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  • 10 June

    The Chad Token | A Diamond In The Rough | Real world Business Partnerships - Merchandising - Game Development - Brand Expansion | Welcome to the most undervalued gem in the BSC market with huge upside potential.

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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 12:31 AM by CryptoCurrencyTrading

The Chad Token | A Diamond In The Rough | Real world Business Partnerships - Merchandising - Game Development - Brand Expansion | Welcome to the most undervalued gem in the BSC market with huge upside potential.

The Chad Token Is a project that launched right at the peak of the bull run and was met with an unfortunate twist of events with the markets crashing, 99% low market-cap projects rugged or abandoned, except Chad. Despite launching at the worst time in crypto history the Devs and the community are still pushing forward and making new content and developing relationships with real world businesses to make the project successful, I'm super bullish on this project and once the market starts going back up $CHAD investors will come out on top like the alphas we are. Don't believe me? In under a month the Devs have achieved a lot more than what most "Big" projects are yet to achieve, and that is real world recognition. Businesses looking at the project for what it is and seeing it's potential for virality and wanting to adopt the token early on before it starts getting noticed and that is all because of potential behind the brand and what it stands for. - The first (But not the last) official business partnership with another company that fits the "CHAD" branding perfectly. Espresso Gone Crazy The $CHAD merchandise store that uses all profits to support the project was also released, here is a supporter of the project wearing some merch and here is the store. There is also a game being developed, and not some generic game to make a quick buck, I mean a quality game that will revolutionize and take full advantage of NFT's and the marketplace it will be built in to with a real chance of online gaming virality, the game is being lead by a lead dev/project manager of a highly successful game with over 2 million copies sold. Listed on Cointiger, Coingecko and Coinmarketcap already, (All within the first week during the market turmoil with negotiations already in the works with a top 20 exchange) Not to mention the Insta thots showing their love for $CHAD one & two Also forgot to mention that the $CHAD devs are also in preliminary negotiations with a Hemp & CBD company to use $CHAD as legal tender, (Take that as you may but could have some huge potential in the future) I mean, seriously just check out the website, you'll thank me later and you will finally feel like a real man. Website TLDR: For what this project is working on it is currently way too undervalued and I can see this being a 100m+ project in the next few months, so this is a genuine moonshot with the developments behind it to back that claim. Project: BSC Supply: 1 QUAD Liquidity: Locked Contract: 0xea8eacce22bbb89709482c0100e75e7ab90f53f4 / Cointiger Telegram / Announcement Channel submitted by /u/CharacterYam9472 [link] [comments]

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