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    🚨OMNIA Defi Presale LIVE🚨Doxxed team of 20+ members with backgrounds in projects like YFDAI & Cum Rocket. Asset Tokenisation🏆

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Wed, Jul 21, 2021 8:05 PM by CryptoCurrencyTrading

🚨OMNIA Defi Presale LIVE🚨Doxxed team of 20+ members with backgrounds in projects like YFDAI & Cum Rocket. Asset Tokenisation🏆

Website: https://omniadefi.com Presale link: https://omniadefi.sale Official Omnia Telegram: https://t.me/omnia_defi_official OMNIA is all about creating win-win situations for people; here’s how they do that • Making high value asset such as real estate easily accessible & investable, lowering entry point for wealth creation Focusing on the developing world and the unbanked Costly & lengthy property sales Allowing young people the chance to enter the real estate market from a younger age Liquidity for the middle classAbundance of opportunities for all Here’s how it works: • $500M worth of fine art & real estate committed to Omnia DeFi with the goal of $1bn by the end of 2022 • •3 Tokens Ecosystem (Exchange & Utility Token, Asset Token and Stable Coin) Unique business model ( Recursive structure) •10% of tokens will be placed as AR tokens on the moon (think Pokemon go) • Aiming to be the largest tokenisation platform by 2030 (3 Trillion dollars) They’ve been building in super stealth mode until earlier this month, focusing on building a robust & scalable business plan. • Team has worked at Danske Bank, US legal department and IOHK • Advisors work with YFDAI, MAKERDAO & Disney • Recent coverage in The Capital- more press in the coming weeks • Certified GDPR practitioner, focusing majority of her time on compliance • Smart contracts successfully audited by Blockchain Consilium (link) • Coinsniper & Coinlisting traction!$OMNIA’s 3 tiered ecosystem explained $OMNIA- about to go into its presale (exchange and utility token)OAT- will be created after full regulatory approval OSC- Stable coin packed by the pool of OATSHow do they differ from their competitors? Omnia Defi are not only focused on the technical layer like many projects or even just on the securities layer like many other DeFi projects, instead they go deeper and look to index all real world assets and make them tradable on our platform. Think Google but they index asset tied data, give it a rating and turn it into an NFT. That NFT is fractionalised into 100 OATs (Omnia Asset Tokens) and 49% sold to the token buyers and 51% locked up for the asset owner. The OATs can then also sit as a pool to support the creation of our stable coin called OSC (Omnia Stable Coin). 🚀 *The pre sale has started, make sure you don’t miss out on this low cap gem 💥 : • Major Marketing and Branding Experts added to the team (Marketing team is now 11 people, with the recent addition one of the minds behind CUMROCKET) 🤯 • Major Partnership in the Works (unnamed for now as fine details are being ironed out) 🧐 • Legal Entity Created 🏢 • Staking and Farming available at launch🧳 • Aggressive burn mechanisms 👨‍👦‍👦 • On MATIC chain✅ • Great Website • Real asset oracle🚀 • Compliant in AML, GDPR, KYC 💎 • Exchange listing later this year 👀 • SUPER 🔥 MARKETING PUSH • OMNIA is bringing fair trade to crypto! Other than lowering the barrier for wealth creation, the Omnia DeFi tokens can serve as the blockchain layer of infrastructure for many developing nations! (The modern day equivalent of building railroads or highways) Think Google but for indexing real world assets that can be traded. Omnia DeFi will be getting full regulatory approval before creating OAT asset tokens. Furthermore the OMINA DeFi team will reply to any question you have regarding the business, they’re so transparent! OMNIA’S potential far surpasses popular cryptocurrencies. 🗻 Entering one of the largest undisrupted markets with less than 1% being digitised to date. Think about how disruptive Google or Uber was to the traditional markets🗳 their commitment to social impact is really good to see, I dont know about you guys but I got into the space because of the equality, fairness and empowerment crypto brings to us… OMNIA does just that! Check out what they're all about on their website: https://omniadefi.com MORE INFO ABOUT THE PRESALE (from the devs): 💰 You can buy $OMNIA via this link: https://omniadefi.sale You will have to register yourself with basic information: full name, country & email 🚀 Join us for our first trip to the moon before moving to mars 🤗 ⚠️ Don't forget to join our announcement channel: https://t.me/omnia_defi_annoucement Find all of their socials via their website: https://omniadefi.com submitted by /u/One_Dependent_9482 [link] [comments]

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