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    Sol, Terra, BNB & ATOM: March 1 Price Digest

    Sol, Luna, Cosmos, bnb price has risen


    At the time of writing Solana’s price is $97,60, it is up by 8.33%. On February 28, major crypto exchange Gemini announced SOL’s listing. Now the coin is available for deposits. It can also be stored in the exchange wallets. Representatives of the platform promise that SOL’s trading will soon start.


    As of this writing, LUNA price is $93,39, which is a 26.28% increase in the last 24 hours. Partially, the growth is determined by the upside moves elsewhere in the crypto market. 

    Another reason for the rise in the price of the token is the active development of the project’s ecosystem. On February 22, the Luna Foundation, a non-profit organization behind this Terra development, raised $1 billion in a private sale of the LUNA crypto asset to a number of investors. The funds raised will be used to maintain the stability of UST, a key element of the Terra ecosystem.

    The protocol recently burned 29 million LUNA tokens worth $2.57 billion after the supply of the LUNA-backed stablecoin UST increased by almost 14.75%. The increase in UST supply is driving the price of LUNA higher.


    As of this writing, ATOM price is $31.87, indicating a 15.50% increase in the past 24 hours. 

    March 2 will see the launch of the Evmos mainnet, the first EVM-based IBC-compatible network on Cosmos. The number of tokens distributed among users will be increased by another 20 million.

    This is positive news for both the Evmos community and the wider Cosmos ecosystem.

    Luna price graph


    At the time of writing BNB is trading at $406,00, showing a 10.28% gain in the last 24 hours. The BNB token is involved in a large-scale campaign that is now taking place all over the world: the crypto community is raising funds for Ukraine. As of March 1, more than $58 million has already been raised. In particular, the Unchain Ukraine project has raised more than $1.8 million in assets of BNB Chain networks and other networks. The fundraising campaign continues.

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