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Bake a Cake ($OVEN) just fair launched!! 🎂 | The Next Trend On BSC | For The Holders With 300x Potential 🎂

How can we reassure you that your money is safe❓ 🙋 It is because we have seen so many Rug Pulls and honeypots on BSC that we are committed to remaining 100% transparent in our goal to create a SAFU token and community around this 🍰 Bake a Cake, the fun little factory that bakes cakes for all of our holders to eat. 🍥 🎂 This is no ordinary cake factory, In fact BEWARE sellers of Bake a Cake will not be happy, as their cake may be mouldy or infested with rats 🥮🐀 🍰 Please read the Bake a Cake Recipe! ​ Tokenomics The cake is baked every hour. If you sell your tokens before this time is up, you lose the baking cake you're due at the end of the hour. Even if you hold however, you can also only claim 25% per hour of what you're due in your pool. Liquidity: 1.75% Reflection in Cake: 7.5% Marketing: 1.75% For a total of 11% fees for buys On sells, this is DOUBLED. so 22% fees There are unique tokenomics to incentify holding in the first hours of launch. Hour 1: 42.5% tax for sells Hour 2: 40% tax for sells Hour 3: 37.5% tax for sells Hour 4: 35% tax for sells Hour 5: 32.5% tax for sells Hour 6: 22% (Base x2 Sell Rate) There is a 2% max wallet on this token with no max TXN. ​ 🔊MARKETING PLANS ➡️YOUTUBE ➡️INSTAGRAM ➡️CHANNEL TELEGRAM ➡️SHILLER ➡️CMC_CG ➡️COIN HUNT ➡️COIN SNIPER ➡️CMS ​ ✅ TG: BakeACake 🍰As always, DYOR and if you have any questions feel free to join seemingly welcome and active telegram community🍰 submitted by /u/yELLOW501062543 [link] [comments]