For Authors

Are you a writer, blogger or crypto enthusiast who has something to say to the world? Great! We are glad to have new original views! Coinjoy is a media platform that provides its own media section for publications.

What topics does CoinJoy need?

You can read our series of articles and choose a topic that interests you:

  • mining
  • volatility
  • price predictions
  • young projects
  • goverment regulations

We really want to introduce original formats. If you know how and want to do analytics, funny reviews, and other atypical things - we will be happy.


  • Crypto topics only
  • No plagiarism is tolerated.
  • Texts written in the first person are not considered ("I've been trading for a long time, and now ...")
  • Tell more, assert less
  • Please mind the list of topics that we do not welcome in our articles: religion, political engagement, incitement to hatred or terrorism, any kind of intolerance, profanation, undermining reputation, trading advice, gambling
  • If you want us to publish any sponsored content or info about your project, jump to the Advertising page.

If you are ready, leave a request for a guest post through this form or on mail [email protected].

The editor reserves the right to slightly change the text and correct minor errors. CoinJoy may refuse to publish an article if the editor considers it inappropriate or irrelevant.