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    CreamY is getting ready to be launched by Cream Finance

  • 3m

    Bitcoin SV short-term Price Analysis: 21 September

  • 5m

    Ziglu launches a crowdfunding campaign

  • 6m

    В России в третий раз отменили учения по «суверенному рунету»

  • 8m

    China needs to become the first country to issue digital currency, says PBOC

    The Block
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    CEO CryptoQuant: «продажи биткоинов майнерами не остановят новый бычий тренд»

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    Сложность майнинга биткойна обновила исторический максимум

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    Крупные банки угодили в скандал с отмыванием $2 трлн для олигархов и преступников

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    Uniswap распределила 113 млн токенов UNI среди пользователей

  • 34m

    Effects of new Japanese digital currency on Yen

    Crypto News Flash
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    Исследование: регулирование криптовалют в Европе поможет развитию экономики

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    How to purchase, sell, and track Bitcoin – Know the basics!!

    Crypto News Flash
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    SushiSwap’s ‘Quiet’ Launch of UNI/ETH Liquidity Pool Questioned

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    Slump of Y tokens: why Yearn.finance (YFI)’s momentum is weakening—for now

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    Analyst: Ethereum’s Market Structure “Firmly Bearish” as It Remains Below Key Level

Fri, Sep 11, 2020 1:00 AM by newsbtс

Analyst: Ethereum’s Market Structure “Firmly Bearish” as It Remains Below Key Level

Ethereum has seen some intensely positive price action in recent hours, with bulls catalyzing an upswing that led its price to highs of $380 just a couple of hours ago. It did face some intense resistance at this price region, however, and subsequently plunged towards $360. After rebounding from these lows, it now appears that […]

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