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Crypto Weekly News — June, 26

Coinjoy weekly news

What important crypto events happened last week?

Coins, Tokens

📌 Over the past day, the market value of Bitcoin has fallen by 7%, reaching $8989 on the Bitstamp exchange at some point. According to trader Satoshi Flipper, the decline of Bitcoin may continue to levels of $8000-$7000, after which we are expected to see the growth up to $14,000. He added that everything depends on securities. Meanwhile,

📌 Ryan Watkins from Messari believes that the price of Bitcoin could surpass $50,000 if institutional investors (hedge funds, family offices etc) follow buy Bitcoin with at least 1% of their assets under management.

📌 Ethereum 2.0 coordinator Danny Ryan declared that next week Ethereum 2.0 will have its multi-client testnet.

📌 Miners working with Ethereum have dramatically increased the load on the network with transactions by insignificant amounts. For example, the Ethermine pool has processed 13019 transactions with an overwhelming frequency in the range of 0.05 ETH and lower over the past day. According to TrustNodes, this is direct spam of the network, however, the purpose is not specified.

📌 According to, Compound (COMP) has become a new leader in the DeFi sector in terms of the total value locked. MakerDAO blockchain platform is now only second.

Government, Law, Regulations

📌 The South Korean Ministry of Science and Technology has announced plans to launch a voting and election system by 2022 as part of the Blockchain Technology Dissemination Strategy. The country can develop hyper-connected and faceless blockchain systems as the it strives to become a market leader. Previously, the telecommunications giants in South Korea, including SK Telecom, have created a blockchain-based identification application called PASS. The application allows citizens to store and certify their driver's license from their smartphones

📌 The Japanese political party SANSEITO has implemented a digital voting application on the IOST blockchain. The app allows counting the votes, saving the results, and obtaining reliable data.

📌 This year the European Commission will introduce new rules for the development of a “sound” market for crypto assets in the EU, including for stablecoins such as Libra.

📌 US Supreme Court restricts SEC fines on ICOs. The Commission can no longer seek disgorgement above the net profits of the indicted party.

📌 Venezuelan residents noticed on the site of the migration service the possibility of paying for passport services in Bitcoin. A few hours later this option was removed.

Projects, Collaborations, Startups

📌 Bitfinex launches Dazaar, an open-source and peer-to-peer digital asset exchange platform that will contain a decentralized data marketplace. Dazaar will allow individuals and organizations to monetize their ideas and data without relying on any third parties.

📌 Libertyx expanded its network to include 20,000 7-Eleven, CVS and Rite Aid Pharmacy stores, where customers can buy Bitcoins for cash.

📌 KuCoin P2P Fiat Market supports the purchase of crypto with the dollar through PayPal.

📌 Meanwhile, PayPal is hiring crypto engineers in order to develop Bitcoin integration.

Weird, Crazy, Unexpected

📌 Calvin Ayre claims that Craig Wright is Satoshi. Of course, he is sure that this will be proven soon.

📌 By the way, Craig Wright will appear before a jury in the framework of the process initiated by Ira Kleiman after rejecting the plaintiff's petition to punish Wright for giving false testimonies and providing falsified documents during the whole process. Wright responded by submitting a statement according to which he was diagnosed with autism. With this, he explained all the contradictions. The doctor who diagnosed the case is supposedly ready to confirm this in court.

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