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    Octans - $OCTA Certik Audit officially announced today!

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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 3:45 PM by CryptoCurrencyTrading

Octans - $OCTA Certik Audit officially announced today!

Octans - $OCTA is a token designed to be used within the infrastructure of the upcoming OCTANS marketplace, as the official currency for their project. The marketplace is set to be just one of the many planned projects under the OCTAVERSE umbrella. This is a high potential project with long term goals and a large, dedicated team. Their protocol launched 2 months ago and has steadily been making progress ever since. Today the official audit of the contract was announced by the firm Certik https://www.certik.org/projects/octans. The contract audit was flawlessly successful with no major issues whatsoever. An important milestone for the token and the project lifecycle, which opens the pave for listing in multiple exchanges easily, boosts the legitimacy of the project even more and investors confidence with investing in the token... Octans concluded today another turning point achievement. Bright future ahead of this project. Here is what they have achieved so far March 27th – $OCTA Officially launches March 27th – Liquidity locked March 27th – Half of $OCTA supply burned March 31st – Whitepaper is published April 12th – CoinGecko listing April 12th – OCTA_CAST_01 April 14th – Blockfolio listing April 18th – Coinmarketcap listing April 20th – CapitalGames (https://www.capitalgames.pt/) the owning company revealed April 21st – OCTA_CAST_02 April 30th – OCTA_CAST_03 (can be see on their official youtube channel) May 1st – Octaverse Portal announced May 1st – NFT Marketplace announced May 3rd – Coinbase Chart May 4th – MODCAST_01 May 5th – Community wallet May 6th – Pre-Audit completed May 14th – Whitebit paid for May 14th – Certik Audit in progress May 15th – Updated website May 16th – NFT premium artist onboarding to begin May 16th – The new $OCTA clothing store announced May 18th – 5000 Reddit members May 20th – New marketing director onboarded May 28th- Octans Swap, In-house dApp exchange feature integrated into the Website June 10th- Certik audit successfuly finalised! submitted by /u/m-hafi [link] [comments]

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