Fri, Aug 6, 2021 12:04 AM by CryptoCurrencyTrading

Soulja Boy just announced 300 Limited Edition NFTs with the $Cocktail Rewards Multiplier

Soulja Boy Tell Em' will be our First Official NFT Parter!! ​ We're releasing 300 exclusive and one-of-a-kind Art Pieces featuring BNB, BUSD, Soulja Boy, and CZ Binance! ​ 🤝YOU MUST HOLD 400,000 TOKENS MIN TO ENTER 🤝 ​ TOP 4 WINNERS OF 2x & 1.5x Multiplier NFTs GET A SHOUTOUT FROM THE OFFICIAL SOULJA BOY TWITTER 👀👏🏽🎉 ​ EVERY SINGLE HOLDER OF THIS NFT GETS PAID HOURLY SIMPLY TO HOLD IT!!🎉🎉🎉 ​ EVERY SINGLE HOLDER OF THIS NFT WILL GET A MULTIPLIER PUT ON THEIR ACCOUNT UP TO 2x HOURLY! 🎉🎉🎉 ​ More Official News coming out soon!! This is only the first of many, proud to have the community stand by us as we take one step closer to our core mission: ​ Let's Bring 1m New Investors Into Crypto Before 2022!! $COCKTAIL of rewards and features CA: 0x10F292A6e694C38C5d570127da445143a2d882f3 $COCKTAIL Official Links: 🌐 Website: ☎️ Telegram: 🐥 Twitter: 🔗 Instagram: 📱 Discord: 📢 Announcements: submitted by /u/LuannaSakai [link] [comments]