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  • Venture Capital ‘Hashed’ Lost Over $3 Billion Following Terra Crash

    The firm bought 30 million LUNA in Terra early on and ended up losing. At its peak, the 30 million

  • Venture Capitalists Make Significant Wager on Cryptocurrency

    PitchBook reported that VCs invested over $17 billion in the crypto industry in the year’s first half. Venture Capital funds ...Read More...

  • Valkyrie to launch venture capital fund

    Issuer Valkyrie is raising for an upcoming venture capital fund focused on early stage middleware and "web 2.5" firms. The post Valkyrie to launch venture capital fund appeared first on The Block.

  • Top 5 Venture Capitalists Investing in Metaverse Technology

    As a society, we’ve been trying to make the Metaverse concept a reality for nearly three decades. We had the Virtual Boy, Sega VR, Virtuality, and most recently, Oculus Rift. The Metaverse is a digital universe where people can interact with each other and three-dimensional objects in a realistic way. It’s the Holy Grail for gamers, businesses, and techies […] The post Top 5 Venture Capitalists Investing in Metaverse Technology appeared first on NFT News Today.

  • Bitcoin Will Reach $250,000 Says Venture Capital Investor

    American venture capital investor, Tim Draper says Bitcoin price will reach $250,000. He says this ... Read More... from Bitcoin Will Reach $250,000 Says Venture Capital Investor The post Bitcoin Will Reach $250,000 Says Venture Capital Investor appeared first on Crypto News Land.

  • ADDX Received $120M From Singapore Venture Capital

    Thai stock exchange SET is the new investor in the pre-Series B round to raise funds of around $120 million.

  • Venture Capital Andreessen Horowitz Announces $600M Web 3.0 Gaming Fund

    More than $2.2 billion was invested in the firm’s most recent and third crypto-focused fund.  A16z has previously invested extensively

  • Venture capitalists ready for big returns with NFTs

    As the stock and crypto markets continue to underperform, venture capitalists are beginning to look towards NFTs to offer substantial returns to help with survival and growth NFTs as the saving grace 2022 has been a sad year for investors globally because, after sustained periods of growth motivated by the pandemic and other factors, global […] The post Venture capitalists ready for big returns with NFTs appeared first on NFT News Today.

  • Revolut founder set to launch venture capital fund powered by artificial intelligence

    The fund will be focused mainly on Series B and Series C rounds, based on a software model which eliminates 'human judgement.' The post Revolut founder set to launch venture capital fund powered by artificial intelligence appeared first on The Block.

  • Venture Capitalists And The Role In The Web3 Evolution

    Technology rules the world today. The most valuable companies in the world are those that can harness the power of their technology and become more resolute over time. So, even if you’re not a native tech company, it will be virtually impossible for you to make headway in today’s world if you don’t have a tech function in your business model. However, for native tech companies, investment is also a key driver of success. This is why many of them tend to raise funds and vie for more capital. The dream and skills to build something impressive are already there, but everyone needs money. For tech companies, this money is readily available in the form of venture capitalists. Essentially, a venture capitalist’s job is to provide funding for companies at different stages of their development. Most times, these companies fund you in exchange for a stake in your company. They could choose to nurture that stake over time and reap the gains or just exit - that is, selling their stake down the line when they’ve recouped their investment. The Evolution Is Here As we already know, the internet that we all love is changing. There’s a growing shift towards Web3 - an innovation of the internet that will bring better control and confidentiality in terms of data handling. Like Web2 before it, Web3 will only come to life when we have companies and protocols that are already espousing some of its core principles. This isn’t to say that there aren’t already products that are getting people ready for the transition into Web3. We have the Super Protocol, a cloud-based protocol that allows for seamless collaboration while still keeping data completely confidential. The Super Protocol works with blockchain and confidential computing technology to offer a simple-to-use and highly secure cloud platform for everyone to use. While cloud computing remains a critical part of the internet today, the Super Protocol is ensuring that we can also have it when the internet inevitably shifts to Web3. Still, this is just one tool in one space. The tech landscape is much bigger than cloud computing alone, and companies that are looking to build Web3 versions of what we already have will need funding. So, venture capitalists will have a lot to cover. Much-Needed Funds Come From Somewhere As explained earlier, the primary role of a venture capitalist is to offer funds. These companies are adept at recognizing potential and harnessing it quickly. They know when a company has a good product or service, and they’ll be the first to hop on the bandwagon when it’s time to fund. At the same time, these venture capitalists also offer a critical component for company growth - access. Beyond just the funds, venture capitalists also ensure that companies they back are able to access different places and tools that they might not necessarily have been able to get on their own. Being backed by a company like Andreessen Horowitz or Kleiner Perkins offers immediate access to an ecosystem of like minds and builders, many of whom will be thrilled to collaborate with you. Then, there are the little perks that venture capitalists offer - including the ease of setting your company up, legal advice, compliance, and much more. Their goal is to take out some of the major hurdles that young companies face when it’s time to grow. This way, you can focus on the most important thing - building for Web3 and taking the best possible product to market. This symbiosis is a perfect one that should work in an ideal universe. The venture capitalist puts up for you to grow, and you reward them by delivering returns on their investment. The Problem Of Control While all of this is true, it is also worth noting that venture capitalist involvement in tech isn’t always beneficial. These companies primarily care about one thing - making money. And, if they see an opportunity that you should take, they could use their influence to steer you in that direction. When you enter into a funding agreement with a venture capitalist, you give up a portion of the control. You could give them a stake in your company or offer them board seats. Whichever it is, the company now holds voting power. Some venture capitalists only focus on driving revenue and making your company profitable as quickly as possible. And, this means that they might exert their influence on you. With Web3, the goal is to put users in control of pretty much everything - their data, their revenues, their money, etc. However, doing that will also diminish a company’s revenue streams - and investors won’t be happy about that. As you build a Web3 protocol, it is important to remember that you have investors and they will want to see returns on their investment. Several top names in tech have already bemoaned the fact that big venture capitalists are already investing in Web3 projects because they know the internet is changing. So, they’re looking for a way to control the biggest companies that will emerge when Web3 does - just like they control some of the biggest tech companies in the world today. This focus on profits alone might blind some venture capitalists to the true aim of Web3, which is to improve the internet we have today. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the future of Web3 is doomed. We simply need to find venture capitalists who believe in this dream and are willing to back it. © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

  • Venture Capitalists Exhibit FOMO, Invest in Growing Crypto Universe

    Venture capital investment in crypto projects reached a record $10 billion globally in the first quarter of 2022, Reuters reports. Such projects, ranging from crypto and NFT exchanges to decentralized finance applications and token issuers, are often known as protocols. The fear of being left behind is leading the private equity firms to invest in crypto platforms, metaverse and Web3. The M&A deals involving crypto target companies also ballooned globally, with 73 deals sealed in 2022 worth $8.8 billion versus 51 deals worth $6.8 billion in 2021. Experts saw that investment levels in crypto continued to grow amid a bitcoin price slump in 2022 and another decline last summer, helping crypto firms bag good bargains.  Reuters notes that in many cases, blockchain tech firms often target brand value of backing from established players and increasing integration with the financial system. The trend was demonstrative of investors' disbelief that a prolonged bear market in digital assets is forthcoming and the significant amount of dry powder held by funds seeking to allocate to the sector. The VC crypto craze in 2022 also coincided with a slump in the tech-heavy Nasdaq benchmark. The full-year VC investment in crypto projects for 2019 was $3.7 billion, $5.5 billion for 2020, and $28 billion for 2021. © 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.