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🚀 Blastoff Finance | Next Generation DeFi Combining Innovative DeFi and NFT's 🚀

Blastoff Finance is a DeFi protocol focussing on innovative DeFi solutions and NFT's to generate yields for our DApp users. We launched our protocol with our static reflection token, 2 high APY farms to distribute our token supply in a 1 year period and income-generating NFT's that collect rewards based on the trading volume of our BLAST token. Every transaction made with the BLAST token a 10% tax occurs split into the following fees: - 5% Liquidity lock (LP tokens are burned automatically) - 2% is burned - 2% is used redistributed to holders - 1% is claimable for Blastoff NFT owners . . About the income-generating NFT's There will never be more than 1000 NFT's and they are minted by locking liquidity for Blastoff Finance. There are 25 golden NFT's that share 0.5% of the daily volume, 75 silver NFT's that share 0.3% of the daily volume, and 900 bronze NFT's that share 0.2% of the daily volume. Example: With a daily trading volume of $1Mln the Blastoff NFT's earn: Gold: $200 daily Silver: $40 daily Bronze: $2.20 daily . . Token distribution (500Mln total supply): 65% farm rewards 20% community (can only be accessed by the community) 3% initial Liquidity (LP tokens burned) 12% team (will be released during a 120 day period) . . 🚜 HIGH APY farms 🤑 Automated hold rewards 💰 Income generating NFT's ✔ Active development 🙌Community controlled transaction fees ✔Contract verified: 0x09044dcfBE25225C0155C793596070c1fa584015 . . Links⬇️ Blastoff Finance Telegram 🥞 Buy on Pancakeswap submitted by /u/about-30-ninjas [link] [comments]