Tue, Oct 26, 2021 7:58 PM by CryptoCurrencyTrading

Mastercard is offering crypto services! The big push we needed...

Mastercard is going to offer crypto services. The payments network will enable any of its merchants or banks to integrate crypto into their products. They want to offer all partners the ability to more easily add crypto services to whatever it is they're doing. As part of the partnership, businesses and banks will be able to provide their users with specific crypto debit and credit cards, and companies will be able to offer crypto services that will be backed by Baktt. Bakkt recently partnered with Google to integrate their services with Google’s Google Pay wallet. The crypto firm launched in 2018, and back in March 2021 Bakkt launched a payments app that allows users to make purchases via cryptocurrencies. Todays Mastercard partnership is the most solid confirmation of the payments platform’s commitment to the crypto space, which will make it easier for users to access crypto. This is a huge milestone for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, who will benefit from Mastercard’s connections with more than 20,000 financial institutions across the world. For new financial platforms like this is very good news. With the continued growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies and their related technologies, one of the most present issues is that of regulation. Mainstream crypto adoption will require crypto-friendly regulation before a truly comprehensive integration can be achieved. submitted by /u/zavadskfghfghgf [link] [comments]