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    The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 Launch

    Alpha season two: Sandbox

    Late last year, Hong Kong gaming platform The Sandbox announced a partial launch of its metaverse for a limited number of users. The Sandbox virtual world allows users to monetize their playtime in a Play-to-Earn fashion. Players can purchase land, create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game, and earn SAND tokens by completing various quests.

    During the Sandbox Alpha event, users got the opportunity to explore the metaverse of the project for the first time. This process, which included over 18 stages, ended on December 20, 2021.

    On March 3, users will be able to re-explore the metaverse during the launch of the second season. Users are going to get a lot of new updates and greater availability of various options than in the past.

    Specifically, users will be able to choose from 35 unique experiences available to all free The Sandbox account holders. These experiences include 18 experiences from the first season, a transportation hub, three meetings with official partners, four game maker fund contributions and five brand new outings.

    Unlike the first season, this time every single experience is available to everyone. However, fans can upgrade their season by earning the so-called Alpha pass. The coveted artifacts can only be obtained in three official ways. Therefore, gamers can get raffle tickets by completing experiments, after which a draw will take place.

    Therefore, gamers can collect raffle tickets by completing experiments and then rely on the luck of the draw. You can also get tickets through the social networks of the project or purchase them on the official secondary market. Its details will be revealed on launch day.