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    How is Safemoon’s Price & Where to Buy Safemoon in 2022?

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    Safemoon was created in March 2021 but was first noticed in April 2021. At that time the value of encrypted tokens soared and formed a parabola on the charts.

    If you would have bought a £1 worth of Safemoon on March 9th, by April 21st your Safemoon total worth would be £233.25. At the same time, a £100 investment will bring a total return of £23,325. Even in cryptocurrency, the increase in this value in a month and a half is absurd. But as the coin disappeared from most people's radar, this historical high soon fell back. Up to now, the safemoon community has become an ubiquitous cult-like presence on social media. 

    On Twitter, it is currently the ninth most popular cryptocurrency, although its market value is only ranked 3020th. The @Safemoon account has 1.4 million fans. During its first peak, Jake Paul and Lil' Yachty also joined the upsurge. After Safemoon announced a series of new features, there was a new surge of investors interested in it. Ever since the value of the token that naturally makes people prick their ears kept increasing.

    So what is actually Safemoon?

    Safemoon describes itself as a decentralized financial (DeFi) token. It runs on the coin security smart chain blockchain. Its accessibility is slightly lower than that of other digital assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is known for its design to discourage the long-term volatility of the currency and to encourage it to sell. According to the Safemoon founders, half of the fees charged during the transaction will flow into the liquidity pool to better maintain its price stability.

    According to Coinmarketcap, the price of the token soared to an all-time high of $0.000014 on April 20th, shortly after its listing in March. Safemoon currently ranks 217th among all cryptocurrencies. The encryption company's name comes from the phrase "secure landing on the moon", which means that the company's ambition is a secure rise.

    A Quick Overview of Safemoon

    1. Safemoon charges a 10% transaction fee. It is distributed amongst 5% holders and 5% is set to enter the liquidity pool. The cryptocurrency has more than 2 million users;
    2. At the time of writing this article, the current transaction price is US $0.000001361.
    3. With the hype of new coins, people still have reason to doubt whether the "safe moon" is safe. The purpose of creating this cryptocurrency is to attract investors and push up prices. 

    Is SafeMoon legitimate?

    Nowadays, there are a large number of cryptocurrencies in the market, and more cryptocurrencies appear every day. It may be difficult for investors to know which cryptocurrencies to study and invest in. 

    Popular currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana swept the financial market with huge valuations. But not all digital currencies can succeed. Many cryptocurrencies have failed, some of them being scams. 

    Recently, Safemoon has become a hot topic for investors. It is one of the newer cryptocurrencies listed in March 2021. It is a community-centered decentralized token to challenge popular cryptocurrencies such as Doge and Shiba Inu. 

    Safemoon quickly aroused great interest within a month after its release. In just a few days, the price of Safemoon soared 7000%. But many critics believe that this is a hoax or a ponzi scheme. There is no doubt that the new features of Safemoon make investors start to think about whether Safemoon is worth investing in. The following will take you through Safemoon’s advantages and disadvantages.


    Valuable meme crypto brand: the most valuable aspect of safemoon is its brand. 

    In order to stand out from the crowd, large cryptocurrencies have developed a group of enthusiastic followers on social media, which has helped crypto companies to build their own corporate brand. Since its inception, Safemoon has been popular on social media and poses a serious threat to major cryptocurrencies.

    Without unique features or technical support, the endorsement of celebrities such as Dave Portnoy has helped Safemoon gain great popularity. However, in order to gain more legitimacy in the market, a cryptocurrency needs more recognition from celebrities across the web.

    Manual destruction function: most cryptocurrencies go through a process called "destruction", which will permanently delete tokens from circulation. 

    However, Safemoon uses artificial burns, instead of continuous burns. The reason is that this process may prove profitable for long-term investors. It allows public announcements and burns’ follow-up and improves transparency.

    A passive source of income: Safemoon was created to encourage long-term investment and to punish selling. Safemoon charges 10% for each transaction. A 5% is owned by Safemoon holders, and the remaining 5% is added to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. 

    Safemoon investors can earn passive income through these incentives, but if they want to sell, they must pay a 10% fee.

    Safemoon’s Low Price: this aspect of Safemoon may be a prominent advantage for new investors. In addition, interested buyers who are still uncertain about their legitimacy can invest a small amount of value. In addition, the price of the safe moon may really hit the moon in the future!


    Safemoon’s Centralization: as a bep-20 token, it uses the Bianance smart chain to protect its network security. The Binance smart chain is handled by the Binance exchange, which selects its own verifier for approving transactions inserted into the blockchain. This makes Safemoon more centralized than hive, which uses delegated proof of interest (dpos), where the verifier is selected by the community vote.

    No Utility: There are no major suppliers that accept Safemoon as a means of payment.

     In addition, cryptocurrency is difficult to use for legal tender transactions because it is not traded in any major cryptocurrency markets. It also does not have any technical advantages in terms of transaction speed, security, or any other features like other cryptocurrencies. 

    Punishment: investors realize that once there are signs of investment loopholes, it is better to hold them rather than go in and out. One of the characteristics of Safemoon is that it charges 10% for selling the Safemoon token. The motivation is to encourage investors to hold and stake, but many investors do not agree.

    Unstable and illiquid: Safemoon is very unstable, but so are other meme alternatives. 

    This lack of liquidity has led to sharp fluctuations in prices. In addition, this cryptocurrency is not listed on any large cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Availability: since safemoon is a BEP-20 token, the cryptocurrency has deployed a coin security smart chain, which makes it difficult to invest. The only cryptocurrency platforms available are the DeFi platforms PancakeSwap and BitMart.

    From Safemoon to Safemoon V2

    The cryptocurrency was upgraded from Safemoon to Safemoon V2 in December 2021, bringing a total supply of $1 trillion of new safemoon. By upgrading, cryptocurrency consolidated its token ratio to 1000:1. This means that V2 has upgraded the contract and has the ability to change the integration formula of coins. In addition, safemoon also has the functions of enhancing security and accessibility.

    Many investors see safemoon V2 as the key to opening an all-time high. Choosing to invest in Safemoon is a decision that investors should make themselves, which depends on the amount of risk they are willing to take. Safemoon’s success depends on Binance, the development team, and its growing community.

    How is the Safemoon market price in 2022?

    Arjay Ardanas

    A young cryptocurrency YouTuber  named Arjay Ardanas also reported on this topic. He provided his users with Safemoon price forecasts for 2022 and beyond. In his video, Ardanas makes a technical analysis on Safemoon's price chart. His analysis shows that the price of Safemoon will rise in the next few days. In addition, he compared the price map of the token with the price map before Cardano took off. The two companies showed the same indicators, indicating that safemoon is likely to continue its bull market in early 2022.


    According to the prediction website Govcapital, Safemoon is likely to continue to grow in the first few months of the coming year. Their prediction of Safemoon's price in 2022 shows that the token may experience moderate price fluctuations, unlike this year. In addition, Safemoon is expected to reach a high of $0.00000 5 and $0.00000 3 in 2022.

    In other words, if you invest in Safemoon today, your investment is likely to grow by 136% a year from now.

    Wallet Investor

    Another prediction website, wallet investor, has similar expectations for this token. According to their prediction, Safemoon may reach a high of $0.000007 in August 2022. This means that its current price will rise by 250%. They claim that by the end of this year, the transaction value of Safemoon may reach $0.000011, which will increase the annual price of safemoon by about 450%.


    According to the prediction of Telegaon, with the launch of V2 upgrade, the price of safemoon can reach between US $0.0038 and US $0.018 in 2022. The report points out that the average price may be $0.0079.


    "I was there from the beginning, trusting teams, communities and projects," Besmir Zuta, an investor in Safemoon, told FX empire. "We are optimistic that oil prices will rise in the near future."

    Like Besmir, many wallet investors are optimistic about the outlook. According to the price prediction website wallet investor, Safemoon is expected to rise to $0.00179 in March 2022, $0.00254 in January 2023, $0.00335 in January 2024, and $0.00429 in January 2025.

    However, it is too early to predict how Safemoon's sales tax will affect the interest of potential investors.

    Where to buy safemoon

    The keywords “Where I can buy Safemoon” generates 4.26 million (4.26 million) results in 0.58 seconds. This shows that many people are searching for the best place and way to buy Safemoon. In addition to keywords, “where can I buy…” keywords such as “safemoon encryption”, “where can I buy safemoon”, “how to buy safemoon”, “how to buy safemoon, how to buy safemoon encryption”, and “where can I buy safemoon coins?” keep trending. 

    The trend continues on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Safari, etc.

    The answer to the most important question you should find is where to buy Safemoon and how to buy Safemoon.

    This article will tell you the best way to buy Safemoon.

    The best exchange to buy safenoon

    Each expert at Trading Education has tested more than five cryptocurrency exchanges.

    During their journey, they encountered countless problems related to mobility, customer service, geographical restrictions, speed, insurance, security, payment methods, ease of use, compliance, restrictions, and hidden fees.

    Finally, they came to the conclusion that Gate.io is one of the best exchanges to buy Safemoon.

    About Gate.io

    Founded by Lin Han, CEO of the company since 2013, Gate.io is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges with the largest trading volumes. 

    On December 1st, 2021, Forbes published that Gate.io was one of the Best Crypto Exchanges Of 2021.

    Gate.io is the first exchange to invest millions in security and legal funds to provide additional protection for your assets.

    With more than 3 million registered users, it's not surprising to see a lot of liquidity injected into cryptocurrencies through exchanges.

    You may ask: Does Gate.io have SafeMoon, does Gate.io list SafeMoon, and when did Gate.io list SAFEMOON? 

    Gate.io added safemoon to its cryptocurrency list on April 23, 2021.

    Therefore, you can conduct safemoon transactions using a credit card service from many countries or regions around the world. Before you invest $100 or anything that fits your risk appetite in safemoon, a second look at its advantages will make you worry-free.

    Advantages of buying safemoon on Gate.io:

    • Cryptocurrency support (lists more than 1300 currencies including safemoon).
    • Support more than 1000 markets, such as spot/margin/ETF, perpetual contract, copy trading, news, and Gate.io Finance.
    • Support more than 100 countries.
    • There is no charge for deposit and withdrawal.
    • Have a user-friendly platform.
    • The transaction cost is 0.2% or lower.
    • The minimum order is $10.
    • It is in the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.
    • Security (funds are protected by a centralized and decentralized approach).
    • Have an efficient trading system (an exchange with cutting-edge technology).
    • Credibility (it has maintained a perfect record for 8 years because it adheres to the principles of safety, transparency, integrity, stability, and reliability).
    • Highly accessible exchange (found on the website and on Android and IOS smartphones).
    • A well-regulated exchange (market manipulation is never allowed, it is open, transparent, and cooperative).
    • Instant deposit and withdrawal.