EOS Price Prediction
20 days ago by Anna Key

EOS Price Prediction

EOS price prediction for the next 24 hours is estimated to be in the range of $4.900 to $5.336. The current recommendation is Buy. 

Currently, EOS is trading at $4.379 (+1,26% in the last 24H). 

Price -- HIGHER

Technical indicator -- BUY

EOS Short-term and Long-term Predictions

Walletinvestor predicts a rise in price for EOS. According to the website, EOS will not crash in the future.

Technical analysis -- long-term benefits.

EOS price prediction for 2025 is $106.77.

There could be a breakout scenario for EOS.

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EOS Latest News

EOS is showing mixed signals. EOS showed a 9.6% drop in three days (11-14 November), whole the technical analysis indicated at the selling strength. 

EOS broke out from the descending resistance showing promises of increasing.

EOS Latest Tweets

EOS bullish trend continues to show strength

"#EOS Daily timeframe looks very bullish. Don't sleep on #eosusdt ladies and gentlemen's. Wave 3 has been already started, buying $eos below $5 is a very nice opportunity for a long run. Here are your price targets. Take Care."

EOS reaching $6 in the near future

Lunarcrush statistics

  • Social volume: +19.5%
  • Social engagement: +62.5%
  • Social dominance: -15.3%

EOS Market rank

  • Current Market Rank: 45th
  • Current Market Cap: $4,889,285,615.00
  • 24H Volume Traded: $1,058,115,395.64

EOS Price Prediction 2021 (December)

  • Trading Beasts $4.49675
  • Wallet Investor $4.762-$6.574
  • Digital Coin Price $7.56

What is EOS?

Launched in July 2018, EOS is an open-source software developed by, namely Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer. 

EOS is often compared to Ethereum, as it is a blockchain-based ecosystem that creates and develops decentralized apps (dApps). EOS works on a proof-of-stake model. 

During the launch, one billion EOS tokens were distributed as ERC-20 token by That was done to ensure EOS widespread distribution. 

EOS recorded its ATH in 2018 when the price amounted to $22.89 on April 29th. 2021, however, has been rather unstable for EOS. EOS price reached its peak in May. It went up to $12.86. Since then, the price has dropped. Currently, EOS is trading at around $4.9 per token and is expected to continue going up.

One of EOS developers’ main goals is to become the most powerful platform for dApps. The service is user-friendly. It provides tools for beginners to help them learn how to create functional dApps quicker. EOS provides solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.

EOS, however, does not have the cleanest reputation. The digital wallet app was claimed to have scammed users with $52 million worth of funds. 

In spring 2020, many users reported that they could not log into their accounts through the platform’s site. Allegedly, users’ funds had been completely removed. Many accused (in the face of EOS Ecosystem) of running a fraudulent scheme. 

The US court accused of performing a $4.1bn ICO (initial coin offering) campaign that was done in such a matter that violated security laws. As a result, the company was fined $27.5m and the case was settled in June 2021. promised to improve its services in an official statement: “ believes this lawsuit was without merit and filled with numerous inaccuracies. However, accepting this settlement allows us to focus more time and energy on running our business and delivering new products”. 

Since then, EOS price has been stable and many experts believe it is a promising investment with many long-term benefits. Hence, their prediction for EOS/USD price is bullish. Currently, is seeking new ways of providing more stalking rewards for investors and is working on the so-called PowerUp model. This model will hold each holder’s transaction fee for 24 hours so that there would be no need to pay a fee for every individual transaction.

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