Sun, Jul 25, 2021 5:18 AM by CryptoCurrencyTrading

🚀 MOONS.AI 🌑 The Next Big Moon Shot? 🔥 20% Token Burned 🔥 Audited & Approved ✅ Legit Utility Token 🤖 AI Trading Bot Token

MOONS.AI , what is it? The core of the company is their AI trading bot that will be released later this year. It's real and it actually works. The creator has used it for the past year profitably. ✅ The token their launching now is what's going to power the trading bot. So that's where the use case comes into play here. You see, they'll be charging their members a monthly fee as well as a per transaction fee for using the bot when it's released. ...and their customers will pay for all those fees using the MOONS.AI token that's being launched now. ✅ The "MOONS" token will be used for the trading bot, so it's going to be used A LOT. Best part is, the trading bot actually does work, so it's a solid product that people are going to use for a long time and if they use the product for a long time that means they'll need "MOONS" tokens too! ✅ It's sure to be the next moon shot. ✅ The marketing team they have on hire works with all the big launches. They're doing everything from Tiktok, to youtube ads, poocoin ads and of course all the coin sniper sites. ✅ What's even better then all of this is that this token will be PROFIT SHARING via a pool it will create when the bot goes live! Every user needs to pay a fee monthly for the bot and also more fees for every trade, token holders share in this profit. The team has been audited and passed KYC in the process. Don't miss out on this one. It has real use case and the token will be used by a lot of members. 👉 Website: 👉 Telegram: Pre-sale contract address: 0xfDaBA0d196bD4D5e6901C27691F3b720D53334DD MOONS token contract address: 0x78D77D81b4603070fc020435Cc16be2D4EDE01d7 See you on the moon! 🚀 submitted by /u/Famous_Association_ [link] [comments]