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DeChart ($DCH) - No matter how the chart behaves, it'll look good with DeChart!

There are some projects that I follow that don't have the community they (the developers) deserve! DeChart is one of them, where I see some regular changes happening on the product itself but there is no marketing happening due to the fact that the product isn't near a stage of finished. I am not posting this to give any financial advice, I am posting this due to the fact that there is a lack of acknowledging this project so I would love to get some people on board to show my support to the developers of this project and do my part. Please check their website here: It's listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, and has a audit from CertiK. The text below has been copied from where you can find a little more details about the token and the timeline. Abstract: A large, rapidly growing segment of trading opportunities exists exclusively on decentralized exchanges. Many traders spend countless hours scrutinizing charts, volume data, wallet addresses, smart contracts, communities and more searching for the next trading opportunity. Although many have tried there has not been a platform that has presented itself yet to provide a truly user friendly flow of information that enables discovery and is technically capable of processing the data for any contract on any protocol among other features. Mission: The value of any data is often defined by the valuable insights that can be garnered from its aggregation. The race for proprietary data sets as a result of the varying capabilities of extracting insights has created an environment where information asymmetry is leading to an unsustainable functional divide between participants in global markets. The DeChart mission is to build products and services that make all the world’s data freely available to everyone with security, privacy and portability. We hope to help create a world where markets can be truly transparent and digital products and services can be exchanged freely and efficiently for the benefit of all humankind. Vision: DeChart exists to fulfill the simple vision of facilitating a truly transparent global digital marketplace where information is unbounded and freely available, and barriers for exchange are non-existent. While DEXs are capable of facilitating exchange even in low liquidity markets, it is imperative that a decentralized solution exists independent of the gatekeepers such that professional market making becomes a relic of the past. Such a solution must necessarily be owned and operated by the participants of the market themselves, with no ownership control of the underlying data resting in the hands of any subset of participants. DeChart data is and will continue to be freely available to all, and the platform is governed by a shared vision of providing the best tools that can be built atop any broker of exchange. DeChart sits at the apex of true trade and exchange, making sense of the evolutionary nature of exchange arbitrage platforms. How it works now: The number of decentralized exchanges with massive volume is rapidly growing. In summation — Uniswap has become one of the leading decentralized exchanges for ERC-20 assets, similarly PancakeSwap is one the leading exchanges for all BEP-20 assets, and so on. Current solutions for consumers wanting to access trading data for Uniswap, Pancakeswap, or any other DEX are either non-existent, poorly built or lacking support for all protocols. Most DEXs that were not built to perform sophisticated financial analysis, they provide very simple insight into the tokens that trade on their platforms. Due to this, there are a number of platforms in the space currently providing 3rd party tools to aggregate these broad data sets in a scattered and disorganized way. DeChart aims to be the world leader in the aggregation of data from decentralized exchanges and the most concentrated, advanced data solution for users seeking trading resources. Market Analysis The global market for trading software is worth billions of dollars and alternative investments tens of trillions. Both institutions and individuals will continue to require an ever-developing and improving set of software tools to contend in today’s rapidly evolving financial markets. This is both true for the alternative asset community, and for those interacting with more traditional assets like foreign currencies. The market for DEX trading solutions is highly underserved, without any legitimate professional trading tools. DeChart aims to fill this shortage by producing highly effective, state of the art software utilizing a dedicated and aligned network of highly pedigreed, qualified contractors around the world. How we see it working DeChart stands to create a platform where any user can easily consume an extremely diverse data set within one simple intuitive platform, all while discovering new opportunities and making informed trading decisions. We believe that through the learnings of traditional institutional trading and external charting platforms that DeChart is the right solution. We envision and are building tools that are user friendly and democratize an experience previously only present on expensive, institutional grade trading platforms. We created a flexible dashboard enabling many sets of data within the same console in a configurable way that allows for traders to best capture and analyze alpha opportunities. We also recognize an enormous set of data that has immense value existing in an even more fragmented scatter all across the various data outlets of Web 3.0, within this are major opportunities to enhance data consumption, we aim to create consumable data in ways that are intellectually proprietary to DeChart. Strategic Advantages DeChart is a decentralized autonomous organization that has contracted a multiple development teams comprised of tech, financial and crypto industry veterans with a hundred+ years industry combined experience. The team and their constituent organizations have deep strategic relationships with both crypto and traditional institutions in all immediately relevant markets. submitted by /u/SensLike [link] [comments]