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    Dogecoin Will Perform Offline Transactions Via Starlink

    DOGE and offline payment

    In a recent blog post, published on April 11, members of the Dogecoin Foundation team shared updates on  RadioDoge infrastructure development.

    The project combines the use of the Starlink satellite network and radio communications. RadioDoge aims to provide the broad masses with the ability to conduct offline Dogecoin transactions.

    RadioDoge will work in conjunction with GigaWallet, an API solution for mobile devices, which will allow developers to add Dogecoin transactions to their payment platforms. Supposedly, it could influence the mainstream adoption of the DOGE cryptocurrency in a positive way. DOGE will be made available to gamers, social networks users and retailers.

    The team also revealed that the Libdogecoin project is now in its first phase of rollout. The platform’s main purpose is to allow integration of the meme-coin into various applications and systems.

    Last weekend, the first RadioDoge "Regional Hub” was launched. In the near future, Libdogecoin transactions will be broadcast over 150 miles via HF radio into a regional hub that will send the transaction to the meme-coin testnet through the Starlink satellite network.

    Dogecoin was created in 2013. Initially perceived as a joke, even its founders could not predict the huge success of the project. Nearly ten years later, DOGE is the 11th largest cryptocurrency on the market.

    In April, Musk bought a 9.2% stake in Twitter for $2.89 billion. The head of Tesla became the company's largest shareholder and was going to join its board of directors. On April 10, he proposed lowering the cost of a Twitter Blue subscription and allowing users to pay for the premium service in Dogecoin. On April 12, Musk stepped down from his seat on Twitter's board of directors.