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🚀BabySafemoon🚀 The First Baby leaving Earth. Presale July 26 Whitelist still Open!!

BABYSAFEMOON aims to be the greatest memecoin in existence! BABYSAFEMOON is a community driven token. We offer reflections, burn and most importantly the real opportunity to get to $1 per $BABYSAFEMOON. 📢 WHITELIST STILL OPEN JOIN TG FOR MORE INFO: Community Driven The opportunity to reach $1 per token is not a joke, we did the math. Automatic LP Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges and the NBNB Network. RFI Static Rewards Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of BabySafeMoon growskies! Dynamic Burn Protocol (DBP) This is a unique and new protocol that is exclusive to BabySafeMoon. Put simply.. as the inflation of The United States $Dollar increases, so does our burn tax. -YouTube (Some people hate text and want visuals, we got you) -Twitter Promos (Working with multiple GemSetters) -CG, CMC, Trust Wallet (YOU already know this is a must) -Ads (Poocoin and other Banner ads on multiple platforms) -International presence (Bringing everyone on Earth to Orbit) -BTOK (Because Tik isn't allowed to Tok about Crypto anymore) -CEX (Final Boss) 📢 WHITELIST STILL OPEN JOIN TG FOR MRORE INFO: Tokenomics 15%: ✅ 2.5% Reflections back to holders ✅ 2.5% Dynamic Burn (First token with a dynamic burn based on the US dollar inflation / deflation) ✅ 2% Giveaways ✅ 2.5% Marketing ✅ 3% Fuel back to the iBNB Rewards Pool (Partnership with iBNB and nBNB Network) ✅ 2.5% Development Team ✅ Liquidity Lock 📢 WHITELIST STILL OPEN JOIN TG FOR MORE INFO: 📢Whitelist/Presale Info📢 Presale will be on DXSale, Join Telegram for more info Total whitelist spots: 300. Total BNB whitelist & presale: 1500 BNB The remainder of BNB that is not filled after whitelist is released back into presale hardcap. Max: 5 BNB Min: 0.2 BNB 📢 WHITELIST STILL OPEN JOIN TG FOR MORE INFO: We’re also proud to announce our partnership with iBNB (CG and CMC Listed). The Most Rewarding BNB token using the first ever Dynamic Tax Protocol. But how does that benefit BabySafemoon? An iBNB partnership means trust can be assured from the start. The team at iBNB carries themselves with professionalism and provides the transparency that the DeFi community deserves. With that said, they will fill the roll of a consultant firm guiding us through each milestone of our roadmap and beyond. Additionally, BabySafemoon will be the first token accepted into the nBNB network, where a certain percentage of every transaction is sent back to the iBNB Reward Pool. 🚀Socials🚀 Website: Telegram 10K Members: Twitter 5K Followers: submitted by /u/EMauler [link] [comments]