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The Story of Shiba Doge Shiba Inu and Doge met at a coffee shop for their first date. They always had high aspirations to build something big together. But, it wasn’t until that fateful day at the coffee shop that they decided to do something so big, right there on the coffee table napkin. They pulled their chairs closer together and drew a road map to moon- The Shiba Inu Doge Moonmap. After planning out their next few weeks together they decided to start building a rocket and plan their first trip to space together. Join Shiba Doge and become a part of the community as we build our rocket to space 🚀 What is ShibaDoge? The newest and most exciting crypto currencies to date is SHIBA DOGE. The SHIBA DOGE token is a hyper-deflationary token that focuses on rewarding holders automatically with Shiba or Doge. This revolutionary concept is based on the stability of Shiba /Doge and instilling holders with the confidence that they will be holding it as a stable reflection. What sets SHIBA DOGE aside from the rest of the pack are the Shiba or Doge reflections that each holder will receive. The SHIBA DOGE token project team is led by a team of successful developers and experienced marketing professionals in the BSC space. The team aims to encourage investors to hold their tokens by rewarding investors automatically with Shiba or Doge. Tokenomics 8% Rewards to Holders 7% Marketing DYOR There’s no hiding anything on the blockchain. You are more than welcome to assess for yourself the legitimacy of this project based on the transaction on the public ledger. Check out this webpage for a crash-course on how to spot and avoid rug pulls. The SHIBA DOGE team encourages knowledgeable buyers who understand the risks and intricacies of trading cryptographic tokens, including how to safely transact and store tokens. As with most cryptographic tokens, SHIBA DOGE is liable to experience extreme fluctuations in price over a short period of time. By purchasing SHIBA DOGE tokens, users expressly acknowledge and represent that they fully understand that the token may experience volatility in pricing and will not seek to hold the issuer liable for any losses or any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from, or in any way connected to, the purchase of SHIBA DOGE token. 🚀 Telegram: 🌐 Website: 🐦 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: submitted by /u/bancboy5464675 [link] [comments]