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Cardana $CARD - [$371k market cap] The future of DEFI 🚀🚀 3 days old 🚀🚀 Launched on pancakeswap 🔥🔥 Coingecko applied! Real world usage! 1000x gem 🚀🚀

CARDANA $CARD - REDEFINING CREDIT WITH CRYPTO BACKED LENDING 🔥🔥 Cardana is a decentralized lending platform. It is built on a peer-to-peer (P2P) model in which borrowers and lenders interact directly without the need of a bank, broker, or financial intermediary. Cardana allows lenders to provide liquidity and receive interest in return and allows borrowers to borrow any amount they want for however long by providing collateral, eliminating the need for any registration or Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. It is de-fi at its finest — a crowdfunding lending platform for everyone, everywhere, at any time. 🔷Liquidity Locked: 🔷Website: 🔷Telegram: 🔷Chart: 🔷Pancakeswap: 🔷Bscscan: ✅ $CARD JUST LAUNCHED! ✅ $CARD investors make money with every loan transacted on our Cardana DApp. ✅ $CARD Investors earn passive income by simply hodling the tokens. Invest today to maximize your returns! 🚀 submitted by /u/snakeo087 [link] [comments]