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    Samsung Gives Away NFTs To Some Customers

    Samsung NFT Giveaway to customers

    In partnership with Theta Labs, South Korean corporation Samsung will distribute non-fungible tokens for free to customers who pre-order a Galaxy S22 smartphone or Tablet S8.

    In an interview with the media, the CEO of Theta Labs did not disclose details, limiting himself to the remark that unique tokens will give their owners exclusive rights and privileges. So far, only citizens of South Korea will be able to receive non-fungible tokens.

    Theta Labs is the mastermind behind the Theta Network project and THETA.tv video streaming service. Presumably, the distribution of non-fungible tokens together with the South Korean corporation will attract new users to the ThetaDrop NFT marketplace.

    Customers who pre-order a tablet or smartphone will be able to receive non-fungible tokens by registering with ThetaDrop and entering a unique code generated through the app. The opportunity to pre-order devices is available from February 9th. The official start date for sales is February 25th.

    In recent years, Samsung Corporation has been actively experimenting with cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and non-fungible tokens. The list of projects in which Samsung interacts with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is truly impressive. It is available here.