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    Mover Has Added Support For Three Shiba Inu Tokens

    Mover to suppert leash and bone

    On February 15th, Mover, a startup company specializing in metaverse savings cards development, posted a tweet announcing that LEASH and BONE will be receiving full support from the service and joining SHIB as part of the perfect token trinity.

    Thus, now Mover cryptocurrency cards can be replenished with a triumvirate of these tokens, as well as other coins and several stablecoins. The card allows its users to spend digital assets wherever the Visa card is supported – in other words, in thousands of online stores.

    The startup savings card is similar to regular credit/debit cards, but the savings account can hold rewards earned from play-2-earn games in the Metaverse. Rewards can be automatically transferred to the account when the corresponding option is enabled. 

    Card users have access to 6.58% APY on savings, and options of yield collection and automatic rebalancing. An "autopilot" feature is also available, which allows the user to manage funds to maximize profits in different Metaverses, for which the user receives deductions.

    Mover was founded in 2020. Last November, the management of the project passed into the hands of the community and MoverDAO was formed. 

    The addition of support for three tokens increases the number of use cases for them, moving the SHIB ecosystem into the real world.The value of the asset depends entirely on the interest of investors, so attracting new users and expanding the use of Shiba Inu as a means of payment is extremely important.

    In 2021 alone, the number of investors who bought the coin increased by 30%, which is quite a lot – even institutional players invest in the asset.

    Now, the ShibaSwap ecosystem is actively developing, which includes a decentralized exchange and a marketplace. Shiba Inu payments have become available on major online platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Developers are investing heavily in expanding the ecosystem, which attracts users, while the scope of using the asset as a means of payment is growing.