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  • 22 July

    State of Stake vol. 53

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Thu, Jul 22, 2021 6:44 PM by Paradigm Fund

State of Stake vol. 53

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Paradigm’s biweekly update on Proof-of-Stake ecosystem, 8th July — 22nd JulyVitalik Buterin talks on the future of Ethereum on EthCCThe Gravity DEX protocol is finally live, marking the biggest stride forward for Cosmos to dateLearn why auctions are better run on-chain than off-chain and why a candle auction is a central feature of the Kusama network and Polkadot.Chainlink price feeds are live on Avalanche mainnet, paving wave for advanced DeFi apps. AVAX staking via delegation is now live on Stake DAOCardano’s Daedalus: from launch to Flight and beyondBandChain Laozi mainnet upgrade — post-mortem2 year anniversary of Algorand mainnetTezos Protocol upgrade Granada is in the final stages, contract calls are on track to reach another record high, and the DeFi and NFT landscape are continuing to growThe Synthetix exchange will be enabled on Optimism during the week of July 26th with a final deployment date pending Spartan Council approvalPayU purchases CELO tokens to kickstart stablecoin payment programBluzelle partners with PolkaFoundry to accelerate DeFi adoption through intuitive oracle and NFT solutionsPolygon Studios has been presented, a brand new Polygon’s arm for the Blockchain Gaming & NFT ecosystem. This will cement Polygon’s existing lead position as the de-facto platform for NFTs & Gaming.The UpOnly exchange is live, one of the first Injective relayers to go public and aims to provide a sleek interface for decentralized derivatives tradingThe ICE Blockchain introduced, a new EVM compatible blockchain for the ICON ecosystemThe Graph Foundation to provide over $2.8M in funding to grants, in addition to $60M Core Dev Grant to StreamingFastTerra’s new $150M Ecosystem Fund introduced1inch Foundation launches a $3 million grant programNeon, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) scalability solution built on Solana, introducedHop Protocol released their multichain bridge connecting xDai, Ethereum and Polygon0x + Brave partner to make crypto and DeFi more accessible to everyoneThe Filecoin Techstars Accelerator announcedRevival NFT Marketplace is officially live on IOSTPersistence and IRIS Network join forces on multiple frontsLearn what the NEAR Foundation doesAnd more!Top 10 Crypto Assets by Staked ValueSource: Staking RewardsProof-of-Stake Networks’ UpdatesEthereum 2.0Ethereum 2.0 is up and running smoothly! With more than 198,000 active validators and thousands more queued up and waiting to join the network, the Ethereum 2.0What’s New in Eth2–16 July 2021: Your latest dose of eth2 news from Ben Edgington including updates on Altair, The Merge and more.Ethereum Roadmapping Improvements: In this post, Tim Beiko proposes a bunch of roadmapping improvements for Ethereum core protocol development including a more refined process proposal, upgrade schedule and more.Prysmatic Labs June Ethereum Development Update: Updates from the Prysmatic Labs team covering the upcoming Altair hard fork, a recent Prysm slashing event, what’s next for q3 and more.Introducing the EthernautDAO: The EthernautDAO is a collection of developers (Ethernauts) that have come together to train new Ethereum engineers.A new graphic for Ethereum’s Upgrade PathHow EIP-1559 and PoS changes the way ETH accrues valueEIP-1559 BaseFee adjustments spreadsheetEIP-1559 ecosystem readiness checklistNew open-source Ethereum economic modelETH Staking Panel | Coinbase, Lido, Rocket PoolStaking pool mishaps trackereth1<>eth2 merge checklist documentNew ultra sound money websiteEthCC is live!<a href="https://medium.com/media/93b74244775f3ef8d3715e373f0642d1/href">https://medium.com/media/93b74244775f3ef8d3715e373f0642d1/href</a>Latest ‘Week in Ethereum’: — @WeekInEthNewsCheck out our recently-published ‘Defi in Ether’ — biweekly update on Ethereum DeFi ecosystem vol.34 full of news from the ecosystem: $54B in DeFi, Uniswap v3 on Optimism, Synthetix x Optimism update, TokenSets launches on Polygon, Gnosis Safe is live on Layer 2, Hop Bridge is here, 0x + Brave partner up, KyberDMM liquidity mining now live, Balancer launches Stable Pools, SushiSwap NFT platform sneak peek, and much more!PolkadotResearch Update: The Case for Candle Auctions: Parachain auctions are a central feature of Kusama network and Polkadot. Their outcome determines who gets which parachain slots and the amount of tokens locked. Learn why are auctions better run on-chain than off-chain and why a candle auction is used.Research Update: The Case for Candle AuctionsNominating and Validator Selection on Polkadot: Jonas Gehrlein, Research Scientist at W3F, has written a good overview of nominating and validator selection and the rationale behind it.Khala Network won the 4th slot with 132,280 KSM bid, and it is now officially the 4th commercial parachain on Kusama.Web3 Foundation is celebrating its 10th round of grants accepted through its Open and General Grants programs. With 27 new grant agreements signed in the second quarter of 2021, they are now nearing close to 300 grantees since the beginning of the Foundation’s grants program in 2019. — @PolkadotLatest Polkadot Digest: — @BillLaboonFeel free to read our latest biweekly report on the Polkadot ecosystem vol.15: Shiden successfully won the third auction on Kusama, Khala won the fourth, Genshiro and Robonomics prepare for the next auctions wave, The Altair crowdloan is now live, polkaBTC becomes interBTC, The 1st Polkadot & Kusama <> BSC bridge is live on the testnet, Dock’s Proof-of-Stake mainnet is live, KILT Protocol shifts to LDPos, and more!AvalanchePreparing for the Next Generation Avalanche Bridge (AB): The next generation Avalanche Bridge (AB) is coming–seamlessly bridging Avalanche and Ethereum. AB will be 10x faster and 5x cheaper than the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge (AEB). Here’s what you need to know:Preparing for the Next Generation Avalanche Bridge (AB)Chainlink Price Feeds Are Live on Avalanche Mainnet, Paving Wave for Advanced DeFi AppsAVAX staking via delegation is now live on Stake DAOBuild Full-Stack Dapps on Avalanche in 15 minutes with Decentology’s DappStarter PlatformOnomy Protocol Builds Cross-Chain Stablecoin Economy on AvalancheTenderly, a Blockchain Developer Platform, Integrates with Avalanche: Start building on Avalanche using the Tenderly platform.Yield Yak Continues Rapid Growth as Early DeFi Project Exclusive on AvalancheLast week in AVAX: — @WeekInAvalancheAlgorandAlgorand & Circle: The Power of Stablecoins on a Next-Generation Blockchain: Learn about the disruptive power of stablecoins on next-generation blockchains like Algorand.Ledgermatic’s treasury and custody services now live for the Algorand ecosystem: Ledgermatic announces it is now live and compatible for the Algorand ecosystem. Businesses that use the Algorand network, hold Algo’s and use native ASA tokens can leverage Ledgermatic as their custodian and back office finance solution with a first set of clients currently active on the system.Valkyrie Digital Assets announces launch of the Valkyrie Algorand Trust to expand digital investment offerings: Valkyrie Digital Assets announced the launch of its third investment vehicle, the Valkyrie Algorand Trust. The Trust is the first investment vehicle at Valkyrie to invest solely in Algorand (ALGO), the digital asset that powers the Algorand Network.The Hemp Blockchain, Inc. Chooses Algorand as Its Blockchain Platform: The Hemp Blockchain, Inc. announced the selection of Algorand as its blockchain platform to support a range of supply chain management and marketplace solutions purpose-built for the industrial hemp industry.Algorand Founder Silvio Micali Breaks Down How To Construct A Fast And Secure Blockchain In A World Full Of Adversaries: Algorand founder Silvio Micali is one of the most preeminent mathematicians and computer scientists of the last 50 years.2 year anniversary of Algorand mainnet: — @AlgorandCardanoDaedalus: from launch to Flight and beyond: Daedalus has come a long way since its debut with Cardano in 2017. And as Cardano grows and evolves, so will Cardano’s full-node wallet.Cardano Foundation mints world’s first NFTA: The Cardano Foundation is proud to announce the launch of the Cardano Developer Portal. A one stop library featuring over fifty articles on launch, vetted by developers from the community.Cardano Foundation appoints Jillian MacNab as new Chairperson of the Council: The Cardano Foundation is excited to announce the election of Jillian MacNab to the Council with further changes to follow in the coming months.Cryptocurrency donations set to fund innovation hub in Rwanda to aid children: Thousands of children in Rwanda will soon receive help from Save the Children but from an unusual source — cryptocurrency.Introducing the Catalyst Circle — @CardanoSourceCosmos NetworkBringing DeFi to Cosmos: The Gravity DEX protocol is liveCongratulations to the Winners of HackATOM HCMCThe Interchain Sustainability MissionFind the latest governance proposals here.Latest Today in Cosmos: — @adriana_kalpaCheck out our latest biweekly update on Cosmos ecosystem vol. 52 covering the following topics: The Gravity DEX protocol is live, Emeris introduced, The HackAtom HCMC winners announced, Interchain Foundation collabs with BlockScience, UFC partners with Cryptocom, Persistence and IRIS Network join forces, Injective’s Canary Chain launches, New ‘IBC Explained to Cosmonauts’ series, and more!TezosRide-Sharing EV’s & Tezos — What’s the Deal?Tezos Community Reward Winners — June 2021Tezos Profiles — Why They are Significant for Creators and CollectorsEmergents’ Roadmap: ‘The Nine’ Reveal, TCG, and MinterPopGitcoin Integrates Tezos, Announces First Tezos Hackathon with $75,000 in PrizesLatest issue of ‘The Baking Sheet’:The Baking Sheet - Issue #57SynthetixSynthetix Optimism launch announcement: The Synthetix exchange will be enabled on Optimism during the week of July 26th with a final deployment date pending Spartan Council approval. There was also an update provided regarding the gas situation on Optimism and the Synthetix June monthly update was also published.June UX/UI Designer Challenge results are out.Thales Raises $2.5 Million: Thales, a Synthetix ecosystem project building support for trading binary options, raised $2.5 million in a strategic investment round led by Framework Ventures and Apollo Capital. — @snxgrantsAkash NetworkHow to Create an x509 Certificate in Browser for Fun and ProfitCosmos Omnibus Launches to Decentralize Blockchain HostingGovernance Proposal 9 is live: — @akashnet_CeloPayU Now Enables Major Online Marketplaces, Retailers, and Other Merchants to Accept cUSDCelo in Paris: A League of Bridges: The Celo Foundation is excited to be participating in EthCC.Batch 4 is here. Apply to Celo Camp todayThe Multiplier Effect of Communities: Spotlight on the Montalban Action GroupDeFi with Celo and Ethereum — @CeloOrgCOTICOTI NFT Game Trading StatusCOTI NFT Game Update: Spring Season’ NFTs DistributionThe Crypto Volatility Index ($GOVI) and Polygon — Achievements to date — @COTInetworkBand ProtocolOmm Finance Partners With Band Protocol For Mainnet Launch of Open Money MarketBandChain Laozi Mainnet Upgrade — Post-Mortem: The oracle remains active and secure, no partners were affected, and no funds were affected. The Mainnet launch of BandChain Phase 2 will have a revised timeline as the team eliminates the issue moving forward.BluzelleBluzelle Mid-July UpdateBluzelle partners with PolkaFoundry to accelerate DeFi adoption through intuitive oracle and NFT solutions: Bluzelle and PolkaFoundry will synergize to support DApps with innovative technological solutions.BLZ Validator MANTRA DAO Now Open For External Delegation: Delegate to MANTRA DAO’s BLZ node and earn BLZ staking rewards. — @BluzelleHQElrondScalable Business Workflows With Realtime Elrond On-Chain Data Via ParsiqCompliant Tokenization Of Real Estate, Equity, Securities, And Other Assets On The Elrond Blockchain Via StoboxUnleashed Creativity: Social VR Platform Netvrk To Integrate Elrond Network For NFTs And DeFiEGLD Is Now Available On The Licensed And Regulated EU Exchange KriptomatBecome A Streaming Legend: Engage Your Audience And Receive Maiar Donations Via StreamParticlesEGLD Is Now Available On The Licensed And Regulated EU Exchange KriptomatLast week in EGLD: — @ElrondNetworkFilecoinFilecoin News 22: Announcing the Filecoin Techstars Accelerator, Starling Labs featured on BloombergTV, SNARKs website launch, and more!Building Businesses for the Future of the Decentralized Web: Outlier Ventures CEO & Founder Jamie Burke and Protocol Labs Ecosystem Lead Colin Evran talking about the business opportunities of decentralized storage in the future of Web3 and the role that the recently-announced Filecoin Base Camp by Outlier Ventures plays.Open Web Community Summit: The Future of Storage Capacity: Dystopia Labs recently hosted the Open Web Community Summit for Creators & Community, co-presented by NEAR Protocol and Gitcoin. The event mainly focused on NFTs and featured 50+ speakers and dozens of artists and creators from all over the world.Filecoin zk-SNARKs: Zero Knowledge — but a Lot of Zero Knowledge: CryptoComputeLab created a beautiful zk-SNARKs for the world minisite, showcasing that Filecoin is the largest deployed zk-SNARK network to date and highlighting the key improvements that allowed a deployment of this scale. — @FilecoinThe GraphThe Graph Foundation allocates over $2.8 Million to Grants & Ecosystem Support in Wave 2: The Graph Foundation to provide over $2.8M in funding to grants, in addition to $60M Core Dev Grant to StreamingFast.Building Subgraphs with Subgraph Studio: A how-to guide for using the Subgraph Studio and publishing subgraphs on the network. — @grt_iqInjectiveThe UpOnly Exchange is Live: UpOnly is one of the first Injective relayers to go public and aims to provide a sleek interface for decentralized derivatives trading.Mainnet Canary Chain: Spot Trading LaunchInjective Governance Proposal Procedure — @InjectiveLabsIRIS NetworkPersistence and IRIS Network join forces on multiple fronts.Interchain.fm Ep. 18 — IRISnet:<a href="https://medium.com/media/6e06e4f4150d5765d1fb098a8ecfc74c/href">https://medium.com/media/6e06e4f4150d5765d1fb098a8ecfc74c/href</a>Find the latest IRISNet proposals here. — @irisnetworkIconThe ICE Blockchain: A new EVM compatible blockchain for the ICON Ecosystem. Here are further details on a brand new blockchain project coming to the ICON community. This new blockchain, called ICE, will bring about a new application hub for the ICON ecosystem. Upon completion, ICE will provide developers better tooling, EVM and eWASM compatibility, and immediate access to the growing ETH & Polkadot ecosystems. It also represents a shift in the direction of the ICON project by separating functionality, product targeting, and the purpose of each of these respective networks.ICON 2.0 Migration — Community Update: Development Progress, Timeline, and Path — @helloiconworldIOSTIOST Sets to Reward To Loyal Fans with 1M IOST Prize Pool & IOST MerchandisesRevival NFT Marketplace Is Officially Live on IOSTFirst IDO on IOSTarter on June 19th| Tutorial To Join InsideIOST Blockchain Education- Progress Updates with University of Zurich Blockchain CenterIOST Bi-Weekly Report | First IDO on the IOST Chain Incoming — @IOST_OfficialKavaKava Swap Testnet: Win $100,000 in the Kava Swap Testnet Competition. July 28th @ 17:00PST — August 4th @ 17:00PST. — @kava_labsNear ProtocolWhat the NEAR Foundation Does: The NEAR Foundation (“NF”) is a unique kind of organization. It helped to launch both a technological platform — the NEAR Protocol — and the ecosystem around it.Inside the Tech: NFT.HipHop MarketplaceHow blockchain will save the Creator Economy — @NEARProtocol — @NEARWEEKOrbsOrbs Added to WOWswap ProtocolOrbs Added to Alpaca Finance VaultsOrbs Added to Beefy Finance VaultsHow to Use the Orbs Pool on Alpaca FinanceHow to Use the Orbs Vault on Beefy FinanceAre Your Bitcoins Clean or Dirty? — @orbs_networkPolygon (previously Matic)Polygon Studios has been presented, a brand new Polygon’s arm for the Blockchain Gaming & NFT ecosystem. This will cement Polygon’s existing lead position as the de-facto platform for NFTs & Gaming.Coinbase Wallet Adds Polygon Support: Coinbase Wallet mobile app and extension can now be used to access the Polygon PoS network with support for more scaling solutions coming soon.OKEx Supports Polygon: Users can now deposit and withdraw directly on the OKEx exchange for the Polygon PoS chain.TokenSets Launches on Polygon: Set Protocol has been launched on Polygon, lowering the barrier of entry significantly and bringing Set one step closer to enabling asset management and strategy creation for the masses.Polygon and UNXD announce a $10 million fund: Polygon and UNXD, an exclusive NFT marketplace for digital luxury and culture, are excited to announce the launch of a $10 million fund. The UNXD Culture Fund, powered by Polygon Studios, will collaborate with marquee brands and creators to produce the next-gen NFT collections.Polygon powered NFT Platform UNXD announces Dolce&Gabbana’s Collezione GenesiPolygon + DeFi Alliance Announce Accelerator programPolygon (MATIC)’s RSS News Feed Now Integrated with Crypto.com Price PageSolana, powered by Solbridge is now live on PolygonGnosis Safe is coming to Polygone-Money is coming to PolygonPolygon Builder Series vol.6 — Ben and Kila QiDAO — @CoinDeskSecret NetworkSecret Network Ecosystem Update: June 2021: June saw the launch of the Secret BSC bridge on mainnet, the announcement of the Secret Terra Bridge, the release of CSHBK on SecretSwap, and much more. — @SecretNetworkSolana NetworkSpecial: Solana (with CEO Anatoly Yakovenko)Neon, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) scalability solution built on Solana, introduced: — @solanaSolana Ecosystem News: — @solanaStaFiThe Recap of Interview with Cryptocito — @StaFi_ProtocolTerraTerra’s new $150M Ecosystem Fund introduced. It will propel Terra towards its next adoption phase; augmenting an accessible, cross-chain DeFi supersystem targeting mainstream adoption — supported by the amazing LUNA community.Pylon Protocol’s MINE Staking RewardsProject Spotlight Special Edition — Secret NetworkJune 2021 Community Update — @TerraLUNADailyTHORChainPost-mortem: ETH Router UpgradeWeekly Dev Update #98 — @THORSwapxDaixDai Weekly Recap July 16, 2021NFT OmniBridge beta testing is ongoing.Hop.exchange released their multichain bridge connecting xDai, Ethereum and Polygon.Ethereum SANA is a point-to-point storage area node network forked from Swarm and integrated with xDai.Pocket launched their Pocket Portal with xDai support.And more! — @xdaichain0x project0x + Brave partner to make crypto and DeFi more accessible to everyone: Brave chooses 0x API to power Brave Swap, enabling token trades at the best prices directly from your Brave crypto wallet.ZRX has been whitelisted by the Bancor DAO.. — @0xProject1inch1inch Foundation launches a $3 million grant program: The program aims to foster growth and expansion of the 1inch Network and incentivize developers to build on 1inch protocols.How the 1inch Network offers an unmatched degree of versatility: Another post in a series focused on the 1inch Network’s advantages highlights the versatility and flexibility of 1inch protocols.Meet the brand new release of the 1inch DeFi Wallet: — @1inchUpcoming EventsMajor upcoming events by CryptoDIffer:MISCCardano staking pool downtime post-mortem by stakefish.Guides by Stakin: The Top 10 NFT Projects; Overview of Compound Gateway; A Guide To Staking MINA.Publications by Everstake: Liquid staking in pSTAKE Beta from Persistence: comprehensive guide; Anchor Protocol: A Savings Protocol Offering Up To 20% APY; Everstake — a professional staking-as-a-service platform; How to stake Skale (SKL) in Hubble Using the MetaMask Wallet; A Simple Guide to Staking (ATOM) on Osmosis Zone via Keplr Wallet; How to add XPRT to liquidity pool on Osmosis Zone: Quick Guide.That’s all for today! Your feedback is highly appreciated! Let us know what you think about the format & content.Subscribe to Paradigm!Medium. Twitter. Telegram. Telegram Chat. Reddit. LinkedIn.State of Stake vol. 53 was originally published in Paradigm on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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