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💎 RemeX was not always RemeX - Backstory of RemeX

🔰 Everything extraordinary has a distinctive beginning. Here is the story about the origin of RemeX. ➡️ The process of simply formulating a name for a project is a very fundamental step. However, despite its apparent simplicity, it is a way to transform an abstract, imaginative idea into a realistic concept. The project’s theoretical basis becomes materialized into the real world, thereby helping it establish its own new and unique identity. It took us numerous days and episodes of brainstorming discussions to create the token name that later hit us in a flash. The missing puzzle piece was found, and the project became finalized. It was only Elon Musk that had the plans on his own. 💎The token applies to AGAFOS LLC and our emblem is a bird, or more specifically, a swallow. Thus, the name had to be connected to us, our identity. With the conclusive goal in mind, the name began to take its form and there it was — Flock! We decided to call our new token the Flock. Furthermore, a 6-stage guideline was created, leading us to the definitive goal of Flock of Birds: 🐣 Egg >> Hatchling >> Nestling >> Fledgling >> Adult >> Flock It was a process of transforming from an egg to the flock of birds, a symbolic parallel to the metamorphosis from early development to full decentralization. Everything was completely structured and prepared for the public presentation… And then, a day earlier, something inconceivable happened: 🤔 🌐In his tweet, Elon Musk names his Shiba Inu “Floki” and you know how the rest of the story goes. If we arranged our token as an online joke or a sh*t coin, this tweet would be an icing on the cake. However, in terms of the security and long-term validity of the token, backed up by an established company, it was definitely not a favorable affiliation. Due to these reasons, we had to start from scratch while preserving our original conceptual groundwork. ☑️ Unity incites strength. A flock is as powerful as the birds. A bird ascends as high and fast as its wings let her. A wing is as firm as its remiges or flight feathers. And remiges lift as high as a single flight feather — a RemeX. Ergo, a flock is as strong as a RemeX, a boosting list that lets the team soar in the sky. Consequently, hurdles are challenges that may turn out for the best. The hurdles caused the “Flock” to collapse, but they birthed the RemeX Token into existence. 🙏Thank you, Mr. Elon Musk. ​ ​ ☑️ For updates join RemeX TB group:\_Official You will find everything on our website: 💰 Buy RemeX on Successfully Launched ✅ Contract Verified ✅ Audit Passed ✅ Listed on BSCscan ✅ Established Company with a prototype ✅ Doxxed ✅ Liquidity Locked 🔒 submitted by /u/LilBabeChicken [link] [comments]