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Define Price Prediction

  • The Highest DeFine price prediction in 2021 is $2.5.
  • The Lowest expected DeFine price is $0. 
  • Analysts' DeFine price prediction ranges from $0.015 to $1.757.

DeFine is an NFT based social platform that uses its own native DFA tokens. If you are an artist, gamer, musician, or influencer, DeFine is the place where you can create and communicate with your fanbase via utilizing digital assets. DeFine users get an NFT social profile, which can be used to engage with other holders.

Latest DeFine News

DeFine Technical Analysis

Currently, DeFine is ranked #502 on Coinmarketcap with a market cap of $91,187,232. 

On Coingecko it is indicated that DeFine has had a 0.5% market raise during the last 24 hours.

DeFine can be traded on the following platforms: Huobi Global, BKEK,, Poloniex, etc.

  • Cryptocurrency Name: DeFine
  • Ticker Symbol: DFA
  • DFA Price: $1.76
  • Market cap: $91,187,232
  • All-time high: $3.80
  • All-time low: $0.892567 
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000

What is DeFine?

DeFine aims to bring attention to the integration of real-life assets and blockchains. Today more and more people have been tokenizing their art into digital non-fungible tokens. According to the platform’s developers, the existing NFT marketplace should become more user-friendly by giving all users an efficient and effective experience. DeFine mainly focuses on the Asian market. DeFine users get the chance of being part of a private community and receive multiple benefits for owning social or fan tokens. 

DeFine introduced a Web 3.0 social profile system, which is based on each user’s contribution and achievements. 

By connecting your wallet to DeFine, you get access to suggestions linked to your digital activity through your personal NFT social profile.

You can get rewards in the form of NFT-based honor badges. If there are any malicious intentions noticed, you will be given dishonor labels. 

Moreover, your DeFine social NFTs will be interoperable between various platforms in the future. Some other DeFine features include Digital Credit System, Initial NFT Offering, NFT Exhibition Hall. 

DeFine Price Prediction: Analysts’ Price Forecasts

Walletinvestor DeFine Price Prediction

According to Walletinvestor’s DFA price prediction, DeFine may drop in the future. The website predicts prices ranging from $1.757 to $0.115 (-93,449%). The resistance and support levels are also decreasing. Based on the analysis of the last 30 days, DeFine has a strong bearish trend. December 2021 DFA price prediction indicates that the price will stay relatively stable to what it is at the moment. 

Digitalcoin DeFine Price Prediction

Digitalcoin, however, suggests that the token price will go up in the future. DFA price prediction for the rest of 2021 is $2.5. In five years, DeFine price will reach $6.21. By 2028 DFA will hit $7.98. Based on the forecasting provided by Digitalcoin, DFA's highest future price will be $8.59. Digitalcoin recommends investing in DeFine. 

Gov.Capital DeFine Price Prediction

Gov.Capital has compared fundamentals of similar coins to DeFine and concluded that DeFine will cost $0 in the future. Gov.Capital does not recommend adding DeFine to your portfolio, as it is highly likely for the price to crash. According to the website, DeFine has been in a downtrend over the last year. As for December 2021, DFA price prediction indicates prices fluctuating from $1.1 to $1.9. DeFine Price Prediction provides a positive DFA price prediction. According to the source, the token price will continue to grow in the future. In 2025 the price is expected to reach $7.83 on average. By 2030 the price could hit as much as $58.52. The website suggests that DeFine has outstanding future potential, and the experts emphasize that DeFine will be a good long-term investment.


Experts have mixed opinions on DeFine’s future potential. Some say DeFine’s price will drop, others are expecting a raise. From what we can see, DeFine has been rather stable with a few crashes and increases here and there. There are no price surges anticipated in the short term. Despite having varied price predictions, the DeFine team is planning to grow and improve the platform’s services for creators around the world.

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What is DeFine (DFA)?

DeFine is an NFT based social platform that uses its own native DFA tokens. If you are an artist, gamer, musician, or influencer, DeFine is the place where you can create and communicate with your fanbase via utilizing digital assets.

Where can I buy DFA tokens?

At the moment you can buy DFA tokens on Huobi Global,, BKEX, Poloniex, Hotcoin Global, AOFEX.

What is DFA coin?

DFA is the native token for DeFine, the NFT based social platform for creators. The DFA token will be utilized for community governance and DeFine DAO while also facilitating various social functions on the DeFine platform.

What is DFA coin price?

Currently, DFA is trading at $1.75. There are no sharp crashes or surges anticipated in the near future.