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  • 10 June

    State of Stake vol. 50

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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 1:11 PM by Paradigm Fund

State of Stake vol. 50

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Paradigm’s biweekly update on Proof-of-Stake ecosystem, 27th May — 10th JuneThink & StakeMonetary Dynamics With Proof-of-StakeIn recent years blockchain consensus mechanisms based on Proof of Stake gained increasing attention as an alternative to Proof of Work, which requires high energy consumption. In its original version Proof of Stake hinges on the idea that, for a user, the likelihood to confirm the next block is positively related to the amount of currency units held in the wallet, and possibly also on the time length which the money has been unspent for. In a simple framework with risk neutral users the authors provide some early insights on the monetary equilibrium of Proof of Stake based platforms. In particular, they find that the aggregate demand and supply of currency may not coincide, which implies that users could hold suboptimal quantities of the currency. Furthermore, they discuss how symmetric stationary states of the system could be implausible. As a consequence, a long run uniform distribution of money would seem unlikely unless appropriate measures are introduced.Blockchain For Electronic Health Records Via Proof-of-stakeElectronic Health Records (EHRs) measure vital and sensitive personal data for assistance, and are often desired to be shared among peers. Blockchain technology facilitates a shared, unchangeable history of all transactions that creates a program of trust, responsibility, and transparency. This provides a new opportunity to implement the safe and reliable EHR management and sharing of knowledge, and harm the system. In this paper, the authors present thheir views on blockchain-based aid knowledge management for EHR knowledge exchange between aid suppliers and analytical studies.Formal treatment of Proof-of-Stake WalletsWhich class of signature schemes are practically suitable for such a PoS wallet and guarantee well defined security properties of the wallet?Charting The Path To Proof-of-Stake EthereumResearchers and client teams successfully simulated a testnet between consensus clients and execution clients for Proof of Stake Ethereum.Top 10 Crypto Assets by Staked ValueSource: Staking RewardsProof-of-Stake Networks’ UpdatesEthereum 2.0Ethereum 2.0 is up and running smoothly! With more than 160,000 active validators and thousands more queued up and waiting to join the network, the Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain is looking as healthy as ever.What’s New in Eth2–5 June 2021: The usual updates on the Beacon Chain, the merge, relevant blog posts and media tidbits and more.Finalized №26: In this eth2 update from Danny Ryan he runs through progress on Altair, Rayonism and the merge.Ethereum Treasuries Website Launched: This website is a resource where you can find companies, governments and funds that are holding ETH.Ethereum Cat Herders Update #45: London upgrade’s latest devnet — Calaveras is up, introduction to EIP-3584, London Infrastructure Readiness call, Consensus layer implementers meeting, Altair upgrade special PEEPanEIP, Ethereum blockchain users survey and more clients & community update.Prysmatic Labs Development Update: Team growth, learnings from the first eth2 mainnet incident, r&d updates, sharding news and more in this update from PryLabs.The Core of Ethereum — The Daily GweiWhat exactly is the eth1<>eth2 merge?ETH flipped BTC in several metrics in MayBlockchain Voting is Overrated Among Uninformed People but Underrated Among Informed People — Vitalik ButerinVitalik Buterin: Ethereum 2.0 — Lex Fridman PodcastEthereum Foundation: An Eth2 Progress Update — EpicenterThe Beacon Chain DigestSetting expectations for EIP-1559Latest ‘Week in Ethereum’: — @WeekInEthNewsCheck out our recently-published ‘Defi in Ether’ — biweekly update on Ethereum DeFi ecosystem vol.31 full of news from the ecosystem: Aave reaches #1 spot in TVL, Arbitrum One mainnet beta live, Matcha 2 is here, One Year of RenVM, Yearn Finance + Chainlink, Okcoin integrates Polygon, Gnosis client dev team joins Erigon (formerly Turbo-Geth), Balancer raises $24M, Introduction to the INDEX Token, and more!PolkadotKusama Parachain Auctions: The first real-world functional parachain Statemine, began processing permissionless transactions after an on-chain upgrade last week. After some smooth running over the weekend, the time is coming to move to the next stage: slot auctions. Here is the recommendation for how Parachain auctions should be rolled out in the coming weeks.Latest Polkadot Digest: — @BillLaboon — @PolkadotFeel free to read our latest biweekly report on the Polkadot ecosystem vol.12: Genesis block anniversary, Polkadot Decoded 2021, Integration of Bifrost and Zenlink products, Moonbeam testnet was upgraded, Centrifuge announces Altair, Clover collaborates with xDAI, Acala has partnered with Current, Equilibrium’s Genshiro integrates price feed data from Bluzelle, Plasm introduces X-VM on Shiden Network, OceanDAO roadmap update, The two-year anniversary of Chainlink’s mainnet, and more!AvalancheRenVM, a Permissionless, Decentralized Virtual Machine Protocol, Integrates AvalancheChainlink Price Feeds Are Live on Avalanche Testnet, Giving Developers Native Access to High-Quality Price DataBIFROST is Integrating Avalanche, Bringing its DeFi Protocol BiFi and Enabling Other DApps to Function Across ChainsWyre Integrates US Dollars and Major Fiat Currencies Directly into Avalanche’s DeFi EcosystemNFT STARS to Integrate with Avalanche to Power Its Multi-Chain NFT MarketplaceDappRadar Now Tracking Rapidly Growing Decentralized App (Dapp) Ecosystem on AvalancheWeekly Update (5/28/2021): Ava Labs Engineering — @avalancheavaxLast week in AVAX: — @avalancheavaxAlgorandDeFi Shopping App Curate to Integrate ALGO Payments and Mint NFTs On Algorand: Curate, an all-in-one marketplace, is integrating with Algorand, to enable ALGO as a payment option, as well as mint NFTs on the Algorand blockchain.Curvegrid and Algorand Foundation partner to deliver NFT Bridge infrastructure: Curvegrid announced its partnership with the Algorand Foundation to bring Curvegrid’s MultiBaas NFT Bridge to the Algorand ecosystem. This will allow businesses to build NFT and blockchain technology seamlessly into their business and consumer mobile applications.Jesulonimi Akingbesote is the latest recipient of the Algorand Foundation Development Award for Building The Swift SDK: Since the Algorand Foundation launched its Development Awards Program, many developers around the world have been eager to participate. After thorough review and selection, we are delighted to announce that Jesulonimi Akingbesote has received a development award for building the SWIFT SDK.The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve Announces Public Beta of ARCC.one, The First Cryptopowered Microfinance Platform For Financial Inclusion in Southeast AsiaMAPay to Implement Blockchain-based Solutions on Algorand to Reduce Healthcare Cost in Bermuda: MAPay, a global healthcare technology firm with a focus on decentralized payment networks, today announced it will introduce its own stablecoin on Algorand to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system, starting in Bermuda.Bnext Announces Next-Generation Remittance Service Across Spain and Latin America with Blockchain-based Solution on AlgorandHow Algorand Offsets its Carbon Footprint: Learn how Algorand offsets its carbon footprint to become a carbon-neutral blockchain network. — @AlgorandCardanoNew Release: Daedalus Flight 4.1.0Healthcare data on the blockchain — @CardanoCosmos NetworkWhy Blockchains Need Cosmos Proof of Stake for a Sustainable Environment: The future development of blockchains is clear. If we want a greener environment while fostering innovative technology, we must adopt sustainable solutions like Cosmos Proof of Stake, blockchain interoperability & carbon offsetting.Upcoming r/cosmosnetwork AMAsGovernance Proposal #48: — @cosmosCheck out our latest biweekly update on Cosmos ecosystem vol. 49 covering the following topics: How Cosmos PoS solves the energy issues, Gravity DEX testnet competition retrospective, Starport v0.16 has landed, Persistence has established the IBC, Bluzelle 2.0 introduced, Bytom 2.0 Solonet released, Polygon datasets are now available on Google BigQuery, The Secret Monero Bridge is live on testnet, and more!DFINITYHow to Write the Perfect Developer Grant ApplicationVerifying the Internet Identity Code: A WalkthroughOpenChat: A Truly Decentralized Alternative to WhatsAppInternet Computer <> Ethereum Integration Explained: Plans for direct integration — @dfinityTezosGlobal Leader ‘Huge’ appointed as the Marketing Agency to work on TezosEnter Granada — Why it’s Significant: A dive into the nature and significance of the latest proposed protocol upgrade for Tezos — Granada — @tezosLatest issue of ‘The Baking Sheet’: This week in Tezos highlights the growing ecosystem, the seventh protocol upgrade proposal injected — Granada, and insights Plenty’s successful DeFi launch.The Baking Sheet - Issue #51SynthetixSynthetix is hosting a UI/UX design challengeSNX has been updated 538 in the last month — @synthetix_io — @laurashinAkash NetworkAkash Network Provides Decentralized Cloud to the Largest Internet of Things (IoT) Network, HeliumAkash Network’s AKT Token Now Listed on BHEX — @akashnet_ — @OrchidProtocolCeloAnnouncing the Grand Prize Winners of Celo Camp Batch 3: Celo Camp would like to announce the grand prize winners of batch 3 and the recipients of the Celo Tenet AwardsA Carbon Negative Blockchain? It’s Here and it’s CeloAprende a desarrollar en Celo — Celo’s first-ever course in SpanishCelo Foundation Wave IV Grants — Q&A with the Grant Committee:<a href="https://medium.com/media/3307bdcc4d34fe98719e60dc21c75d58/href">https://medium.com/media/3307bdcc4d34fe98719e60dc21c75d58/href</a>COTIWeekly Updates From the COTI TeamProcessing Volume Has Increased To Nearly $25M And May Staking Rewards DistributedThe Crypto Volatility Index (GOVI) is Now Listed on the DeFi Pulse LeaderboardThe Crypto Volatility Index (GOVI) has Integrated with The GraphThe Crypto Volatility Index ($GOVI) Integrates Polygon to Enable a Full Stack Scaling Solution For Its UsersCOTI will Launch an NFT Game With Insane COTI Prizes of Over 2,000,000 $COTI — @COTInetworkBand ProtocolBalanced Network Strategic Partnership With Band Protocol and Launch ReviewBand Protocol May 2021 Community Update: This month Band Protocol haS made significant progress towards the launch of Phase 2 and integrations with major DeFi leaders to secure an additional $1.6B+ in value within smart contracts. — @BandProtocolElrondNFT DeFi: Lend And Borrow eGold And Other Elrond Network Assets Using Non-Fungible Tokens Collateral Via StaterMaiar Debuts Into Huawei’s AppGallery, One Of The Top Three App Marketplaces GloballyeGold Backed Stable Coins Come To The Elrond Network Via OIN FinanceDigital Broker Bitpanda Lists eGold For Fiat Purchases, Spending Via Visa Card, And Swaps With 50 Assets Such As Crypto, Stocks, Metals, For Their Two Million UsersSynthetic Issuance And Derivatives Trading Platform Plutos Network To Integrate The Elrond Blockchain And List Assets Issued On Our MainnetLast week in EGLD: — @ElrondNetworkFilecoinFilecoin News 19:Filecoin v13 ‘HyperDrive’ Network Upgrade Unlocks 10–25x Increase in Storage Onboarding: The Filecoin v13 ‘HyperDrive’ Network upgrade coming in just a few weeks will unlock a 10–25x increase in storage onboarding rate* due to innovations in Filecoin Proofs system (*depending on how miners take advantage of the new aggregation limits).IPFS, Filecoin, and ‘Content Persistence’: The value of content persistence for the information era, and the role IPFS and Filecoin play.VideoCoin, which uses IPFS and Filecoin, was featured in Forbes’ latest NFT piece on movies and streaming. Read it. — @DoraHacksCheck out our brand new report on the IPFS ecosystem. Vol.10 covers: The Filecoin Hyperdrive update is coming, The Graph expands to rollup L2 rollup Arbitrum, Ceramic and IDX now available on NEAR, Brave growth up from 30M MAU in May, ENS joins forces with IPNS, Paris Hilton joins Origin as investor and advisor, DI2F workshop soon, and more!The GraphArbitrum Integrates The Graph, Indexed Open Data Now Live on Arbitrum L2 Rollup: The Graph Foundation expands to rollup L2 rollup Arbitrum and adds Indexing and Querying Support.POAP Creates 11 NFT Art Designs for The Graph Community: The Graph grant recipient POAP designed 11 NFTs representing participation in The Graph Network.Indexer Office Hours #16Building Truly Decentralized Apps with Yaniv Tal from The Graph | Ep #47<a href="https://medium.com/media/482ed9f66f4cc9afa074e4e1ad6f50a0/href">https://medium.com/media/482ed9f66f4cc9afa074e4e1ad6f50a0/href</a>More news: — @grt_iq — @MessariCryptoIRIS NetworkIRISnet Monthly Update: 2021.05 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community RecapCross-chain AMM:Coinswap Near-Term RoadmapFlashmob Recap | Cosmos Ecosystem UpdatesNotice | The Reward Redemption of Bifrost Testnet NFT Badges Begins — @irisnetworkInjectiveInjective: May 2021 Update: May has been abuzz with mainnet prep as the team is beginning the first phase on the road to deployment. Injective developers have been working element by element to test the protocol performance, while simultaneously fine-tuning the parameters of Injective’s governance and insurance fund. The business development team has been working around the clock, closing a number of strategic partnerships in the afterglow of $10 million funding round.Injective Collaborates with MDEX to Enable Liquidity Mining for INJInjective is Integrating Near Protocol to Expand the Multi-Chain Trading Ecosystem — @InjectiveLabsIconICON Development Update — May 2021: May was a “quiet” but productive month as great progress continues to be made on the migration from ICON 1.0 -> 2.0. In addition, dev teams are advancing on Polkadot parachain BTP implementations, new hires were made, & more BTP news is coming soon. — @helloiconworldIOSTIOST Bi-Weekly Report | More Stablecoins on IOST: From exchange listing, staking, NFT, community and mainnet data, IOST is showing stable expansion.IOST 2021 Exchanges Listing Progress — @moonstakeKavaTidal Finance partners with Kava to Provide Decentralized Insurance for Digital AssetsHARD decentralized money market yields for KAVA now live — @kava_labsOasis NetworkOasis May Engineering UpdateProof of Work vs. Proof of Stake: Which Is Better for the Environment?Equalizer Brings Flash Loans to the Oasis Network with Latest PartnershipThe Oasis Guide To NFTs — @OasisProtocolOrbsORBS PoS Info App is now LaunchedOrbs is now live on Kyber DMMResponse to Krugman’s Column in NYT — @DefiOrgPolygon (previously Matic)BadgerDAO and Polygon Bring Bitcoin to Polygon: BadgerDAO launches on Polygon to accelerate the adoption and utility of Bitcoin on its network. With BadgerDAO’s mission to bring BTC to DeFi, the BadgerDAO team wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to put their Bitcoin to work where there is utility.Introducing PolygonScan: A Fast and Scalable Blockchain Explorer for Polygon, powered by EtherscanImproving user experience in the Multi-Chain world via Hop Protocol with Liquidity Mining Rewards at launch: Polygon has announced a 200,000$ Liquidity Program with Hop Protocol to connect Polygon to the Multi-Chain world.0x launches on Polygon to scale its Ethereum based DEX servicesProject Spotlight: Aavegotchi — A Tamagotchi inspired NFT+DeFi+DAO Gaming ExperienceSushiswap, Slingshot and Polygon Team Up to Bring DeFi Summer-Inspired MuralOkcoin has integrated Polygon PoS mainnet for withdrawals to reduce gas fees for user: — @0xPolygonPersistenceCommunity Newsletter #8 — May 2021Understanding Proof of Stake & Liquid Staking: Evolution of PoSCosmos, Kava & Terra XPRT StakeDrop rewards have been distributedPersistence Meme Week: — @PersistenceOneSecret NetworkSecret Network Ecosystem Update: May 2021: May saw the launch of SecretSwap v2 and substantial growth ($150M+ in cumulative volume), the Secret Monero Bridge deployed on testnet, a massive visual overhaul to the main Secret Network website, and much more.SecretSwap Update: Cashback on Mainnet, Dev Fund, and More — @SecretNetworkSolana NetworkSolana Labs Completes a $314.15M Private Token Sale Led by Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain CapitalEpisode 45 of The Solana Podcast: — @solanaSKALE NetworkSKALE Product Update + SKALE Match Game DemoNow stake your SKL on Hubble from FigmentPlease Welcome SKALE Core Team’s Newest Addition, John FrostWatch SKALE on Outlier Ventures podcast: Listen to Outlier Ventures Aron van Ammers as he chats with SKALE’s very own Jack O’Holleran. — @SkaleNetworkStaFiStaFi Protocol Monthly- May Community Updates: In 2021 May, StaFi achieved several milestones in rToken’s adoption and integration. rATOM App was launched on mainnet after multi-party testing. And StaFi also reached a cooperation with WrapFi, a professional DEX that focuses on interest-bearing assets. WrapFi has integrated StaFi rToken (rETH/rFIS/rDOT/rKSM/rATOM) as the first batch of assets in Genesis Fair Launch. In addition, the StaFi team has also made significant progress in DeFi integration for rToken. rETH/ETH is successfully listed on Curve and Yearn.finance has opened the vault for crvRETH tokens, which is the deposit voucher token of rETH/ETH pool on Curve. — @StaFi_ProtocolTerraMay 2021 Community Update: May has been quite the month for the Terra community — the UST peg has healed after a period of high volatility for the market across the board. Industry-wide volatility stress-tested the stability mechanism of the Terra protocol and posed unprecedented challenges to Anchor Protocol, but has also been an incredible test of the protocol’s ability to continue providing stable yields (18–20%) under extreme conditions. The team has been adapting and making the necessary changes to make the protocol all the more anti-fragile to any similar market events in the future. Mirror Protocol functionality has proven to be largely impervious to market conditions and has celebrated MIR listing on a number of prominent exchanges: Crypto.com, KuCoin Futures, Coinbase, Binance, and Huobi. Meanwhile, the team has continued to build and ship: the highly-anticipated Bombay Testnet has been released in preparation for the Columbus-5 Mainnet upgrade; WalletConnect has integrated Terra to enable full mobile functionality for Mirror Protocol, Anchor Protocol, and Terra Bridge; KRT top-ups have been enabled on CHAI (meaning Korea runs on Terra), and Anchor SDK has been released to enable third-parties to integrate Anchor savings in 7 lines of code. Apart from TFL-based projects, the Terra hackathon has displayed some of the brilliant teams that are already building on Terra.LUNA: The Fat Octopus Protocol.Pylon Protocol is launching in a few days to make Anchor Protocol yield programmable — @terra_moneyTHORChainTHORChain Launches THORName ServiceWeekly Dev Update #94: THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 94, 24–31 May — @THORChainxDaixDai Weekly Recap — 04/06/2021: This recap focuses on network updates, protocol metrics, projects & more. — @xdaichainZilliqaTop 10 Zilliqa Highlights (April-May 2021) — @zilliqa0x project0x API is now live on Polygon, aggregating liquidity across all existing sources — including QuickSwap, SushiSwap, Curve, Dodo, mStable, Dfyn, Cometh and more. The team is launching support for the 0x API on Polygon alongside their initial partners Matcha, DexGuru, DexKit, Dodo, MyCrypto.com, Set Protocol, Zapper and Zerion. Check out the documentation.Matcha 2.0 is here! More details.Matcha Art Contest: — @matchaxyz1inchOTC swap feature added to 1inch dApp: OTC offers users zero-slippage trades protected from front-running.1inch Network partners with Mercuryo: Thanks to the integration with Mercuryo, 1inch Wallet users will be able to buy DeFi assets using a fiat-on-ramp gateway.How the 1inch Network allows users to save on gas: The next post in our series on the advantages of the 1inch Network is focused on how users can save on gas.1inch successfully surpasses $50B in total trading volume on Ethereum network. — @EmiSwapUpcoming EventsMajor upcoming events by CryptoDIffer:MISCThe evolution of Proof of Stake: — @pStakeFinanceGuides by Stakin: How To Yield Farm $STKN; Introduction To Akash NetworkPublications by Everstake: How to Delegate MINA in a Mobile Wallet StakingPower; Terra Ecosystem Overview: A Guide for NewcomersThat’s all for today! Your feedback is highly appreciated! Let us know what you think about the format & content.Subscribe to Paradigm!Medium. Twitter. Telegram. Telegram Chat. Reddit. LinkedIn.State of Stake vol. 50 was originally published in Paradigm on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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