Mon, Aug 2, 2021 12:28 PM by CryptoCurrencyTrading

PRYZ - Unlimited pre-sale whitelist opportunities for holding + other chances available through shilling *UNDERVALUED GEM*

We all know there's some naughty money to be made in a pre-sale. With Pryz token through the "Pryz Incubator" you are able to earn whitelist spots on solid, legitimate projects which have been vetted by the trusted team. Recent incubator project: Nuts Gaming - explosive 23 million market cap launch. Upcoming: incubator project - a game-changing app for staking and protecting your assets. Pryz has an active TG community with great banter. Get in now or #FOMO later! More info on Pryz: submitted by /u/Less_Educator_6117 [link] [comments]