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    Avalanche Grabs Interest of Institutional Investors

    Avalanche is popular among investors

    After a lull in January, institutional investors are once again interested in crypto investment products. Even though the leadership among digital assets still belongs to bitcoin, new crypto assets are rapidly gaining momentum. One of these is Avalanche, created by Ava Labs. The platform positions itself as the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry.

    Reasons For Rising Prices and Popularity of Avalanche

    In 2021, the Avalanche cryptocurrency achieved impressive growth and became one of the top 10 digital currencies in the world. In the first month alone, the currency increased its value by 18 times - which is a pretty good indicator.

    Experts cite several factors as the main reasons: for example, support from the BitGo company, as a result of which institutional clients gained access to Avalanche. Also, the authoritative organization Deloitte announced its decision to use Avalanche technologies in disaster risk management.

    In addition, Three Arrows and Polychain have invested $230 million in Avalanche.

    The Bank of America's announcement that Avalanche is a worthy competitor to Ethereum underpinned strong growth.

    At the moment, the market capitalization of the Avalanche cryptocurrency asset is estimated at $17 billion. The rise in the price of AVAX caused a lot of interest from institutional investors.

    The weekly digital asset financial flow report published by CoinShares also indicates that despite the recent price decline and the perceived negative impact of the looming conflict in Eastern Europe, the total inflow of investment in digital assets is not declining - last week it was 109 million US dollars. The document also said that multi-asset investment products and Solana attracted weekly inflows of $9.4 million and $1.2 million, respectively.

    According to experts, Avalanche is expected to grow steadily soon, as the platform has good technical parameters and will be popular with users.