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    Dogecoin Team Struggles With a Popular Video Blogger

    The Doge team even threatened Wallace with legal proceedings for trademark.

    According to media reports, the Dogecoin Foundation allows for the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Matt Wallace, a popular YouTube blogger and influencer. Dissatisfaction is caused by the fact that Wallace intends to launch a new token under the Dogecoin trademark.

    Earlier, Wallace, a supporter of the popular memecoin, published a series of tweets, revealing his plans to promote the adoption of Dogecoin among retailers around the world and educating them about the opportunities associated with DOGE payments.

    The blogger and his supporters intend to raise funding for the implementation of the plan by creating a new token – Accept Dogecoin.

    These plans caused extreme irritation among members of the Dogecoin Foundation, who asked their former associate to abandon them.

    According to Dogecoin founders, it is useless and counterproductive to create a new token to popularize the existing one. Instead, it would be better to raise capital for their common project and promote further adoption of DOGE with the free help from the community. 

    The project team even threatened Wallace with legal proceedings for trademark abuse and potential deception of investors.

    It is also worth mentioning that amid this scandal, some rather interesting facts surrounding a few members of the Dogecoin Foundation were revealed: it turned out that some of them have a criminal past – they were accused of kidnapping and taking part in fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes.

    Despite the negative hype, Wallace still intends to launch his project at the end of March.