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    Crypto Commercials at Super Bowl 2022

    crypto commercials from super bowl

    The NFL’s biggest celebration of the year, Super Bowl, took place yesterday, February 13th, at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. 

    During the broadcast of the final match of the US National Football League, the world's largest brands’ commercials were traditionally shown. Every year, well-known celebrities take part in commercial integrations during the event, and creators develop bright campaigns with winning messages and unusual visual techniques specifically for the Big Game. 

    This year, advertisers stopped addressing the topic of lockdown (the audience has grown tired of it). Instead companies relied on entertainment and sports celebrations yet again. 

    What is more interesting is the fact that this year’s Super Bowl will be known as "Crypto Bowl" – cryptocurrency companies outperformed sports sponsors in terms of expenses. No need to forget about the NFT trend and the metaverses  – match attendees were able to convert a ticket into a token.

    For cryptocurrency companies, the Superbowl is an opportunity to attract a wider audience to their brand. This is exactly what companies like Coinbase Global, FTX, eToro and Crypto.com are betting on.


    Coinbase commercial

    Coinbase, a leading crypto exchange, showed an advertisement of a QR code moving across the screen similar to a bouncing DVD logo. Viewers who scanned the code were redirected straight to the exchange promotional website. Nevertheless, the commercial reached its goal -- the number of newcomers was so high that the company's application remained unavailable for some time.


    FTX.US Commercial

    The FTX.US promotional slot was scheduled for the second half of the game. As part of the advertising campaign, the exchange was distributing Bitcoins. As for the commercial itself, the video features comedian Larry David playing a skeptical time traveler in FTX's Super Bowl debut. He questions everything, from the wheel and space travel to cryptocurrencies. The video ends with the call "Don't be like Larry."


    eToro Commercial

    Social investment platform eToro has posted a video of a consumer seeking cryptocurrency advice. In response to the request, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, eager to help, are descending from the sky.


    Crypto.com commercial

    The Crypto.com cryptocurrency exchange entered the Super Bowl with the "Moment of Truth" commercial – it is dedicated to the career of an American basketball player LeBron James and his "fateful decisions".

    Running ads during the Superbowl is very expensive: 30 seconds cost about $6.5 million. The overall cost increased by 27% compared to last year.

    According to experts, the Super Bowl 2022 match could generate a record TV audience (an estimated 92 million viewers tuned in last night), as well as surpass previous matches in terms of coverage and economic revenue.