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    STEPN Is Up Over 200% in a Week

    GMT price rise

    At the time of writing, the GMT token is trading at $2.68 after rising by 24.32% in the last 24 hours. On 3 April, GMT saw a weekly rally of 224.30%.

    STEPN price change chart

    The token’s price went from around $0.1 in early March to $2.95 in about a month, later dropping to the current level. At the time of writing, GMT has a market capitalization of $1,592,635,349.

    STEPN is a web3 application with GameFi and DeFi elements. The project mission is to stimulate a healthy lifestyle through blockchain games. Application users can earn GST [Green Satoshi Token] or GMT [Green Metaverse Token].

    A distinctive feature of GMT tokenomics is its unpredictability. According to the technical documentation of the project, the system constantly adds randomness to users' earnings, which makes it unpredictable. The settlement of GMT is carried out every few minutes.

    Moreover, the project intends to reveal the mechanisms for burning the token and the details of staking after the number of its Twitter followers reaches 200,000. 

    Thus, on April 4, GMT volumes exceeded $1 billion, although this figure later changed.

    As of April 5, 230,900 transfers have been made from 15,943 addresses holding GMT. Amid a rise in the price of the token, investors are showing increased interest in STEPN.

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