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    Best Bitcoin Tumblers (Mixers) To Use in 2021

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    In this article, you will learn more about Bitcoin tumblers (or, as they are also known - Bitcoin mixers, Bitcoin Blenders, Cryptocurrency Tumblers, Coin Mixing Services), how they work and what tumblers you should try out right now in order to be able to conduct anonymous bitcoin transactions

    When Did Bitcoin Tumblers Appear?

    When Bitcoin was first launched back in January 2009, all transactions were meant to be untraceable and anonymous. However, as it turned out, it was not entirely true and transactions could, in fact, be traced back and disclosed to third parties. This also meant that real-life identities of Bitcoin owners, their personal details, and user data could be stolen.

    Naturally, not a lot of Bitcoin owners were fond of the perspective of losing their identity and that is exactly what made Bitcoin mixing services appear.

    How do Bitcoin Tumblers Work?

    A Bitcoin tumbler (Bitcoin mixer) is a service (software) that lets users mix their coins with other users' coins by breaking the connection between the wallet address of the sender and the receiving address, therefore making transactions harder to trace, preserving users' privacy and providing anonymity.

    The bitcoin mixing service transfers the mixed coins to the desired address, controlled by the user, implying that there is no connection between the original bitcoin sending address and the desired address. Bitcoin tumbling transactions can be as small as desired and it is possible to delay them over a long period of time. The bitcoin mixers often require service fees of between 0.25 and 3% of the cryptocurrency amount to be mixed. Some Bitcoin tumblers require user registration.

    Types of Bitcoin Tumblers

    There has been a vast variety of mixing services created over the years. Some of them require all users to trust one mixer, others are based on the mechanism that prevents users from the need to trust anyone. Let's explore three of the most popular types available for users today.

    Centralized Mixers

    Pros: Centralized mixers receive bitcoin payments and send different coins back. If a vast majority of people use one particular centralized mixer, it becomes extremely hard for third parties to trace individual transactions, due to a large number of incoming and outgoing coins.

    Cons: Users are required to trust their privacy with the mixer. If, for example, the mixer decides to share the data it has collected with third parties (perhaps because the mixer is required to do so by law), users will lose their data and will not be able to interfere. Moreover, some users could refuse to make the return payment and steal the sender's coins. This type of bitcoin mixer is often associated with money laundering.

    Decentralized (Peer-to-peer) Mixers

    This type of Bitcoin mixer allows users to exchange coins directly in a mixing pool. Once the required number of users is reached, clients perform one general coin exchange transaction, which is also backed by a protocol. The incoming and outgoing addresses remain anonymous, they are only known to the bitcoin tumbler. The likelihood of committing a crime is relatively low.

    Is Using a Bitcoin Mixer Safe?

    Generally speaking, a Bitcoin mixer can be used by criminals, and criminals d profit from stealing personal data & information. However, coin mixing is not necessarily a fraud. In fact, privacy is one of the basic human rights. By simply using a Bitcoin mixer, the user does not commit a crime. Mixers (tumblers) are often used in the crypto community.

    Of course, there have been incidents of people being arrested due to running a Bitcoin mixer. In February 2021, Dropbit CEO, Ohio resident, Larry Harmon was arrested and charged after operating the Helix coin mixing server, and the Grams darknet market search engine. 

    Source: Reddit

    The government did not even have to come up with new laws to arrest him. Harmon was indicted for money laundering, operating an unlicensed money transmitting business, and conduction money transmission without a license, according to the state laws where he did not even live.

    There was a similar arrest made in April 2021. The U.S. authorities arrested a Russian-Swedish citizen, Roman Sterlingov, and charged him with laundering more than 1.2 million Bitcoin. Sterlingov was the creator and the mastermind behind a darknet-based Bitcoin mixing service, Bitcoin Fog.

    In 2019, Dr. Craig Wright, the creator of Bitcoin, indicated that Bitcoin does offer privacy to its owners, but it cannot guarantee full disclosure.

    Instead of anonymity, Bitcoin offers privacy. This means your identity isn’t always revealed, but there’s an audit trail should anyone want (or need) to investigate wrongdoing.

    It is believed that bitcoin cryptocurrency transactions should not and do not have to be anonymous. In fact, making them fully disclosed can result in more corruption. Bitcoin should not be excluded from the law, and owning Bitcoin does not make users immune. If a user decides to try out a Bitcoin mixer, it is important to understand what financial transactions it is legal to engage in.

    Top 10 Bitcoin Mixers in 2021

    Whether you want to learn more about cryptocurrency tumbler services or would like to try out some of them, check out the list of top ten Bitcoin mixer services to use in 2021 (in no particular order):

    1. Blender.io

    Blender bitcoin mixer

    First on the list is a secure and beginner-friendly bitcoin tumbler that does not require user registration. Its user-friendly interface is easy to operate even if you do not have any technical knowledge. Blender.io offers its own reserve of coins as well as other users' coins. Both of them make up a single bitcoin chain. The mixer attaches new crypto coins to the end of the chain, while the sender receives the coins from the beginning of the chain back. Therefore, any possible connection between transactions is excluded.

    Some of the benefits of the Blender.io bitcoin tumbler include:

    • Users are allowed to determine how much they want to pay for the bitcoin mixer themselves - no fixed service fees;
    • The bitcoin tumbling server offers a Letter of Guarantee to its users;
    • High transaction speed;
    • All transaction data is deleted after 24 hours from completion - according to the “No Data Retention” policy of the bitcoin tumbler;
    • Blender.io allows its users to add up to eight bitcoin addresses. This ensures the anonymity of each bitcoin address used for mixing;
    • SegWit and betch32 addresses possible to use;
    • In order for transactions to be processed, they first need to receive three confirmations. Users also have an option of manually setting up a transaction delay of up to 24 hours.

    2. Anonymix


    This bitcoin tumbler works by sending back new bitcoins to the addresses controlled by its users. However, the platform does require a minimum transaction fee.

    Some of the benefits of Anonymix include:

    • The Bitcoin tumbler requires only one confirmation to perform a transaction;
    • It is possible to delay your transactions;
    • The Bitcoin tumbling service can handle large bitcoin transactions;
    • Transaction data is deleted after 7 days;
    • "Certificate of Origin" policy: with every mix users receive an issued certificate of origin that guarantees the coins are Anonymix originated;
    • Mixers have a chance of winning additional 10% bonuses on the amount mixed for each bitcoin address;
    • The minimum deposit of the amount should be greater than 0.03500000 BTC;
    • The site is automatically blocked if there is a possibility that it is being attacked.

    3. SmartMix

    smartbitmix mixer

    This is one of the popular bitcoin mixers, that is able to mix even small coin amounts. Some of its advantages include:

    • The user interface is easy to work with;
    • Users can set up to 5 different output addresses;
    • A minimum transaction fee of 0.5% of the amount mixed, plus 0.0001 BTC/ 0.00005 BCH per each output address;
    • Transaction logs are deleted after 7 days after the transfer;
    • No JavaScript required;
    • Bitcoin mixer also offers a reward system for regular participants.

    5. FoxMixer


    FoxMixer is another mixing service that uses an algorithm to automatically mix and replace bitcoins. It works with a pool of coins and monitors transaction currency volumes. FoxMixer also has an option of randomizing the origins of the coins you send, thus making it harder to track your IP address.

    Some of the advantages include:

    • A service fee of only 0.001BTC + 1% fee deducted after the competition of transaction;
    • "No Data Retention" policy: all data is removed from the chain after 24 hours;
    • A Letter of Guarantee is issued;
    • Possible to randomize the coin origin.

    6. Bitcoin Mixer

    mixertumbler - Bitcoin tumbler

    Bitcoin Mixer is a platform for mixing bitcoin cash, which has several bitcoin pools for transactions of low and high value. This tumbler requires a service fee of 1% to 5%.

    What Bitcoin Mixer does:

    • It deletes all transaction data after 24 hours;
    • TOR-friendly.

    7. CryptoMixer

    Crypto mixer

    This next one of the bitcoin mixers is used for high-value transactions. It was created and launched by members of the bitcoin owners community. CoinMixer offers low service fees, starting at 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC.

    Some of the benefits include:

    • "Letter of Guarantee" policy;
    • Zero-log system;
    • Low service fees;
    • Cryptocurrency reserve of more than 2000 BTC.

    8. Chipmixer

    Chipmixer cryptocurrency tumbler

    Chipmixer works by assigning "chips" (addresses) to pre-funded bitcoins. A user has to make a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC. The mixer also allows users to receive an output higher than their original input.

    The main advantages of Chipmixer include:

    • A user can merge small chips into bigger ones;
    • Minimum fee: pay as much as you want for the service;
    • No registration required;
    • No JavaScript required;
    • All transaction is deleted after 7 days.

    8. Wasabi Wallet

    wasabiwallet mixer

    Rather than relying on a Tor connection, Wasabi Wallet creates trestles CoinJoin transactions ("CoinJoin is a mechanism by which multiple participants combine their coins into one large transaction with multiple inputs and multiple outputs"). It is a highly-secure mixer with a user-friendly service. The minimum amount for mixing is 0.1 BTC. A user also to pay a transaction fee of 0.3%.

    Wasabi Wallet benefits are:

    • CoinJoin transactions;
    • Available for Mac, Windows and Linux;
    • Open-source software: users are able to fix, upgrade and have overall control over their software.

    9. Mixer.money

    Mixer.money bitcoin tubmler

    Mixer.money splits funds received from users into small parts and mixes them with other clients' funds; moreover, it does work with crypto exchanges. Untraceable coins are received in small portions. Mixer.money uses two blending algorithms for its mixing process. The transaction fees charged start at 4-5% per transaction.

    Mixer.money benefits are:

    • Tor-friendly;
    • No registration required;
    • All data is deleted automatically within two days after the completion of the mixing process;
    • The mixing process takes only up to six hours;
    • Guarantees are provided with PGP signatures.

    10. Bitcoin Laundry


    Next up on the list of the popular bitcoin mixers in 2021 is Bitcoin Laundry. Bitcoin Laundry is able to provide up to 5 addresses and transaction time delays. What makes this mixer stand out is the option to manually set the percentage amount for each address.

    More advantages include:

    • Low exchange commission of 0.0002BTC; however, no service fee required;
    • History is removed after seven days and it is possible to delete data manually;
    • Time delays for the withdrawal can be set up manually for each address.

    Should You Use Bitcoin Tumbling Services?

    There is a great number of people who believe that cryptocurrency transactions should be anonymous. When transferring funds with fiat currency, the personal information of the sender and the recipient is disclosed, thus making it impossible to remain anonymous. That is why a lot of crypto owners support the idea of making crypto transactions as discreet as possible, in order to protect their privacy.

    However, some jurisdiction makes using bitcoin mixers illegal due to a high risk of laundering money. Besides, the user runs the risk of receiving 'dirty' bitcoin cryptocurrency, which could have been used for illegal activities before. When using bitcoin mixers, you should, in fact, proceed with caution and at your own risk.

    If you want to send your bitcoins and receive a set of coins of the same value back, with a different address, thus making your transaction anonymous, then bitcoin mixing could be the option for you to try out. There is, nevertheless, a chance of unknowingly participating in money laundering, if the evidence is found.


    Is Bitcoin mixing safe?

    The action of using a Bitcoin mixer is not illegal in itself. However, there is a possibility that bitcoin mixing will become illegal, if the user tries to hide illegal actions, knowingly participates in money laundering, or uses a Bitcoin mixer in the country where the government prohibits the use of such platforms.

    Are Bitcoin mixers untraceable?

    Bitcoin mixers use various mechanisms to make transactions 100% untraceable for both the sender and the recipient. Bitcoin mixers offer full anonymity to Bitcoin owners.

    Do you need a Bitcoin tumbler?

    If privacy is one of your main priorities, then using a Bitcoin tumbler is highly recommended. By using a Bitcoin tumbler you will be able to erase the origin of your coins, while also keeping your transaction anonymous.

    How long does a Bitcoin mixer take?

    Mixing processes can take up to 24 hours. However, there are Bitcoin mixers (e.g. Mixer.money) that can perform mixing in 6 hours.

    The content of this article is for informational purposes only.