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    Sumit Bera

    Most Promising Cryptocurrencies in 2020

    Cryptocurrency perspectives 2020

    2020 will be a very essential year for the crypto business. Numerous enormous brands are dispatching blockchains this year, and some of them are relied upon to very venture alluring. Underneath, we will educate you regarding the most point of view and captivating digital currencies of 2020.


    Gram is a long-awaited cryptocurrency from Pavel Durov’s team (known for Telegram). In early September 2019, files and resources of the TON Blockchain, where Gram belongs, were published. Initially, the project was supposed to start working on October 31. However, the US SEC (United States Security and Exchange Commission) decided to delay the release of the Gram cryptocurrency, as it was not transparent enough.

    Many users and investors consider Gram to be a very promising cryptocurrency in terms of earnings, and as a product itself  — as upon its release, 300 million people will instantly possess Gram wallets, which will make it the world’s most adopted cryptocurrency. The task of the TON blockchain is much broader than just creating conditions for instant cross-border transactions and smooth operation of the payment service. A whole ecosystem of services is being developed, which makes it possible to define TON as a decentralized blockchain platform. It is likely that this way TON will ensure the liquidity of the platform's native token. 

    According to Oleg Zhelezko, partner of Da Vinci Capital and a major investor in TON, Telegram is currently taking serious steps to comply with KYC's regulatory requirements.

    Celer Network (CELR)

    The recently released Celer Network (CELR) cryptocurrency ranks 165 in the CoinMarketCap rating. The launch of the Celer Network occurred in early July of 2019. In fact, it is a platform for developing low-cost and secure blockchain applications (DApp) — mainly for the gaming industry.

    The CELR cryptocurrency, and its token – CERL, is at the center of the economic system - cEconomy. It will probably be used for payment of service fees and transfers of service providers. This is an incentive to maintain the project's liquidity.


    Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency aims to become a part of the financial system and replace some of its functions like sending money in a quick and secure way. And the project has every reason to do so. It is meant to be a stablecoin — its value will be backed, and this certainly makes Libra attractive.

    Libra’s aim is to create a so-called “global financial infrastructure”. It is also centralized, and much faster than other cryptocurrencies: Libra is going to perform 1000 transactions per second, while, for example, Bitcoin handles only 7.

    It was supposed to launch in the early 2020s, however, due to pressure from the US government, it will be probably delayed till the end of the 2020 or even later.

    Fetch (FET)

    Fetch (FET) is another project that has all the chances to take off. Its goal is to create a decentralized network for an unlimited number of trading services. The platform architecture is based on a distributed ledger (DLT) and includes the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. According to the roadmap, Autonomous "AI agents" will perform various tasks for the services — for example, they will help you book a hotel room, or develop an effective supply chain.

    According to CoinMarketCap, currently, Fetch Token (FET) is the cryptocurrency of the ecosystem Fetch.AL. In terms of market capitalization, it’s ranked 119th.

    All in all, the world of cryptocurrency often can be unexpected. Even the most perspective project can fail, meanwhile some “black horses” hit the top. That means, that before any investment, one should spend as much time as possible for a deep investigation and data collecting, in order to be sure in his decisions and actions.