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    Coinbase Plans To Integrate Tezos NFT

    Coinbase to integrate Tezos NFT

    Coinbase, one of the largest American cryptocurrency exchanges, intends to integrate support for non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on the Tezos blockchain into its future thematic platform Coinbase NFT Today.

    The platform conducted an opinion poll: users were asked which of the three blockchains they would like to see presented on the new NFT marketplace. Three options were proposed – Solana, Polygon and Tezos.

    Although the Polygon project was given preference as the result, users emphasized that Tezos was in the lead for a very long time. Polygon managed to obtain over 55,000 votes in just 1 minute, which helped the project get the first place with 42.2% of the total 251,686 votes. 

    Second place went to Solana with 26.4% of the vote. Tezos was ranked third with 22.6%.

    Nevertheless, users are confident that the developers would most likely add Tezos blockchain to the new Coinbase NFT Today platform. They believe that Tezos has numerous advantages. These include low network congestion and minimal fees, as well as extensive digital art creation opportunities. 

    The community has speculated that despite the poll results, the developers of the new marketplace have already made their choice, as they have repeatedly spoken out in support of the Tezos network.