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    Defying Gravity: Nakamoto Games — Play Blockchain Games to Earn Steadily

    Nakamoto Games Review

    In today's episode of DeFying Gravity, we'll be talking about Nakamoto Games. Nakamoto Games is a play-to-earn gaming infrastructure that offers gamers worldwide the opportunity to participate in a diverse array of gaming options and tap into lucrative earning opportunities. Nakamoto Games offers gaming options that include revamps of arcade classics, multiplayer and 3D gaming opportunities, and even a Metaverse environment. The platform also has a token - NAKA - which is central to gaining access to games within the ecosystem and receiving rewards.

    What is Nakamoto Games?

    Nakamoto Games is an entire ecosystem that offers a broad array of play-to-earn gaming options. Gamers have unprecedented optionality in terms of blockchain-based games. Nakamoto Games will also be providing a software development kit to third-party developers who wish to deploy and monetize their own gaming creations within the ecosystem.

    Main Idea

    The main idea of Nakamoto Games is to provide earning opportunities to anyone with an internet connection. Any gamer worldwide can set up a cryptocurrency wallet and start participating in the Nakamoto Games ecosystem.

    The platform is beneficial not only for players but also for developers. They can launch and monetize their own gaming creations. 


    Nakamoto Games is built on top of the Polygon network. The Polygon network allows transactions within the Nakamoto Games ecosystem to be completed with low costs and high throughput. Blockchain smart contracts are deployed in Solidity, and games on the platform are developed using the Unity Game Engine.

    ​​Nakamoto Games is an example of an innovative trend in cryptocurrency technology, GameFi. GameFi combines the tenets of DeFi with the rapidly growing world of blockchain gaming. Nakamoto Games has forged partnerships with notable investors like Chateau Crypto, Polygon, Blockmint, Signal Ventures, and others.

    Working Features of the Platform 

    The platform offers various P2E games that not only allow players to have fun but also provide an ability to earn. One such game is Duck Hunter, a fast-paced shooting game in which players compete against each other to win rewards. After each game, the highest-scoring players are immediately distributed with rewards which are derived from an entry fee which is charged to players prior to entry. Every player receives a share of the reward immediately after the game. The highest-scoring players will receive in excess of what the entry fee is, while lower-scoring players will receive an amount which is lower than what they initially paid to enter. The platform is self-sustaining as all gamers are rewarded from the entry fees which they incur. Entry fees and payouts are pegged to a certain USD amount which secures stability across the wider ecosystem as players don’t have to be concerned about the entry fee value and payouts constantly fluctuating in USD terms.

    NAKA Token

    Nakamoto Games has its native token, NAKA, which plays an important role in the P2E model. It allows players to access any game within the P2E ecosystem and provides a system to reward top players. At the time of writing, the total value of the circulating supply of NAKA on the market is $14,447,502. Due to the growing demand for the P2E Market, some experts anticipate huge growth in the value of the Nakamoto Games ecosystem.


    The tokenomics of Nakamoto Games is based on solid fundamentals and favors the long-term prospects of the platform. The initial market cap was 900 000$. The popularity of P2E projects lets us expect further growth of the NG ecosystem. The lock-up of NG is 10% before listing and from the first month after listing - 22,5% per month for 4 months.

    Its total supply is 180,000,000 tokens which is apportioned as follows: 

    • 30.5% - sales, 
    • 22% - P2E, 
    • 13.9% - team, 
    • 11.1% operating reserves, 
    • 8.3% sponsoring of players, 
    • 5.5% - development fund, 
    • 5.5% - development sponsoring, 
    • 2.7% - salaries. 

    Why is the Price of NAKA Constantly Rising?

    NAKA has shown stable growth due to an increased demand for P2E games. Recently, on their Twitter account, Nakamoto Games announced a partnership with a global consortium AcknoLedger. This partnership will provide advanced indexing within the Nakamoto Games ecosystem, particularly pertaining to their Metaverse NFTs. 

    Action Games 2022

    Nakamoto Games has committed to an ambitious schedule and they have not been disappointed in their delivery. Here are some of the highlight games that have been released by the ecosystem.

    • NAKA Galactic was released on January 14th. The space-action game is a revamp of an arcade classic and offers gamers a sublime experience.
    • NAKA Blaster is an interactive shooting game. It is the first multiplayer game on the Nakamoto Games platform and is currently the most popular game on the NG list.
    • Escape is a 3D game that has cutting-edge graphics, multiplayer features, and solid earning mechanics.


    In addition to the quality platform, the Nakamoto Games developers are working on a Metaverse environment called the NAKAVERSE. The NAKAVERSE environment will offer Nakamoto Games users many entertainment options which are based within a virtual reality.

    The NAKAVERSE also replicates the real-world economy and allows users to acquire land, generate resources, work to earn an income, and much more. Users will soon be able to secure digital land plots and these owners will have a distinct advantage within the NAKAVERSE as they will have access to important raw materials which can be used to create valuable assets within the Metaverse environment. 


    Is NAKA a good investment in 2022?

    Analysts expect Nakamoto Games to be a good investment in the long term. The current price stands at roughly $0.47. According to Coindataflow, the price is expected to reach a level of $1.54 by 2023. However, such estimates should not be considered as guarantees. Cryptocurrency is always a high-risk asset and price movements will reflect as much.

    How much is NAKA worth?

    NAKA is currently trading at $0.47 and the price continues to rise steadily. The 24-hour trading volume is $2.8 million and the market capitalization is around $14.7 million. 

    How to buy Naka?

    NAKA can be acquired through centralized exchanges such as KuCoin, MEXC, and Bitmart. It can also be purchased with supported fiat currencies directly through a debit or credit card.

    Can you stake NAKA?

    There are 2 staking platforms available for NAKA token holders. Roseon Finance and Kucoin both facilitate staking. On Roseon Finance, users may find three rate pools that offer the following annual interest rates: 

    Kucoin also offers three staking pools with the following conditions: