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    DeFiance Capital Founder Has Become A Victim of Hackers

    DeFiance Founder was hacked

    The founder of the crypto-investment company DeFiance Capital and one of the brightest representatives of the DeFi community known under the pseudonym Arthur_0x fell victim to a cyber attack. 

    On March 22, attackers stole $1.6 million in digital currencies (8 WETH, 4,349 stkDYDX, and 1,578 LOOKS tokens) from a businessman's digital wallet. In addition, 78 non-fungible tokens from five collections were lost.

    The criminal tried to get rid of digital artifacts on the OpenSea marketplace. The founder of the company warned the hacker on Twitter saying “he has picked on the wrong person." This did not remain unnoticed – the crypto community rushed to his aid. Many users have expressed a desire to help in the returning of stolen funds. Security experts have tried to determine how the hack was carried out.

    One of the members of the NFT community known under the pseudonym Cirrus found and purchased stolen non-fungible tokens from the Azuki collection in order to return them to the actual owner. He decided to sell the assets at cost price, noting that he did not intend to cash in on someone else's tragedy. 

    According to Cirrus, he could sell the tokens for 6-8 Ethers, but this would be unethical. The user admitted that this is not the first time he finds himself in such a situation – he was a victim of three cyber attacks.This incident once again emphasizes how important it is to comply with operational security rules while storing crypto assets on your own. Arthur_0x admitted that a hot wallet on a mobile phone is not the safest place to store assets.