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    KuCoin Enters The List Of Best Crypto Apps Of 2022

    Kucoin is one of the best crypto apps

    The Ascent, a Motley Fool-developed financial advisory service, has accredited the KuCoin crypto exchange as one of the best crypto apps in 2022.

    Over the past two decades, the trade volume and the number of users of the exchange have grown in more than 200 countries.

    Over 600 digital assets, five million trading bots, and 1,100 trading pairs are available on the KuCoin platform. The exchange supports 51 fiat currencies. 

    The main functions of the exchange include:

    • Multilingual support 24/7 for users from South Asia, South East Asia and Europe. Communication with the exchange's customer service executives is also available through social media.
    • KuCoin S, a social trading platform for new crypto traders, offers an array of various data on cryptocurrencies: industry news, ratings, listings, etc. The data flow is gradually adjusted using algorithms based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. In many ways, the platform functions like a social network, allowing users to make upvotes, comment, and share content.
    • KuCoin Futures Grid Bot trades crypto futures.
    • The DCA bot, a trading tool for averaging dollar costs, invests the user's assets in stages. With the help of artificial intelligence, the bot displays the amount of expected profit within the investment plan.
    • The KuCoin Infinity bot operates in a self-sustaining buy low and sell high mode without going out of the trading range.
    • The Spot Grid bot allows users to create multiple trading bots for different coins and profit from fluctuations in their prices.
    • The free trading tool KuCoin Trading Bot offers 5 trading strategies.
    • Smart Rebalance Bot allows users to distribute the portfolio among selected cryptocurrencies and assign a percentage for each. The bot automatically rebalances portfolio based on the markets around the respective crypto assets.