Sun, Jul 25, 2021 2:37 AM by CryptoCurrencyTrading

CakeFactory just launched! Marketing starting, influencers on board. Potential moonshot

Welcome all bakers! Welcome to the CakeFactory. Here we are all about them delicious $CAKE rewards. Don’t want to hear about your tiger bread, sugar buns or steak slices. We are interested about your favorite type of $CAKE, and more specifically, which CakeFactory they come from 😉 ​ Determining which rewards to return to our beautiful was a difficult choice. What about stable coins? No, we need something that will return a lifelong result! We need something that people will appreciate all the time, enjoy, with a scent of nostalgia. Most importantly, multiple use-cases as well! ​ We quickly closed down on $CAKE. $CAKE actually has multiple use-cases! First of all, it is delicious. Who does not love some tasty $CAKE? Second, the moment you get $CAKE, you can stake it on pancakeswap for 100% apy! Amazing right? Getting return on return on return? Too much $CAKE is never enough 😉 We launched some hours ago, and the community is loving the $CAKE rewards! Tomorrow a cool tool will be dropped to be able to see exactly how much sweet $CAKE you earned. Come join our sweet community, together we take this to the moon. It is just launched, so get some while it’s hot! TG name: Contract:0xf924adeb57213ff3117162644d9cd948a5e41fa8 ​ LP locked is done! Link in the TG. We have influencers lined up as well, ready to take this even further! You really do not want to miss out on this one. Website is live, all info can be found in the TG. submitted by /u/Gogetter-ca [link] [comments]