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    DeFying Gravity: POODL Token – Meme Coin Saved by Community

    POODL Token Review

    In this episode of DeFying Gravity, we are going to talk about poodles and memes. What do they have in common? Right, POODL Token.

    So, what is POODL Token? Another dog-inspired meme coin we ‘absolutely need to know about’? Yes…and no. POODL Token is, in fact, a meme coin launched in early 2021 (before the meme coin craze even began), and while it does not offer any new underlying technologies, its success stems from being heavily reliant on its community and finding effective communication techniques with supporters.

    Just like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu Coin, the POODL team is creating its own culture. Despite not having an easy start, POODL Token is an example of ‘hard work pays off’. Let’s find out more about POODL team’s future plans, what happened to POODL coin, POODL coin price prediction, and more. POODL Token has quite a story to tell. 

    What is POODL Token?

    POODL Token was deployed in February 2021. The previous dev team abandoned the project almost immediately after its launch.

    However, the community survived simply because many saw potential in POODL. The support grew exponentially. Shortly after, the project was revived. With a new development team, POODL Token underwent a few very important changes. Initially an ERC-20 token, POODL Token was transferred to Binance Smart Chain.

    POODL v2 was deployed. The leading team emphasizes the importance of holder protection. All holders of the original tokens were able to exchange them via airdrop. The decision was mostly made by the community. Besides, ETH gas fees were getting more expensive. 

    In May 2021, a voting system was introduced. Now, each POODL holder can actively participate in the future of the project. Holders are allowed to vote on important initiatives and aspects. What makes POODL special is that everything is done by the community for the community. The website, logo, and other art are also created by community members.

    Since May 2021, the POODL team has begun participating in various partnerships, which are aimed to help the community expand. 

    One of POODL’s most beloved partners is Canines for Disabled Kids. The charity fundraises awareness for the use of service dogs to help disabled children in their everyday lives. As part of its tokenomics, POODL has created a separate charity wallet. 

    POODL’S Tokenomics

    poodl tokenomics

    The POODL team has provided information on how the coin’s tokenomics work. POODL’s native token is called $POODL. 3% of each $POODL transaction is divided into the following categories:

    • 1% redistributed between all holders
    • 1% permanently burned
    • 0.33% go to liquidity
    • 0.33% go to charity
    • 0.33% go to marketing

    On the website, you also can find a calculator to better understand how a certain amount of $POODL tokens will be divided if you wish to make a purchase. The initial amount of $POODL token equals 100 trillion. According to the data provided by the team, the current total burn is close to 15%.

    POODL’S Roadmap

    Last year the POODL team did not just revive the project but also worked on creating an NFT collection, music, merch, art, and much more.

    POODL became one of the first meme coins to launch its own jewelry collection in collaboration with Partsof4. Plans for 2022 are even bigger. They include real-world gaming, NFT minting, POODLVerse launch, increased marketing and charity donations, implementation of network bridges. 

    At the end of January 2022, POODL announced two exciting collaboration projects. The platform has partnered with Swapzone, a crypto exchange aggregator.

    Now $POODL tokens can be purchased straight from the website, which offers the best $POODL exchange rates on the market. Moreover, POODL is now working with Demons and Angels of Crypto to fully implement the use of $POODL as their in-platform cryptocurrency used for buying, selling, and trading goods. 

    POODL strives to become a recognizable community-oriented brand. By gaining a strong and ambitious community of supporters, the project may reach its goals in the future.

    As long as POODL keeps its promises by coming out with new developments on a regular basis, the project is likely to grow. 

    POODL Price Prediction

    POODL Token is going through a strong bearish trend at the moment. At the time of writing, the entire market is dipping. So this comes as no surprise. The crypto market is known to be unstable. What we think is true today may not be true tomorrow. This is why price predictions can be a useful tool for investors but are not to be taken too seriously, as it is impossible to predict the exact future prices. 

    Like any other coin, POODL can have its ups and downs, as well as stagnant days. Currently, Walletinvestor’s and Trading Beasts’ algorithms indicate that $POODL prices will continue to plummet. However, Priceprediction.net still shows signs of potential bullish behavior.

    The website’s algorithm predicts an average of $0.00000112 by 2030. That is to say, most experts advise keeping up to date with the current POODL Token news and making your final decision based on how the token is doing compared to other similar coins on the market.

    If you wish to purchase $POODL, you might be wondering ‘how can I buy POODL coin?’ The original token was listed on WhiteBit and UniSwap. Currently, the POODL team does not support the old standard and encourages holders to focus on the BSC version. 

    The team advises making purchases via Metamask wallet & connecting it to the PancakeSwap exchange platform. What you will have to do next is to swap your BNB coins for POODL.

    How to buy poodl

    At the time of writing the article, the current $POODL Token BSC price is $0.00000003691. 

    Future of the Project

    POODL Token has a strong community of over 30,000  holders, and they have done a fantastic job reviving the coin and making it what we know it today.

    POODL aims to create its own culture, a strong success-oriented community.

    Despite being a meme coin, POODL does not want to focus on memes only, since this could be a crucial factor in the coin’s growth. POODL has already released its first batch of NFTs. The POODL NFT collection has recently been verified on OpenSea. Besides, POODL actively participates in charity work, stating that one of the project’s most important missions is to ‘share success with those who need it most‘. 

    POODL Token might become the next best thing, however, the future is not guaranteed. The old dev team created quite a mess by giving POODL a ‘pump and dump’ reputation. Things may change, as more crypto enthusiasts start showing support for the project, and the days of price stagnation might be over soon. 

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