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  • EOS Is 'Ethereum On Steroids?' Vitalik Buterin Serves Sarcasm On Twitter

    Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin recalled an old joke about cryptocurrency project EOS (CRYPTO: EOS) on Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR). What Happened: “EOS is Ethereum on Steriods,” joked Buterin, in response to what was presumably more sarcasm from Ethereum developer Josh Stark who asked what EOS was. EOS is Ethereum On Steroids. The name reflects the fact that the core team learned from Ethereum's amateurish naivety and idealism, and built out a team of professional top-talent software developers that created a smart contract platform with much higher scalability and speed. — vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) June 27, 2022 EOS is a smart contract platform that quickly gained popularity after its launch in 2018, where it raised $4.1 billion in an initial coin offering (ICO). At the time, EOS was named a competitor of Ethereum because of its capacity to offer a higher rate of transactions per second (TPS) than the leading smart contract platform. The project’s native token reached a high of $22.71 in April 2018 but is currently trading 96% below its all-time high. See Also: HOW TO BUY EOS (EOS) After a series of internal issues, and an SEC lawsuit dubbing its ICO an “unlawful securities offering,” many consider the cryptocurrency project to be unsuccessful. In fact, in November, EOS Foundation CEO Yves La Rose himself said “EOS, as it stands, is a failure," as per a CoinDesk report. However, La Rose stated that the new EOS Foundation would take a more centralized approach to support the ecosystem with the introduction of four pillars - Audit+, Wallet+, Docu+, and API+. People think @VitalikButerin is being sarcastic, what if he is telling you the truth…@BigBeardSamurai — no_wonder (@no_wonder_hk) June 27, 2022 Price Action: According to data from Benzinga Pro, EOS was trading at $0.96 at press time, down 4.7% in the last 24 hours. ETH was trading at $1,173, down 3.87% over the same period. Photo via TechCrunch on Flickr © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

  • 5 Things You Might Not Know About Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin, A Man Full Of Surprises

    One of the most well-known figures in the world of cryptocurrency is Vitalik Buterin. Known as the founder and creator of Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH), Buterin also has experience with Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC). Early Days: Buterin was born in Russia in 1994. His family emigrated to Canada when he was six years old. Buterin excelled in school and was placed in an accelerated program for gifted students while in the third grade. Buterin naturally excelled in math and programming. It’s reported that Buterin could add three-digit numbers in his head twice as fast as kids his age at the time. Worked At Bitcoin Magazines: In 2011, Buterin took a side job working for Bitcoin Weekly. As a writer, Buterin was paid 5 Bitcoin for each article written. At the time that made each article payment less than $5 for Buterin. Bitcoin Magazine was founded by Buterin later in 2011 where he was the lead writer. Creation of Ethereum: Buterin launched a white paper for Ethereum in late 2013. The goal of Ethereum was to add scripting to make it easier for application development. Buterin wanted to make it possible to set up binding contracts. Ethereum was officially launched on July 30, 2015. Buterin currently holds 333,500 ETH in his primary wallet. Related Link: Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Becomes A Billionaire As ETH HIts Another All Time High  Donated To Charity: As the founder of a popular cryptocurrency, Buterin has built a large following of people from the community. As a result, Buterin is often the subject of donations from new cryptocurrencies that hope Buterin will support them or others will see the coins in his public wallet. Buterin was donated 50 trillion Shiba Inu (CRYPTO: SHIB), worth around $1.2 billion at the time. Buterin donated the Shiba Inu to the India Covid Relief Fund along with $2 million worth of Ethereum. The announcement that Buterin was donating the Shiba Inu instead of keeping it led to a crash in the price of the cryptocurrency. Fake Death Rumor: In 2017, it was reported that Buterin died in a car crash. The rumor came from 4Chan, a popular board to share stories and often the subject of internet trolls. Ethereum lost around $4 billion in value on the internet rumor. Ethereum’s price recovered, but the impact on the price from news of his death offered up a look at how important Buterin could be to Etehreum’s success. The drop in Ethereum’s price also led to a comparison of Bitcoin’s founder being anonymous and Ethereum having a public founder. Original publication: 2021-09-05 © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

  • Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Slams Bitcoin Stock-To-Flow Model

    Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) creator Vitalik Buterin joined a host of critics in mocking the Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model. What Happened: In a tweet on Monday, Buterin criticized S2F for being one of the financial models that give people a false sense of certainty the price will go up. Remember who supported S2F and who mocked it even back when it looked like it was accurately describing the trendline. — vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) June 21, 2022 S2F is a widely popular quantitative price prediction model put forward by pseudonymous institutional investor Plan B. According to the model’s hypothesis, the price of Bitcoin would continue on an upward trajectory delivering investors approximately tenfold returns every four years. The model also predicted the price of Bitcoin would hit $100,000 by the end of 2021 and would be well on its way to the $1 million mark by the year 2026. Last week, Bitcoin hit a two-year low of $17,708 and a majority of market participants slammed Plan B’s model for “selling hopium” to the masses of retail investors. See Also: IS BITCOIN DEAD? Plan B himself responded to Buterin’s criticism by saying that crypto industry newbies and “leaders” were looking to find a scapegoat after a major crash. After a crash some people are looking for scapegoats for their failed projects or wrong investment decisions. Not only newbies but als "leaders" fall victim to blaming others and playing the victim. Remember those who blame others and those who stand strong after a crash. — PlanB (@100trillionUSD) June 21, 2022   BTC Price Action: According to data from Benzinga Pro, Bitcoin was trading at $20,795.74 at press time, gaining 2.07% over the last 24 hours. Photo: Philip McMaster, via Flickr Creative Commons © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

  • Vitalik Buterin: Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin Price Model 'Really Not Looking Good Now'

    The Ethereum co-founder took aim at the 'harmful' price model, which predicts that Bitcoin will go as high as $288,000.

  • Vitalik Buterin critiques stock-to-flow model as giving ‘false sense of certainty’

    Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin criticized bitcoin models like ‘stock-to-flow’ as harmful, and deserving of mockery on Tuesday. The post Vitalik Buterin critiques stock-to-flow model as giving ‘false sense of certainty’ appeared first on The Block.

  • 'God Hates NFTs,' Vitalik Buterin Is 'Antichrist:' Bizarre 'Protest' Takes Place Outside NFT.NYC Venue

    A “protest” took place outside of the ongoing NFT.NYC conference in New York on Monday.  What Happened: People holding placards proclaiming Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) co-founder as the anti-christ and “God Hates NFTs” were seen at the mock event. People could be seen “demonstrating” against NFTs and raising slogans while marching down a street in SoHo, New York City. — bobbyhundreds.eth (@bobbyhundreds) June 20, 2022 Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) co-creator Billy Markus noted that the protest was a parody in response to a tweet from cryptocurrency journalist Laura Shin. He said in a subsequent tweet, “normies do hate NFTs tho.” normies do hate NFTs tho — Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) June 20, 2022 See Also: Best USDC Interest Rates Why It Matters: Adage reporter Asa Hiken said the “stunt” was organized by Bobby Kim, also known as Bobby Hundreds, the designer-writer co-founder of The Hundreds — a global men’s streetwear brand and editorial platform.  Let it be known: the protest is officially a stunt Spoke with @bobbyhundreds himself, who told me what he was going for and why he thinks the community needs a laugh right now Also, there may or may not be plans for another "protest" tomorrow... — Asa Hiken (@asabhiken) June 20, 2022 Kim told Hiken that the protest was held because the “community needs a laugh right now.” NFC.NYT bills itself as a “leading annual non-fungible token event” and this year it is being held between June 20-23 amid the backdrop of a cryptocurrency valuation meltdown. Read Next: Dogecoin Co-Founder Takes Swipe At Crypto VCs: Web3 Has Nothing To Offer To Content Creators © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

  • Dogecoin Merch, 'Shiba Inu Sweatpants,' Toilet Paper Mic Stand: Vitalik Buterin Gives Sneak Peek Into His Minimalist Travel Style

    Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) co-creator Vitalik Buterin has revealed what’s in his 40-liter minimalist backpack and the essentials include at least one Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE)-related item. The Bag And Its Contents: Buterin said in a recently penned blog that he optimized his luggage while taking 360 flights and traveling over 1.5 million kilometers in the past 9 years. He now travels with a 40-liter Hynes Eagle backpack that contains various other bags for organizational ease. My 40-liter backpack travel guide: — vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) June 20, 2022 In minimization, Buterin has maximized on USB-C electronics and Uniqlo clothing items. Just tossing in one power brick by Anker gets Buterin enough USB-C ports to charge his phone and laptop at the same time. He also carries a USBC-friendly shaver and electric toothbrush. See Also: How To Get Free Crypto Layer Up For Warmth: Buterin’s clothes feature various items by Uniqlo which allow him to be comfortable in temperatures ranging from 0ºC (32ºF) to 20ºC (68ºF).  Buterin's Clothing Layer Strategy — Courtesy Vitalik Buterin's Blog Quirky items include a pair of now-famous sweatpants supposedly featuring the Shiba Inu (CRYPTO: SHIB) mascot at the ETHDenver conference in February and a pair of mismatched gloves. Two Standout Items: Benzinga noted a Dogecoin merchandise among Buterin’s backpack items. Dogecoin Peeks Out Of Buterin's Sub-Bags — Courtesy Vitalik Buterin's Blog Another photo shows Buterin utilizing the toilet paper roll as a microphone stand. Buterin’s go-to microphone is an Apogee HypeMIC, but it is a micro-USB variant not USB-C, according to the blog post. On Ideal Luggage: Buterin says if you can manage it, 40-liters is the ideal sized backpack as it allows you to carry a “week’s worth of stuff” and it's carrier friendly.  “Once you start going lower than 40 liters, the disadvantages start stacking up and exceeding the marginal upsides,” said Buterin. If the 40-liters is a deal-breaker, you could always opt for a 50 or 60-liter backpack or carry a mini-suitcase in addition to the 40-liter backpack, which is allowed often on planes. Read Next: Dogecoin Creator Says Crypto 'House Of Cards' Beginning To Crumble At Bottom Photo via TechCrunch on Flickr © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

  • Vitalik Buterin Sits Down with His Dad, Dima Buterin, to Talk About the Future of Crypto

    Vitalik Buterin, and his father, Dmitry "Dima" Buterin, have provided insight into the market crash and the future of the crypto industry. Continue reading Vitalik Buterin Sits Down with His Dad, Dima Buterin, to Talk About the Future of Crypto at

  • Vitalik Buterin Says Blockchain Not Just For Finance Buffs: Here's Who Else It Can Be Good For

    Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) co-creator Vitalik Buterin says he’s strongly in favor of the trend of using blockchains for non-financial purposes and elaborated his vision in a paper recently. What Happened: Buterin shared the paper in a recent Tweet. The cryptocurrency entrepreneur said his own view is somewhere in between a “blockchain everywhere” maximalist and “blockchain minimalist.” Where to use a blockchain in non-financial applications? Big thanks to @pujaohlhaver @shreyjaineth for review! You should also check what they have to say; they have some unique important perspectives that are beyond the scope of this post. — vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) June 12, 2022 “I see the value of blockchains in many situations, sometimes for really important goals like trust and censorship resistance but sometimes purely for convenience,” wrote Buterin.  See Also: How To Get Free Crypto Other Use Cases: Buterin enumerated a number of use cases for blockchains, which he said could be used for “account management in a decentralized way.” Account management and “interoperability with other blockchain applications” were the two use cases Buterin said he’s “most confident” about.  Early-stage use cases like negative reputation and revocations are also important, according to Buterin.  “I expect that the case for revocation and negative reputation will become more clear over time.” Buterin explained these concepts in the paper through an example involving a college that issues digital certifications.  Blockchain as data stores for short text records may be marginal  or significant use cases for deploying distributed ledger systems, according to Buterin. He expects to see some of that type of usage keep happening.  Buterin said he has a large degree of uncertainty in exactly what level of non-financial blockchain usage in various categroes makes sense.  “It seems clear that blockchains as an enabling tool in these areas should not be dismissed.” Read Next: Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Says He's No Longer A Billionaire © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

  • Hacker Sent Vitalik Buterin OP Tokens, Promises To Return 18M More Under These Conditions

    A hacker has returned 1 million OP tokens to Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Some 18 million more tokens are expected to be returned once certain conditions are met. What Happened: Following the recent exploit of Optimism (CRYPTO: OP) where 20 million OP were stolen due to a technical error by the protocol, the hacker pledged in an on-chain message to return 18 million OP — currently worth over $15 million. Cryptocurrency market maker Wintermute announced that if the exploiter returned the stolen tokens to a specified address, they would write off the hack as a white hat exploit. The exploiter’s on-chain response stated, “And hello Wintermute, sorry, I only have 18M and this is what I can return. Stay Optimistic.” Why It's Important: The recent exploit to Ethereum’s Layer 2 (L2) protocol induced OP’s price volatility. Separately, the breach revealed a Wintermute technical faux pas. According to reports, the smart contract Wintermute used to accept the tokens was still on L1. By not switching to L2, the hack was able to take advantage of the protocol’s shortcoming. Furthermore, the outcome of this exploit can be attributed to the transparency maintained by Optimism and Wintermute in their public efforts to reach out to the hacker and their accountability taken for the exploit. © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

  • Vitalik Buterin Sees 1M Optimism Tokens Stolen By Hacker Deposited In His Ethereum Wallet

    Blockchain transaction data shows that the Optimism (CRYPTO: OP) hacker sent a million OP tokens to the wallet of Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) creator Vitalik Buterin. What Happened: An alert from blockchain security firm PeckShield revealed that a million OP tokens, worth around $874,000 at the time, was sent to Buterin’s Ethereum wallet address. #PeckShieldAlert ~1m $OP transfered to @VitalikButerin from Wintermute/OP exploiters — PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) June 9, 2022 This transaction followed the exploiter’s sale of a million OP tokens to the open market. See Also: IS OPTIMISM (OP) A GOOD INVESTMENT? Earlier today, Benzinga reported that Ethereum Layer 2 solution Optimism had suffered a $16 million loss after a hacker gained access to a wallet with 20 million OP tokens. The hack reportedly took place on May 26, but Optimism only addressed it publicly on June 9, saying it was evaluating its current options. Buterin earlier this month praised Optimism for adding a non-governance token to its ecosystem. The Ethereum founder was referring to the use of OP as a gas fee-paying token as opposed to a governance token. This is a great example of why I'm so proud of @optimismPBC for adding non-token governance (the Citizen House). Optimism explicitly has goals *other* than just "make OP go up", and the only way to do that long-term is with explicit representation of non-token-holder interests. — 豚林 vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) June 3, 2022 At press time, it was unclear whether Buterin was aware of the transfer. See Also: Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Sells $4.3M In Dogecoin Knock-Offs, Baby Shiba And Husky Token Drop 60% Price Action: According to data from Benzinga Pro, OP was trading at $0.855, up 4.54% over the last 24 hours. © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.