Please mind the list of topics that we do not welcome in our articles: religion, political engagement, incitement to hatred or terrorism, any kind of intolerance, profanation, undermining reputation, trading advice, gambling.

The editor reserves the right to slightly change the text and correct minor errors. CoinJoy may refuse to publish an article if the editor considers it inappropriate or irrelevant.

After the editor check, your text will be published in the Media section with attribution. All posts contain a disclaimer and are published on the website forever. We will also make a unique illustration for the article and post a link to it on our social networks.

If you want us to publish any sponsored content or info about your project, jump to the Advertising page.