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Lanceria | $LANC Start-up Powered by IBM and AWS | Already published by blobal investment publications

👑 Did you miss the top 30 projects in their early stages? Don’t do that now! DYOR on Lanceria, a startup that entered the IBM and AWS (Amazon Web Services Startup Programs before it becomes mainstream. 🌟We understand that the new generation of workers want flexibility and to keep as much of their earnings as possible, that’s why our ecosystem will be powered by our native currency “LANC” 🚀We are creating an unique platform ecosystem for freelancers and digital artists around the world ✅ Partnerships: | SAFEPAL | DEXKIT | WHIRLFINANCE | IME ( and more 🗞️ Press: TechRound | CoinQuora | | Forbes | TechCapital and more Check here the validity of the startup: 🥞Contract: 0xDd848E0CbFD3771dC7845B10072d973C375271e2 💎Live on: CMC | Digifinex | BitMart| PancakeSwap 🔝Socials Telegram: Website: Twitter: submitted by /u/RicaTheBirdie [link] [comments]