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    DeFying Gravity: Kishu Inu — Meme Token Conquering Crypto 

    Kishu Inu Detailed review

    In the DeFying Gravity series, we aim to explore all the most interesting projects among the crypto community. And today we decided to look at one more dog-themed meme token launched last year. Kishu Inu has already proven the confidence to follow big ambitions and is supported by a vibrant and devoted community. We discovered how the project functions, where it goes, and what potential benefits it can provide to its holders. 

    What is Kishu Inu?

    Kishu Inu is a dog-themed meme token. The crypto project was founded in the spring of 2021 and aims to provide a real purpose. First, Kishu Inu aspires to bring fresh and hyped-up cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream in a fun and easy way. Coming from a new meme token generation, Kishu Inu offers holders numerous rewards, DEX, digital collectibles, brand merch, and other new and trending features of crypto. 

    The creators call their project “a little meme with big dreams”. It's unknown who exactly created the meme token, the holders can guess from the tiny hints appearing in the official Twitter. 

    Kishu Inu is fully ownerless and decentralized, its development led by a group of enthusiasts. Transparency in every aspect is among the most important values of the project. Anyone is free to know about the token and the members of the devoted community are able to participate in the project development. 

    The project’s security efforts are also meant to provide transparency. Kishu Inu has undergone a top-grade audit by CertiK without any major security issues found. The liquidity pool was burnt from the launch to decrease the chances of any kind of malicious activity. 

    Kishu Inu offers the “hold to earn” concept for its holders and redistributes 2% of every transaction to their decentralized wallets. Community growth is beneficial for each member as with more active usage of the token the rewards will increase. The cute meme coin is approaching a big goal to create the biggest community in crypto. 

    Kishu Inu White paper notifies that the project is going to stay for a long time, so we should expect numerous use cases, higher rewards, and greater acceptance to follow the meme token growth. 

    The community support since the very beginning proved the intentions of the dog-themed token to conquer the crypto market. In less than 4 weeks from the launch, the assets’ market cap has reached $2 billion and the number of holders overreached 100,000 attracting unmatched attention from the crypto enthusiasts. Such an achievement is out of the ordinary for a meme-token and that made more people believe that Kishu Inu is a real deal. Moreover, Kishu Inu has recently appeared on the billboards of the New York Times Square, expanding its brand awareness to the max.

    Kishu Inu Tokenomics

    KISHU is the native ERC-20 token that was released on 17 April 2021. It offers a rewarding mechanism, redistributing 2% from each active transaction to the holders with DeFi wallets only.

    The max supply is 100 quadrillion. The burn wallet was created as the greatest holder. Most of the founders’ coins have been burnt manually together with the coins that were bought back automatically. 

    Considering that users receive rewards according to the number of tokens in their wallets, the more coins are in the burn wallet, the more KISHU will be automatically burnt. There are no tokens reserved for the developers and management. The project fully relies on the community’s trust and help.

    KISHU Inu token is listed on more than 20 exchanges, including Gate.io, Poloniex, Uniswap, Hotbit, etc. It can also be obtained on KISHU Swap — the native crypto exchange. 

    Kishu Inu ecosystem 

    The projects’ ecosystem consists of several products.

    • Kishu Swap — the native decentralized exchange where users can swap ERC-20 tokens; 
    • Kishu Crate — it’s own decentralized NFT marketplace where artists present digital artworks from community contests, and the users can stake Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) for points that allow to create and collect NFTs;
    • Kishu Paw Print — a wallet-tracker application for tracking the user’s activity related to KISHU (token stats); it includes charts, prices, rewards, etc.;
    • Kishu sWAG — meme token’s merchandise platform managed by a non-profit organization that redirects all the revenue for the project’s future development and maintenance. 

    Roadmap Stages

    One year hasn't passed from the launch date, but the project has already completed 4 development stages. The main milestones of the Launch, Growth, Expansion, and Utility stages were:

    • website launch and achieving 2K telegram participants;
    • listing on the Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko;
    • rolling out of KISHU SWAP; 
    • initial listings on major centralized exchanges (Hotbit, CoinTiger, Bilaxy, and more);
    • launch of Kishu Crate NFT marketplace, Kishu Paw wallet tracker app, and Kishu sWag merch platform; 
    • partnerships with social influencers to raise product awareness.

    At the moment the team puts efforts towards creating new partnerships and collaborations that will give a new turn to the token together with the media attention and listings on more exchange platforms. 

    On the Medium channel, the team announced the preparations of Project K, which will contain a lot of different aspects of Kishu Inu such as new partnerships and listings, charities, etc. The team doesn’t reveal many details but assures that it help to turn the project into an entirely functional and working ecosystem. 

    Additionally, Kishu Inu assists the charities and has donated a yearly food supply to a school in Mozambique at the beginning of December. It comes along with the concept to bring utility in the spheres where it is most needed. 

    Future of Kishu Inu

    Thanks to the massive efforts of the development and marketing teams and support of the community the asset experienced a 3000% price increase in a short time. The success of the project was also affected by the meme coins hype last year that brought Kishu Inu its fair share of the public attention.

    Some analysts think that KISHU will experience even more investors’ attention once Ethereum is updated to 2.0, due to the cheaper gas prices and lower transaction fees. With more listings, growing social adoption, and increasing use-cases, we may expect Kishu to reach new heights. Its price chart has been bullish for a while, so if the team keeps up the tempo we may see another spike of Kishu Inu token price soon.