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    Elrond Will Host Itheum In Its Ecosystem

    Elrond & Itheum

    European blockchain project Elrond, one of the pioneers in the development of blockchain technology, has announced the debut of the Web3 Itheum within its ecosystem. 

    Itheum is the world's first decentralized data brokerage platform. Elrond is a high-speed and scalable blockchain network dedicated to making the Internet economy accessible to everyone. The main goal of the project is to create a new digital economy without any restrictions.

    Elrond has developed a new blockchain architecture that allows for a 1000 times increase in throughput and transaction processing speed.

    The project intends to support Itheum on the path towards a common ambitious goal – the transition of the Internet economy to a collaborative model. To do this, it is necessary to attract a billion users to the dimension of the Metaverse and the third generation Internet.

    Itheum is the world's first decentralized data brokerage platform.

    The current advertising model is imperfect – technical platforms collect and use their customers' data for their own purposes. Partners expect that their cooperation will allow them to reach a balance of interests between users and advertisers.

    Commenting on the partnership, Iteum's CEO has noted that a huge amount of resources are currently being spent on finding new ways to collect user data in order to sell it to ad creators. According to him, if users and businesses get the opportunity to balance their interests, extracting mutual benefits from data, the Internet will move to the next level: the Metaverse.

    As for his part, the head of Elrond Network has explained that the collected data will become the "bricks" of the metaverse, and such an economic model will have huge growth potential.

    The brokerage company Itheum already has many clients from various business areas and industries.

    Itheum will be launched within the Elrond ecosystem between March and April of this year.