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    Anna Key

    DeFying Gravity: Piccolo, Where Gaming Meets Productivity

    Meet Piccolo

    In this episode of DeFying Gravity we are talking about Piccolo, a multi-purpose token built on the Ethereum mainnet. With Metaverse, NFTs and blockchain technology inevitably becoming part of our future digital experience, it is important to choose a token with the most utility and good liquidity. Piccolo provides its holders with innovative solutions for an all-around balanced experience.

    Meet Piccolo & Tokenomics

    Piccolo - The shiba from the space

    Piccolo is a community-driven token with the main goal of becoming one of the most popular tokens based on the Ethereum network for trading and exchanging gaming NFTs. Certik audited, Piccolo strives to popularize blockchain gaming and organize auctions, involving those with charity organizations.

    • With Piccolo Pad users can launch their own incubated tokens and stake Piccolo
    • Piccolo Wallet offers extensive data tracking for all holders
    • Piccolo P2E Game has an integrated augmented reality
    • Piccolo Verse is a metaverse experience created specifically for gamers and blockchain-enthusiasts

    Piccolo’s own utility token $PINU is an ERC-20 token with locked liquidity. Its initial supply of 100 trillion tokens is subject to regular deflation. Piccolo’s tokenomiccs is divided between four main components:  

    • 3.5% DAPP Development
    • 3.5% Marketing & Buy Back
    • 2% Reflections
    • 9% Total Taxes

    Piccolo NFTs

    Piccolo NFT

    NFTs are non-fungible tokens, meaning their uniqueness is what makes them not replaceable. However, its utility is what contributes massively to the value of an NFT. One of the possible ways to guarantee good utility is through play-to-earn games. 

    Piccolo has partnered with Larva Games, one of the top game studios, to create a P2E card game that is expected to be released in October 2022, in order to make sure their 8,888 3D NFTs will be utilized. According to the project’s roadmap, the NFT collection was announced in January 2022. The cards in the game vary in rarity - from most common to most rare. The more rare the card is, the more value it holds. Each card can be sold on secondary markets. NFT owners will also be able to gradually increase the value of their assets. 

    Moreover, Piccolo has already purchased virtual land in the Sandbox metaverse, and - to make things even more exciting - it’s right next to a gaming giant Atari. 

    Piccolo NFTs will be used as playable characters in the card game and get staked in order to earn passive income. 

    Piccolo p2e

    Piccolo’s Multipurpose Solution

    Piccolo Pad

    Piccolo Pad is a platform created for crypto professionals with all possible requirements kept in mind. Thanks to Piccolo Pad, which is expected to be launched in April 2022, users will be able to launch their own projects and stake #PINU tokens in order to get income. Piccolo Pad will provide fast-tracking listings, industry expansion, metaverse exhibition, social media coverage, etc. 

    Piccolo Pad

    Piccolo Wallet

    Piccolo Wallet is a data tracking platform for all token holders. This all-in-one multi-functional wallet will make trading as easy as it can be – users will not only be able to transfer and list their tokens, but they will also get the latest market analysis. Piccolo Wallet is expected to be launched early next year. 

    How to Buy $PINU 

    Piccolo’s utility token $PINU is an Ethereum-based token first released on Uniswap. Currently, it can also be purchased on Pinuswap, Shibswap, Hotbit, Bitmart, Bkex, XT.com, FegEx, and LBank. $PINU, just like any other Ethereum token, can be bought using ETH from your wallet. 

    Follow these easy steps to purchase your own $PINU using a MetaMask wallet:

    1. Create or log into your MetaMask wallet.
    2. Buy ETH on MetaMask or send ETH to your MetaMask wallet.
    3. Setup the trade and confirm swap from ETH for  $PINU. 
    4. Make sure you have enough to pay for your gas fees. Gas fees depend on the type and amount of transaction.
    5. Buy and add  $PINU to your wallet. 

    Bottom Line

    Piccolo is a fairly new player in the game; however, the project has a thoroughly laid out roadmap that includes some exciting developments: NFT staking and minting, partnerships with gaming software developers, listings on top exchanges, Polygon bridge, Metaverse development, application for iOS, Android and desktop devices, PiccoloVerse, and a further ecosystem improvement.

    Piccolo is a community-oriented platform that aims to inspire crypto enthusiasts to use reliable services available in one easy-to-access place. If Piccolo manages to keep up with its roadmap and appealing ideas, it could become a profitable, reliable project as well as a functional service in the future.

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