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    Anna Key

    Tezro: Chat With Friends And Transfer Crypto in One Place

    Tezro App Review

    Tezro is a multipurpose platform created by the people for the people. Being a digital asset holder it may be confusing and time-consuming for some users to operate between various applications, such as crypto wallets, exchange platforms, bank accounts, emails, all at the same time.

    Tezro, built on the premises of the instant messaging service, is a solution to fix all sorts of possible complications you could encounter by eliminating unnecessary tedious processes with all-in-one secure software. 

    What is Tezro

    Tezro is a ‘payment solution & online crypto wallet & secure encrypted messaging app’. Simply put, users are able to send crypto assets to anyone they’re chatting with at the moment via Tezro. The platform offers a secure and private messaging service without putting personal data at risk. Users do not have to leave the chatroom to use Tezro’s wallet app. 

    Tezro makes sure the data is encrypted with military-grade SSL technology and no third party can gain access to your private conversations. Moreover, Tezro’s development team regularly comes out with new updates to help strengthen Tezro’s resistance to cyber-attacks. 

    Main Features

    Main Features

    • Tezro is a fully decentralized application built on the third-generation blockchain. It is an all-in-one hub with multiple features. Tezro’s responsive layout is easy-to-use and designed for both crypto newbies and veterans. It is available on iOS and Android devices. Users can also use Tezro’s Web and Desktop versions.
    • Each new user has to go through a two-step verification process, which includes putting in your number and sending a photo of your ID along with a selfie. The policy is meant to guarantee a high level of security and safety for all participants. 
    • Tezro’s non-custodial crypto wallet lets users store their cryptocurrencies in one easy-to-access place. It is a flexible and secure service with a strong encryption system. Tezro’s team guarantees sensitive data and digital assets security.
    • With Tezro’s Escrow feature crypto holders are able to exchange their assets in a few easy steps.​​ Users can find available trading bids under the Chat section in their Exchange account. The Escrow features secures the legitimacy of the transaction. 
    • Tezro is also a convenient tool for online shopping. Users can receive personalized offers directly from sellers, make one-touch purchases and send cash gifts. 
    • Users can sell collectibles and jewelry via Tezro’s Auction feature. Put an item up for auction by adding a short description, high-quality pictures and your starting price. Once verified, your item is ready to be purchased by other users. 
    • So far, we have only mentioned crypto assets; however, Tezro also supports fiat currencies, including US Dollar, Euro, and Chinese Yuan. 
    • Tezro allows users to send emails directly from the app. 

    If you have any further questions about Tezro’s features, check out short video tutorials on how to use them.

    DeFi by Tezro

    Recently, Tezro has added a new DeFi feature, allowing users to invest via Uniswap V2, Uniswap V3, or the team’s own Tezro Ai algorithm. It is also possible to choose your preferred risk level - low, medium, or high. Enter the amount you wish to invest (choose between available tokens). Confirm your investment by putting in your pin-code.

    Final Thoughts

    Tezro is a promising platform with many practical use cases. The service helps users tackle different tasks simultaneously while providing high-level security, functionality, and convenience. Tezro’s most unique feature is its ability to combine instant messaging and crypto-related services. If you have many friends who are interested in crypto or you run a crypto-related business, Tezro is the platform you might want to check out. Moreover, Tezro promises more exciting updates in the future, as there is a lot of potential for the growth of the platform. 

    Check out Tezro’s official Twitter page and blog to get the latest project insight.