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    On February 22, Nirvana Will Launch An NFT Collection

    Nirvana to launch NFT collection

    In February, the famous American rock band Nirvana will launch a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT), which will consist of exclusive photos of the band's members. It should be noted that these photos were not available to the public previously. They were taken before the release of the second Nevermind album in 1991. NFT lovers and the band’s fans will be able to purchase tokens in less than a month at an auction starting on February 22.

    Kurt Cobain NFT

    One of the Nirvana NFTs. Source: Rarible

    The band chose this day not by chance, because on February 22, the founder and leader of the group, Kurt Cobain, who committed suicide in 1994, was born.

    Nirvana’s fans will have a unique opportunity to get a piece of the history of the legendary band, because the members of the rock band are pictured “without a mask”, both on stage and at home, both backstage and somewhere on vacation.

    27 images and 15 exclusive works, which are part of a series of photographs by Faith West, will be listed for sale. All photos were snapped at the band's concert in Philadelphia in 1991, a week before the release of the second album. These will be black and white photographs, “mind-expanding” color pictures, as well as GIFs with moving details in the image. The purchase can only be made using digital assets.

    The auction is organized by Pop Legendz, a startup that issues NFTs related to the music industry. The starting price for an image will be 1 ETH (about $2,406), for a GIF file you need to pay at least 67 ETH (over $160,000).

    A tangible privilege awaits members of the rock band's fan club. About 100 fans will be able to buy the gifs for as little as $500 per unit, while another 100 images will be bidding for a minimum price of $99. Also, only members of the fan club will have a unique opportunity to pay for the purchase with a credit card, while other potential buyers will have to make a cryptocurrency payment transaction.

    All proceeds will be donated to charity. In equal shares, they will be distributed between the two organizations. One part will go to Grid Alternatives, which helps low-income families install solar panels, and the other part will go to an organization that supports LGBTQ youth. 

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