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Flamingo price prediction

  • The Highest FLM Price Prediction in 2021 is $1.046.
  • The lowest expected FLM price is $0.57.
  • Analysts' FLM price prediction ranges from $0.57 to $1.046.

Flamingo is an “interoperable, full-stack DeFi protocol on Neo [blockchain]”. Launched in 2020 by Chinese entrepreneur Da Hongfei, Flamingo works on the Proof-of-Authority model. Da Hongfei also co-founded the Neo blockchain network (one of the main rivals of Ethereum) and OnChain, which positions itself as a private blockchain company.

Latest Flamingo News

Flamingo Technical Analysis

Currently, Flamingo is ranked 489 on Coinmarketcap, with a $96,107,837.46 Market capitalization. Flamingo can be traded on the following platforms: Binance, OKEx, and many others.

  • Cryptocurrency Name: Flamingo
  • Ticker Symbol: FLM
  • FLM Price: $0.6294
  • Market cap: $95,665,289
  • All-time high: $1.59
  • All-time low: $0.120508

What is Flamingo?

Flamingo is a decentralized finance platform built on the NEO blockchain protocol. Flamingo combines various key financial tools in order to guarantee a unique user experience. 

First of all, we got Wrapper. Wrapper is a cross-chain asset gateway to multiple other networks, including BTC, Ethereum, Neo, etc. Users can get back their wrapped NEP-5 tokens (standard NEO tokens) as the native tokens they were wrapped as. 

Vault is Flamingo’s very own one-stop asset manager that allows users to stake/mine their NEP-5 tokens. As of now, the Flamingo team is also planning to implement minting of FUSD (*FUSD is a collateral-backed synthetic stablecoin in Flamingo, pegged to the price of USD).

Next up is an on-chain liquidity provider called Swap. Swap allows users to trade tokens in pairs, while also being able to combine different types of tokens. Users can get LP tokens in the same amount as their assets. LP tokens stand for liquidity providers’ opportunity to get proportional passive income, according to trading fees they pay.

Perp is a perpetual contract trading platform suitable for any type of underlying assets with infinite liquidity. It has its own constant function for trading assets, and the team is constantly working on adding new functionalities to the service.

Last but not least, DAO - a so-called decentralized governance platform. DAO helps Flamingo developers make their platform more user-friendly and efficient, asking all holders to participate in governance by voting and leaving feedback. In exchange, users receive FML tokens.

Flamingo Price Prediction: Analysts' Price Forecasts

Walletinvestor Flamingo Price Prediction 2021-2025

According to Walletinvestor’s FLM price prediction, Flamingo prices will continue to grow. It is expected that in a year Flamingo will surpass $1. However, Walletinvestor predicts that Flamingo price will not drop, which means the price will continue to grow at a stable rate. According to the website, in 5 years’ time, Flamingo price will reach $2.479. From what we can see now, the trend is strongly bullish.

Digitalcoin Flamingo Price Prediction

Digitalcoin’s Flamingo price prediction suggests that the price will increase in the future. Based on the website forecasting, investing in Flamingo will be profitable. The highest expected Flamingo price in the future is $3.26. 

Gov.Capital Flamingo Price Prediction

Gov.Capital expects Flamingo price to reach $2.277 (+273.594%)  in a year and $16.71 in 5 years. The website indicates that Flamingo has a strong upward trend. Gov.Capital suggests adding Flamingo to the portfolio, as many factors show that it is going to be a good portfolio addition for holders.  

Let’s say you invest $100 in Flamingo right now. You will get back $373.594 by November 2022, according to what Gov. Capital predicts.

To make their FLM price prediction, Gov.Capital takes multiple variables such as volume, price, market cycles and compares them to similar coins.


According to experts’ Flamingo price prediction, the FLM price will continue to grow. Most experts recommend buying FLM. We can see a strong upward trend for FLM, as well as the increasingly growing resistance and support levels. Flamingo can be characterized as stable. We have not seen any sharp crashes as of lately. There are also no price surges anticipated soon. 

Analysts suggest that adding Flamingo to your Portfolio will be a good long-term investment. 

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What is an FLM coin?

Flamingo is a decentralized finance platform built on the NEO blockchain protocol. FLM coin is the native coin for Flamingo.

How many FLM coins are there?

The current circulating amount of FLM coins is 150,000,000.

How do I buy FLM?

If you wish to buy FLM, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Find an exchange that supports exchange with Flamingo;
  2. Deposit funds on your account via bank transfer, by paying with your credit/debit card, or by depositing crypto from your wallet;
  3. Buy FLM and find the best wallet for storing.

Is Flamingo a good crypto?

Yes, Flamingo has generally positive reviews and a strong upward trend. FLM price prediction indicates an expected steady increase in the future. Experts recommend adding FLM to your portfolio.

What does Flamingo coin do?

Flamingo combines all key NEO blockchain features in one user-friendly platform. FLM's most unique functions include Wrapper, Vault, Swap, Perp, and DAO.

How do you use Flamingo finance?

There are three easy steps you can take if you want to use Flamingo finance.

  1. Go to and click “Income”.
  2. Click “Connect Wallet” to connect to MetaMask wallet.
  3. Click “Connect” once you choose the wallet you want to connect to.

Flamingo Price Prediction 2022

We have gathered the latest Flamingo price prediction results from some of the most reliable sources, namely Wallet Investor, Trading Beasts, and

Trading Beasts has set the following targets for Flamingo in 2022: an average of $0.13, a maximum of $0.163, and a minimum of $0.111. Based on the provided data, purchasing Flamingo might be a good long-term investment.

Wallet Investor is prominent that Flamingo prices will fall, forecasting a potential bearish trend in 2022. According to the website algorithm, investors may be expecting an average of $0.012, with a potential maximum of $0.004, and a minimum of $0.008. has come out with a negative price prediction for Flamingo: an average of $0, a maximum of $0, and a minimum of $0 is what holders could be anticipating in 2022.

Flamingo Price Prediction 2023

Similarly, Trading Beasts indicates an average of $0.154, a maximum of $0.192, and a minimum of $0.131 for Flamingo.

According to Wallet Investor, Flamingo prices are estimated to show negative downtrend signs in 2023, reaching an average of $0.009, with an expected maximum of $0.003, and a minimum of $0.006.

Based on the information provided by key indicators, believes that Flamingo prices could drop next year. The website forecasts the following prices for Flamingo: an average of $0, a maximum of $0, and a minimum of $0.

Flamingo Price Prediction 2024

Trading Beasts expects a continuous positive trend for Flamingo throughout 2024. The prices are likely to range between a maximum of $0.24 and a minimum of $0.163, with the average price reaching $0.192.

As for 2024, Wallet Investor is bearish on Flamingo. Investors should watch out for a potential average of $0.008. The website also indicates a maximum of $0.003 and a minimum of $0.006 in two years. has set an average of $0, a maximum of $0 and a minimum of $0 for Flamingo in two years, therefore predicting value decline for the token.

Flamingo Price Prediction 2025

Trading Beasts is also indicating an increase in Flamingo prices, starting from the minimum of $0.16 and reaching as much as $0.235. The expected average price is $0.188.

In 2025 Wallet Investor views Flamingo negatively. According to the website algorithm, the expected average price is $0.008, with potential maximum and minimum prices reaching $0.005 and $0.003 respectively.

Furthermore, is seemingly frigid about Flamingo prices in 2025. The website forecasts that the price may go up to as much as $0. The expected average price is set at the $0 level, whereas the expected minimum price is $0.

Flamingo Price Prediction 2030

Trading Beasts predicts that the bullish trend will remain strong for Flamingo in 2030. Investors could be expecting an average of $0.35. The maximum and minimum prices might hit $0.374 and $0.325 respectively.

According to the long-term forecast from Wallet Investor, Flamingo has bad investment potential. The prices could reach $0.005 on average, whereas the maximum price could go up to as much as $0.005, and the minimum price could hit the $0.004 point.

Last but not least, based on the sentiment from, Flamingo prices will continue to fall in the long run, with the average price reaching the $0 level. The expected maximum price is $0 and the potential minimum is $0.


Predicting crypto market is challenging. It is hard to forecast the exact price movement. Before you decide to invest in the cryptocurrency of your choice, we strongly recommend learning more about the coin itself and get familiar with the project's roadmap. Remember to always do your own research.


Is Flamingo a good investment?

According to the experts' forecasts, Flamingo will be a bad investment.

Does Flamingo Have Potential?

The FLM is becoming less popular right now, gradually cryptocurrency is losing ground on Coinmarketcap's market cap ranking. Even though project has developed partnerships with some giants of the cryptocurrency industry, Flamingo forecast is negative, It has low potential.

How much will Flamingo be worth in 2022?

In 2022 the price of FLM is expected to reach $0, based on the forecasting from various sources.

How much will Flamingo be worth in 2023?

In 2023 the price of FLM is expected to reach $0, based on the forecasting from various sources.

How much will Flamingo be worth in 2024?

In 2024 the price of FLM is expected to reach $0, based on the forecasting from various sources.

How much will Flamingo be worth in 2025?

In 2025 the price of FLM is expected to reach $0, based on the forecasting from various sources.

How much will Flamingo be worth in 2030?

In 2030 the price of FLM is expected to reach $0, based on the forecasting from various sources.