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  • 11 April

    NFT Marketplace on BSC? Rowket, $KET, provides a no-brainer solution to a huge need on a rapidly growing network

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Sun, Apr 11, 2021 4:14 AM by CryptoCurrencyTrading

NFT Marketplace on BSC? Rowket, $KET, provides a no-brainer solution to a huge need on a rapidly growing network

While a bit bewildering, what we’re seeing with NFT’s has been a good thing for crypto. Personally, I would’ve loved mass adoption to have come from people realizing that we can provide banking to everyone and how cool it is that we can finally cut third parties out from financial transactions so there’s less hands dipping from pot of genuine productivity, but I guess Beeples be what it is. So with that in mind, I know some artistic people and have a hand in digital craftsmanship myself. I opened up a couple of stores on OpenSea, made some submissions to the smaller galleries, and found it to be amazingly easy. Like, took an afternoon really plugging into it and got a fully-functioning storefront with a full line of products easy. What was not as easy was pricing my items. Honestly, just getting started and looking for exposure, I was happy to take a hit on what I think my work is actually worth. But I couldn’t get over that something I’d like to sell for $20 could cost $40 to mint, whether for me or for my customer who may be interested in buying for the purpose of reselling. So when I heard about BSC offering low fees and Cardano releasing NFT integration, I’ve been majorly excited for some low fees marketplaces to start popping up. And maybe I’m being impatient but… where are they? It seems the majority of tokens are just these shit animal coins that have NFT’s as a side piece to their collection of useless features, when they’re passing up the easy gold mine in providing a low fees marketplace for NFTs. That’s where Rowket aims to be, plucking the low-hanging fruit of an industry that has demonstrated staying power by sheer volume (as we saw with BTC before and DeFi recently) and still has waves of adoption on the way. By focusing on creating a decentralized NFT marketplace in which regular people can sell their more kitschy wares (Etsy has a $27B market cap) without completely impractical fees, Rowket with a modest $5M market cap understands that it’s really just a matter of time before more money floods into this market. So why is Rowket going to succeed vs. any number of real competitors that have yet to show up? Well, as we saw with ECOMI ($1.5B cap) and Origin Protocol ($500M) on Ethereum, there can be multiple winners on a single chain but the ones that do win are the ones that get there first. Guiding them with this first-movers advantage is a co-founder already responsible for raising a $50M project on BSC in Lightning. Getting a boost from Lightning’s connections should provide the exposure that Rowket needs to be a leading player in an absolutely booming BSC market, with BNB exploding and transaction volume running wild last night, meaning this $5M market cap is in for a jump similar to another infrastructure-dependent product like Pancakeswap (also mooning). Which, being a leading player is all they need for the price to skyrocket. If they deliver on their promise of being the go-to solution on BSC… watch out. Their product is expanding in the same way we saw the big movers on ETH, implementing new ideas like NFT farming and NFT lending, allowing people to use NFT’s as collateral. Given the exploding but easily traceable value of NFT’s, this is an absolutely brilliant idea that will matter more and more as crypto acts like traditional finance in providing loans. Consider that one day the deed to your home might be backed by an NFT. I know that sounds absurd but already we’ve seen successful ideas emerging with identities governed by NFT’s as well as gaming purchases. Being able to use NFT’s as collateral could be something that becomes essential to our society, providing some fungibility to the value of these quickly appreciating assets. Beyond what could be a market-changing idea sprouting here, Rowket will also act as an incubator for each artist it brings on, working with them much like a label would in helping build exposure and support for talent. Already they’re getting flooded with submissions since that’s attractive to any aspiring artist, as if the low fees weren’t enough. They’re still very open to anyone to make a submission as long as they’re confident in their talent, which I know I’ll be doing shortly once I sort my portfolio out. So if you think you have it then reach out while they’re still considering submissions for 2021. Just make sure you put the final touches on that financial portfolio first by picking up some Rowket before it moons with the rest of BSC and the NFT market. Website: https://rowket.org/ Telegram: https://t.me/RowketCommunity Pancakeswap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x5ddAe05d2f854926E8070b435d2dfe5edCa246D9 Medium: https://rowketmarket.medium.com/ Chart: https://goswappcharts.web.app/?isbsc=true&tokenId=0x5ddae05d2f854926e8070b435d2dfe5edca246d9 submitted by /u/meliodas2020x [link] [comments]

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