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  • Draganfly Joins Lufthansa Industry Solutions At Seatrade Cruise Global 2022

    Los Angeles, CA. April 21, 2022 – Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO) (CSE: DPRO) (FSE: 3U8) (“Draganfly” or the “Company”), an award-winning, industry-leading drone solutions and systems developer, is pleased to announce that the Company will join Lufthansa Industry Solutions at booth #3800 at Seatrade Cruise Global 2022. The conference is taking place from April 25-28, 2022 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Florida. Seatrade Cruise Global brings together visionaries, experts, and cruise industry professionals from more than 100 countries. Hundreds of exhibitors will share the very latest in cruise technology, design, and services. Draganfly will showcase how its AI Vital Intelligence platform can be used to add another layer of health security for crew members and passengers, terminal buildings, shore excursions as well as deck cleaning protocols. During the event, Paul Mullen, Vice President of Vital Intelligence, will conduct presentations highlighting the Company’s technology and current partnerships. With voluntary consent, the Company’s Smart Vital system can screen temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation (SpO2) in seconds. The system enhances privacy and always registers anonymous data of the individual being screened. Draganfly will also highlight how its drone spray services can be used to assist cruise lines with their health mitigation protocols during embarkation, disembarkation, and throughout high-traffic areas on vessels. According to the 2022 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook report from Cruise Lines International Association (“CLIA”), health and safety protocols are helping the industry resume trips around the world. Nearly 100% of CLIA’s oceangoing member lines are projected to be back in service by August 2022. “We are thrilled to be joining Lufthansa Industry Solutions at Seatrade Cruise Global this year,” said Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly. “As more cruise lines prepare to resume operations, Draganfly’s AI Vital Intelligence platform and drone spray services can provide another layer of permanent health security. The health insights provided by our Smart Vital system have been a game-changer for a number of established brands including Alabama State University, the Drone Racing League, and the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company.” “Seatrade Cruise Global allows us to showcase high-quality solutions that are capable of advancing the growth, profitability and customer service of our clients,” said Klaus Vollmer, Vice President of Americas at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. “This year, we will be sharing a variety of innovations related to AI, data analytics, IoT as well as augmented reality. We invite everyone to come by booth #3800 to check out our solutions and those of our booth partners including Draganfly.” About Draganfly Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO; CSE: DPRO; FSE: 3U8) is the creator of quality, cutting-edge drone solutions, software, and AI systems that revolutionize the way organizations can do business and service their stakeholders. Recognized as being at the forefront of technology for over 20 years, Draganfly is an award-winning industry leader serving the public safety, public health, mining, agriculture, industrial inspections, security, mapping, and surveying markets. Draganfly is a company driven by passion, ingenuity, and the need to provide efficient solutions and first-class services to its customers around the world with the goal of saving time, money, and lives.  For more information on Draganfly, please visit us at For additional investor information, visit, or Media Contact Arian Hopkins Email: [email protected] Company Contact Email: [email protected] About Lufthansa Industry Solutions Lufthansa Industry Solutions is a service provider for IT consulting and system integration. This Lufthansa subsidiary helps its clients with the digital transformation of their companies. Its customer base includes companies both within and outside the Lufthansa Group, as well as more than 300 companies in various lines of business. The company is based in Norderstedt and employs more than 2,100 members of staff at several branch offices in Germany, Albania, Switzerland, and the USA. For more information, visit Media ContactUte MiszewskiPhone: +49 40 5070 65715Email: [email protected] Forward-Looking Statements This release contains certain “forward looking statements” and certain “forward-looking information” as ‎‎‎defined under applicable Canadian securities laws. Forward-looking statements and information can ‎‎‎generally be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “may”, “will”, “expect”, ‎‎“intend”, ‎‎‎“estimate”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “continue”, “plans” or similar terminology. Forward-looking ‎statements ‎‎and information are based on forecasts of future results, estimates of amounts not yet ‎determinable and ‎‎assumptions that, while believed by management to be reasonable, are inherently ‎subject to significant ‎‎business, economic and competitive uncertainties and contingencies. Forward-‎looking statements ‎‎‎include, but are not ‎‎‎‎‎limited to, ‎statements with respect to the Company's attendance at Seatrade Cruise Global 2022‎. Forward-looking statements and ‎information are subject to various ‎known and unknown ‎risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond ‎the ability of the Company to ‎control or predict, that ‎may cause the Company’s actual results, ‎performance or achievements to be ‎materially different from ‎those expressed or implied thereby, and are ‎developed based on assumptions ‎about such risks, ‎uncertainties and other factors set out here in, ‎including but not limited to: the ‎potential impact of ‎epidemics, pandemics or other public health crises, ‎including the current outbreak ‎of the novel ‎coronavirus known as COVID-19 on the Company’s business, ‎operations and financial ‎condition, the ‎successful integration of technology, the inherent risks involved in ‎the general securities ‎markets; ‎uncertainties relating to the availability and costs of financing needed in ‎the future; the inherent ‎‎uncertainty of cost estimates and the potential for unexpected costs and ‎expenses, currency ‎‎fluctuations; regulatory restrictions, liability, competition, loss of key employees and ‎other related risks ‎‎and uncertainties disclosed under the heading “Risk Factors“ in the Company’s most ‎recent filings filed ‎‎with securities regulators in Canada on the SEDAR website at The ‎Company ‎undertakes ‎no obligation to update forward-looking information except as required by ‎applicable law. ‎Such forward-‎looking information represents managements’ best judgment based on ‎information ‎currently available. ‎No forward-looking statement can be guaranteed and actual future results ‎may vary ‎materially. ‎Accordingly, readers are advised not to place undue reliance on forward-looking ‎statements ‎or ‎information.‎ © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. 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About UniLend

This article discusses the current UFT price and the UFT price predictions provided by reliable sources. Can UFT reach a new all-time high in the future? What does the UFT coin technical analysis indicate? Why is it important? What will the UFT price look like in 2021-2025? Is the UFT coin a good investment right now? Let’s dive in and decide for ourselves.

Latest UniLend News

UniLend Real-Time Status

UFT current price, market cap, and volume. These variables are important indicators of the coin’s current market position. All the data, easily accessible via the Real-Time Status widget

Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the coin’s price with its circulating supply and is used for measuring the value of a cryptocurrency.

Volume indicates the total amount of trades happening at the moment. Experts recommend looking out for a volume to market cap ratio under 1.0.

Catch up with the latest crypto data by using the widget below.

UniLend Technical Analysis

Knowing the principles of technical analysis is essential for making the most accurate price forecasts. Technical analysis is used by professional experts to analyze and predict future price movements. Technical analysts discover previous price movement patterns and compare them to the current figures. By doing that, they make an assumption that the past pattern will occur in the future again, according to key variables. Technical analysis is the best way to make your own price forecast and determine your chances of profiting.

UniLend Price

You can check the UFT price through CoinJoy's crypto portfolio tracker. Choose UFT from the list of coins or type its name in the search bar. Choose the number of coins, time and the date they were purchased. The algorithm will calculate the token price at the time of purchase and convert it to US dollar, based on the current value.

The token can also be added to the Portfolio. Your Portfolio does not only show the current price of the asset but your real-time losses and profits since the purchase as well. It’s a convenient way to track your holdings and always be aware of the token price changes.

How To Buy UniLend

You can choose one or a few ways to purchase UFT. First and foremost, your wallet must support the token. Wallets like Ledger, Coinomo, Trezor support UFT tokens and allow you to store them. Locate the UFT address starting from 0x. Sign up with UFT and purchase the tokens with fiat money or other cryptocurrencies through one of the exchanges: Binance, PancakeSwap, UniSwap.

Purchase as many UFT coins as you want with any supported asset or fiats. However, you will most likely have to pay higher fees.

There are various other exchange services that may support UFT. It is recommended not to keep your coins on the exchange platform for a long time, and instead transfer them to your wallet.

UniLend Price Prediction 2022

We have gathered the latest UniLend price prediction results from some of the most reliable sources, namely Wallet Investor, Trading Beasts, and

Trading Beasts has set the following targets for UniLend in 2022: an average of $0.347, a maximum of $0.433, and a minimum of $0.295. Based on the provided data, purchasing UniLend might be a good long-term investment.

Wallet Investor is prominent that UniLend prices will fall, forecasting a potential bearish trend in 2022. According to the website algorithm, investors may be expecting an average of $0.022, with a potential maximum of $0.007, and a minimum of $0.015. has come out with a negative price prediction for UniLend: an average of $0.095, a maximum of $0.11, and a minimum of $0.092 is what holders could be anticipating in 2022.

UniLend Price Prediction 2023

Similarly, Trading Beasts indicates an average of $0.41, a maximum of $0.513, and a minimum of $0.349 for UniLend.

According to Wallet Investor, UniLend prices are estimated to show negative downtrend signs in 2023, reaching an average of $0.033, with an expected maximum of $0.011, and a minimum of $0.022.

Based on the information provided by key indicators, believes that UniLend prices could drop next year. The website forecasts the following prices for UniLend: an average of $0.14, a maximum of $0.16, and a minimum of $0.13.

UniLend Price Prediction 2024

Trading Beasts expects a continuous positive trend for UniLend throughout 2024. The prices are likely to range between a maximum of $0.649 and a minimum of $0.442, with the average price reaching $0.519.

As for 2024, Wallet Investor is bearish on UniLend. Investors should watch out for a potential average of $0.056. The website also indicates a maximum of $0.019 and a minimum of $0.037 in two years. has set an average of $0.2, a maximum of $0.22 and a minimum of $0.19 for UniLend in two years, therefore predicting value decline for the token.

UniLend Price Prediction 2025

Trading Beasts is also indicating an increase in UniLend prices, starting from the minimum of $0.51 and reaching as much as $0.75. The expected average price is $0.6.

Furthermore, is seemingly enthusiastic about UniLend prices in 2024. The website forecasts that the price may go up to as much as $0.32. The expected average price is set at the $0.29 level, whereas the expected minimum price is $0.28.

In 2025 Wallet Investor views UniLend negatively. According to the website algorithm, the expected average price is $0.038, with potential maximum and minimum prices reaching $0.025 and $0.013 respectively.

UniLend Price Prediction 2030

Trading Beasts predicts that the bullish trend will remain strong for UniLend in 2030. Investors could be expecting an average of $0.312. The maximum and minimum prices might hit $0.387 and $0.237 respectively.

Last but not least, based on the sentiment from, UniLend prices will continue to grow in the long run, with the average price reaching the $1.74 level. The expected maximum price is $2.08 and the potential minimum is $1.69.

According to the long-term forecast from Wallet Investor, UniLend has bad investment potential. The prices could reach $0.003 on average, whereas the maximum price could go up to as much as $0.003, and the minimum price could hit the $0.002 point.


Predicting crypto market is challenging. It is hard to forecast the exact price movement. Before you decide to invest in the cryptocurrency of your choice, we strongly recommend learning more about the coin itself and get familiar with the project's roadmap. Remember to always do your own research.


Is UniLend a good investment?

According to the experts' forecasts, UniLend will be a good investment.

Does UniLend Have Potential?

The UFT is already a quite popular cryptocurrency, gradually approaching the new highs on Coinmarketcap's market cap ranking. The project has developed strong partnerships with many giants of the cryptocurrency industry. Since UniLend forecast is positive, It has potential.

How much will UniLend be worth in 2022?

In 2022 the price of UFT is expected to reach $0.11, based on the forecasting from various sources.

How much will UniLend be worth in 2023?

In 2023 the price of UFT is expected to reach $0.16, based on the forecasting from various sources.

How much will UniLend be worth in 2024?

In 2024 the price of UFT is expected to reach $0.22, based on the forecasting from various sources.

How much will UniLend be worth in 2025?

In 2025 the price of UFT is expected to reach $0.32, based on the forecasting from various sources.

How much will UniLend be worth in 2030?

In 2030 the price of UFT is expected to reach $2.08, based on the forecasting from various sources.